Trump Lies About His Poll Numbers After Iowa Speech: A Closer Look

The President lied
about his poll numbers after a speech in Iowa
where farmers are hurting from his trade policies. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” ♪♪ Iowa’s an awkward place
for Trump to be right now because there are
a lot of farmers there who have been hurt
by his trade war with China, although, really, anyplace
is an awkward place to be for Trump just in general. He’s the only person
I’ve ever seen who looks out of place,
every place. I mean, he never
looks comfortable no matter where he is. He’s always drenched in sweat. His tie is always
down to his junk. And even when he’s
at the White House, surrounded by microphones,
he stands with his chest puffed out like a penguin
trying to scare away a predator. I mean, if that wasn’t on CNN, you’d think it was
Animal Planet. “And if you take a look
at this little fellow, he senses his nest
is being threatened… and puffs out his chest
all the while using his ample backside
to protect his precious eggs.” Trump’s trade war… Trump’s trade war comes
after he spent years as a candidate and president
courting farmers in the Midwest. For example,
during the campaign, Trump couldn’t be bothered
to actually come up with a specific plan to help farmers
or Midwestern states, so instead he just claimed
he loved Iowa so much, he might just buy a farm
and move there. -Iowa, we love you.
We thank you. You’re special. We will be back
many, many times. In fact, I think I might
come here and buy a farm. I love it. Okay? Iowa! I love Iowa. We’ve really hit a note
with evangelicals. We’ve hit a note
with the Tea Party and with just
the people of Iowa. I’m all over the place.
I like it! I love it! Maybe I’ll just buy —
I think I’m going to buy a farm and settle down over here. Right? No, I think I will. A medium-sized farm ’cause I don’t know
if I want to work that hard. Right? -All right. First of all, I
can’t imagine Trump as a farmer. They’d have to put
tractor wheels on his golf cart. I mean,
the closest he’s ever come is the farmer’s tan
he has under his eyes. But, also, I do need to ask what is going on
with this voice here? With just the people of Iowa,
I’m all over the place. I like it! I love it! -He’s like —
Sounds like Gilbert Gottfried after inhaling helium
and sitting on his own balls. And, seriously, how did we
end up with a president who sounds like Jar Jar Binks? -I like it! I love it! -Oh, mui mui! I love you! [ Laughter ] -I mean… [ Cheers and applause ] But Trump — Trump can’t
even talk in a coherent way about legitimate issues
that really do matter to farmers and people
in rural areas, like expanding broadband access. Trump tried to discuss it
in his speech last night, and it was so hard to follow
what he was saying that even Fox Business network
cut away. -We secured nearly $1.2 billion
to expand rural broadband. Which you need very badly.
You need very badly. They have not treated the
Midwest well with broadband, with anything having to do
with the word “computer.” I look at some
of those tractors, and they don’t even hook up. They’re all set, but you don’t have the capability here
in terms of — -All right.
We’re gonna talk with our panel about a lot of what
the President’s been saying. He’s offering a lot of fodder
for discussion. -I mean, that was the TV version
of rolling up your car window. “Oh, man, this guy
is really rambling. Yes. No! No squeegee!
Thank you! No. Goodbye! Thank you. Goodbye!” The thing that’s so weird
about Trump is you can tell there are bits
and pieces of real information there that he half-remembers
from a briefing. He wasn’t really paying
attention to it. Then when he tries
to describe it, he’s only capable of
spitting out a few key words, like when Trump said this. -I look at some
of those tractors, and they don’t even hook up. -I mean, that came
from something real. But he talks about it
like tractors literally have a giant hole for a plug
labeled “Internet Hook-Up.” So, now Trump’s trade policies
are hurting him in Midwestern states
that he won in 2016. In fact, Trump’s poll numbers
in key states are apparently so bad,
he’s told his aides to straight-up pretend
they don’t exist. “The New York Times” reported
that after being briefed on a devastating 17-state poll conducted by
his campaign pollster, Trump told aides to deny
that his internal polling showed him trailing Joe Biden
in many of the states
he needs to win. I wouldn’t be surprised if they
were making up new states just to cheer him up. “Good news, Mr. President.
You’re winning big in Old Jersey, East Dakota,
Californication, and Blorf.” [ Laughter ] Today during a meeting
in the Oval Office, Trump doubled down
on his lie about polling, but it was especially gross
because he did it during a meeting
with the president of Poland where there’s growing concern over the decline
of democratic institutions. After Trump attacked polls
and the media, he and the Polish president were
both asked about those concerns and shrugged them off, although Trump didn’t really
seem to know much about it. -There were fake polls that were either put out
by the corrupt media, because much of the media
in this country unfortunately
is corrupt. I have to tell you that,
Mr. President. I’m not concerned.
I know the president very well. I know the people and the
leadership of Poland very well. I’m not concerned at all.
But you may want to say
something about that. -That’s what I hear. -Oh. Oh, that’s what you hear? Do you mean
that’s what you just heard? He just lets other people talk and then chimes in
when he agrees. He’s the Ed McMahon
of presidents. Of course, it’s early — [ Laughter ] Well, Sal, I think you’ll agree,
I was right on that one. I went to the mat for that joke,
and I think we’ll agree I was right and you were wrong! [ Laughter ] It was so funny,
they forgot to make any noise. They laughed so hard,
it went in backwards. [ Gasps ] Right you are, sir! [ Laughter ] Oh, good. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughs ] Of course it’s early, and we
should be skeptical that Trump’s loyal base will suddenly
desert him, but there have at least been a
few anecdotal reports of voters in the Midwest who back Trump
having second thoughts, as one Ohio farmer explained
in an interview with CNN. -We’re in a free fall out here
in agriculture. Those tariff dollars come directly
from American importers, from American companies
that hire American workers that pay American taxes, and then they turn around and push that out
to consumers to pay. And why the farming community
has to take one in the shorts just so that the President
can have a talking point and be tough on China
just is a little bit beyond me. -Wow. You know Trump
would hate to hear that. Although, I bet his staff
goes through his DVR and dubs over any negative
news coverage of him. -Pres Trump:
I like it! I love it! [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Also, it should be noted
that farmer laid out a clearer and more articulate explanation of how tariffs work
and why they’re hurting farmers than the President of the United
States ever has in his life. In fact, compare that
answer to what Trump said
about his China tariffs during a meandering phone
interview with CNBC on Monday. We’ll even add subtitles so you can try to follow
what he’s saying. -What are you talking about? How did you go
from China to senators to India to French wine? Did you drink some French wine? You’re rambling
like a tourist in Napa who didn’t realize
that after you taste the wine, you’re supposed to spit it out. I mean, is that why
you’re standing like you’re about to fall
flat on your face? [ Cheers and applause ] Trump… [ Cheers and applause ] Trump is clearly nervous
about the impact his tariffs are having because
he’s backed away from a threat this week to impose tariffs
on Mexico. And to justify that choice,
Trump has been claiming that there’s a secret component
to the Mexico deal that he can’t talk about. Yesterday he waved around
a piece of paper he claimed contained a secret
deal he couldn’t show reporters. And on Monday
he made a similar claim during his phone interview
with CNBC. -Can you go into exactly
what else was part of that deal that you haven’t really
outlined yet? -Well, I’m gonna tell you
that most people understand that the people having to do with borders
and illegal immigration and immigration of any kind, they understand
exactly what that is. But we purposely said
we wouldn’t mention it
for a little while. It’s going to be brought up
because it has to be brought by their legislative body. It’s got to be taken to a vote. So we didn’t bring it up, but most people know
that answer, Joe. -The nicest thing
you can say about Trump is that he always makes it
obvious when he’s lying. In fact,
if you’re ever wondering how insane a Trump answer is,
just imagine it as a response on Final Jeopardy! The clue was,
“it’s the capital of Vermont.” James, you answered
“Montpellier.” And, Donald, you answered,
“Well, I’m going to tell you that most people understand
that the people having to do with Vermont, they understand
exactly what that is. But we purposely said
we wouldn’t mention it
for a little while. So we didn’t bring it up. But most people
know that answer, Alex.” [ Buzzer ] [ Cheers and applause ] And how much did you wager? $11 gazillion?! Trump is lying
about his poll numbers in places like Iowa and Michigan because his trade policies
are hurting him there. It’s early, but when it comes
to Trump’s tariffs, voters definitely
aren’t saying… -I like it! I love it! -This has been “A Closer Look.”

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