Trump Launches Re-Election Campaign in Orlando

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  1. I live in Orlando, I'm most certain that they did not have food trucks and the only additional screens they had are the screen they already on the outside of the building.

  2. If you are camp out at 3 am in the morning to get into any rally. Ladies, it's been a long time since you seen "Long." 2-4 years since you seen one? Go out and get laid.

  3. WTF happened to this country….Donald Trumps Presidency has been harassed, hijacked, and slandered from day one he took office…infact even before he sat in chair.
    …from WE so called Americans. I understand he’s a character and not liked BUT the man WON the election, was voted in by fellow Americans. Not only is the reaction of this country stupid it’s disgusting and downright UN-AMERICAN. alotta people voted for him cuz they believed his way was better for them and the country…not cuz they’re crazy or fake. The media has interfered and warped everyone’s minds to level of idiocracy. Total mob mentality of retardation. So per 4 years this country has done nearly nothing to help or improve citizens lives, all because he want to ridicule this guy ??? Twas spent claiming Russia was somehow involved but can’t be ever proven or makes a difference. We all just bicker and point, and harass, each other and claim these/those people are racist, homophobiic, terrorists, evil. Etc. NOTHING is getting done…infact the country and world is falling apart so fast yet we gotta keep throwing jibes, and only thing that’s important is what’s happening on social media…or what the Kardashian’s post. Everyone and I’m mean everyone who lives in this country should be ashamed. Especially all you fools who basically boycotted the man who became president. People and corrupt government has shut down every single thing Trump offered to do to make this country and its citizens life better…which got him voted in, in the first place ! Kimmel should be thrown in jail for constant berating. At the end of day we all need to work together! When is everyone gonna wake up?
    He’s not going to run again. Infact the entire American government system is a sham.

    …And i did not vote for Trump,

  4. We're not supposed to say that these ass hole supporters are deplorable, ignorant, fucktards even when they show and tell us that is exactly who they are at every turn. MAGA MORONS

  5. The trump rally in Orlando looked more like a herd of poorly trained junk yard dogs. The trump base believed all the fairy tales in their childhood and it turned into an adult foundation with an affinity for all the trump fairy tales and dependency on his lies. Truth isn't adequate to justify their prejudices, they need a liar like trump justify everything they have built up in their mental dumpster

  6. Ok wait I'm legitimately asking… were the women actors or real? I know it sounds like a joke but if they were in fact acting I only found out by looking at the comments

  7. And the idiots converged…much joy was had and delusion was delicious.

    I love how that bonehead can just barely speak third grade English, and those taco-farts believe it more than a pinch on the arm.

  8. The cough shows how it really goes down, “edit that out, I want another shot at trying to complete a thought”

    Those three wacko women, wow…Maria loves her meds! Her friends probably have burning crosses in their garage. They are still on that kool-aid high from Hilary’s Emails. Shows why they support him, their brains are four days behind the day at hand.

  9. I will say this, the one positive thing I love about Trump’s re-election campaign is the never ending comedy that comes from watching his fan base that show up at rallies.

  10. He got 20,000 people to go to his rally in ORLANDO. How are people not understanding this? All polls are not incredibly scientific. He was trailing in polls in 2016. Good luck America.

  11. To know Trump is to hate trump.🤣🤣. On a camping trip he probably farts in the tent and throws you out for smelling up the place.

  12. Yes keep relying on those polls, libtards. The polls are really accurate 😂😂😂 and kimmels word is BIBLE! Make sure you keep listening to him 😂

  13. like it is always said that craziest people come from the Bronx and all of Florida. And that little snippet of those ladies was on mic drop on that fact lol

  14. Those ladies are actual supporters I know because I am right most of the time. Also, I have intelligence resources who confirmed it.

  15. You can say whatever you want ….he is,wining another 4 year …
    Oh and who you gone blame again Rushia or China lol

  16. Ctfu Jimmy Kimmel and his writers are geniuses when it comes to gagging on people because that Fox News skit I thought it was real until the woman with the cowboy hat said what she said then I knew it was a joke…. art mimics life or is it life mimics art?

  17. “To know trump is to hate trump”

    Surely we already knew this from his wife’s reaction to his mere presence.

  18. Haha I love how Jimmy brings up polls like they matter😂 We’ll they were completely wrong in 2016 so they have to me right now😂😂 I love fake news!

  19. None of those women would want there daughters dating a man like trump and they know it.what shameful idiots

  20. Used to think Jimmy Kimmel was funny. Now it is obvious how much he is a puppet of the democrat party. Typical actor to say and do whatever your masters tell you to do. That is the purpose of a actor. Only the simple minded people follow this bullshit.

  21. Hay , Rump , I think those three women ''are your type''………doncha agree???? Ya know , classy , level-headed , well-rounded , and sweaty !!!

  22. Hay , Rump , I think those three women ''are your type''………doncha agree???? Ya know , classy , level-headed , well-rounded , and sweaty !!!

  23. It bet it sucks to still be so mad over 2016… Lol… These guys need to get some new jokes, Trump 2020…. And Trump is not trailing any of those dumbass Dems.

  24. When those Guy's in Texas get done with you and the things you have done to belittle Women with your past Televised escapade's, you are going to be hating life and you know what we are talking about Little Jimmy.

  25. I don t like judgemental people but forgive me but when I saw the yolkels from Orlando I just knew it had to do with Trump. Are these people for real? Do you suppose they got beyond 6th grade? Not only stupid but incredabally boring too.

  26. Hey Kimmel….such as punk ass wimp. You need your ass whipped. Going to be fun watching you cry like a baby when Trump wins re-election and all your Hollywood boneheads LOSE their minds. Going to be so much fun to watch.

  27. Well as u see democrats and media don't create a divide it's just the people dehumanizing themselves.

    Good luck gaining those Trump supporters back.

  28. Yes the democratic maybe winning right but they haven't won yet just because there winning don't me you have on yet you people are nasty and you car more about illegal immigrants more then Amarken people you cheat your way into office you disgustingly spread rumors about Donald trump and the The hole Republican Party you lie to the American people to make them bolive that you are going to do this and you don't do it you want to turn America into a socialist country where you get to control everyone you want to open borders allow illegal aliens into our great country you want to cheat to win you illegally get the FBI director involved in the 2016 election just like Oboma won in 2012 and you try to do it this time and it didn't work out for the democratic very well be trump won far in square and I no why Oboma got the FBI involved because he thought Hillery was going to win and right now the democratic think they have the 2020 election in the bag but it's way too early and trump it time we have big campaign rally in swing states and we try to turn blue states into red state the fight for the White House is on

  29. Wow they literally make a fake video that is made to look like real news? Lmao and this is why we call you clowns fake news! Man desperate much? You clowns are gonna lose just sit back and watch!

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