Trump Just Overtook Every Major European Leader in Popularity Polls

Trump Just Overtook Every Major European Leader
in Popularity Polls. BY KIM SMITH. If you listened to the left, you might think
that most Americans are unhappy with President Donald Trump�s performance � especially
in comparison to Europe�s biggest leaders. But you would also be wrong. While the left loves to rub low poll numbers
in Trump�s face, what they won�t tell you is that he is doing better in the polls
than major European leaders. According to the latest Rasmussen Reports
daily Presidential Tracking Poll, Trump�s approval rating sits at 41 percent. This is higher than Europe�s liberal leaders,
according to a Zogby poll. Britain�s Prime Minister Theresa May and
French President Emmanuel Macron both have an approval rate of just 28 percent. German Chancellor Angela Merke�s approval
rating sits at 40 percent. Those numbers are bad news for left-wing darlings. Considering the amount of love that these
liberal leaders get from the left and the mainstream media, along with the amount of
hate that Trump gets, these numbers are as incredible as they are telling. Ever since before the presidential election,
the left has consistently worked to paint Trump in an unfavorable light. The media loves to gloat about Trump�s low
approval numbers but you can bet they won�t take the time to point out that popular leftists
across the ocean aren�t faring any better. These numbers will no doubt enrage liberals,
and it�s doubtful this news will be given much covered from the media. Imagine how high Trump�s numbers would be
if the mainstream media didn�t try to drag him through the mud at every possible opportunity. This country would really be winning.

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  1. President Trump has done very well we should be proud of his accomplishments !!! We must pray for President Trump . He has exposed the left side of their crimes against America and the human trafficking of children and women around the world . He will succeed in what is right for America and around the world with his agenda

  2. lmao, the fact that a person/persons go to this extream to defend, well frankly the indefensible, speaks volumes about this Buffon's tenuous tenure.
    And for those of you that believe this trite: You lack intelligence but you have the means to rectify your own plight by using the very tool by which you are reading this comment to inform & educate yourself.
    Now here's the tricky bit, you're going to have to watch (preferably read) content that doesn't reaffirm your narrow narrative & judge it by its content, it's publisher & its author. Don't immediately dismiss opposing opinions/content as so-called 'fake-news', doing so blinds you to the truth and protects those who would have you live in ignorance for their gain as that's the means by which they garner their greatest strength.
    Open your mind.

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