Trump Blames The Media and Democrats For Coronavirus Stock Slide | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. On Wednesday, a federal appeals court ruled that the Trump administration is allowed to withhold millions of dollars in federal aid from states that allow Sanctuary Cities.

  2. Trump, nothing he does or says can be trusted, it's known he's a untrustworthy president. Everyone is on their own. Send out checks so we can prepare and stock up on Necessties. I think this has all been planned.

  3. All you guys is a piece of s*** I am so sick of the media you guys don't care about nobody getting coronavirus you just want to down Trump

  4. Omg you morans, the Stock does effort the economy. Whether you like Donald Trump or not. Everyone buy stocks or not. Coronavirus will affect those stocks and Democrats bitched him out for clients for no flights to China. You bitched about that! Are you ever happy? Must be a sad life. Disappointed my mom loved your channel.

  5. History bares out that Democrat administrations have always come into office and repaired and remedied the damage Republican administrations before them have inflicted on our economy and society at large. Republicans, traditionally, have demonstrated a profound propensity for greed and selfish behavior. These facts are well documented in history, however one must actually read and study history to know the facts, which is another seemingly Republican deficiency. You either don't, or, in Donald Trump's case, can't…read!

  6. Mike Pence’s record as governor of Indiana during an hiv epidemic in his state:

    You may as well bring the officials from Yuhan China who tried to suppress the hero doctor who found the virus.

  7. I'm just waiting for him and his aides to start blaming the virus is coming through the Southern Border. His cult followers will believe every word that comes out of the White-house and then the trouble starts. Hopefully it doesn't come so far but they could start attacking Hispanics and Asian people..

  8. Trust MSNBC to score political points out of your crises, good move by Trump to ban travel out of China early on, and lucky he has stoped the illegals at the border, this is why you need border security, otherwise the Dems would have thousands coming in with the virus.

  9. When Rome was burning in A.D. 64, the Emperor Nero, instead of organizing work to extinguish the fire, was contemplating to find scapegoats for destruction: he found someone – the Christians!

  10. It always strikes me how few of those who comment in favour of Trump across the various social media platforms can spell properly or write a properly constructed sentence.

  11. If you confess with your mouth, "Jesus Is Lord" and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9

  12. Strength in the stock market is not strength in the economy. The stock market is a betting pool that only 30% of Americans are involved in.

  13. @5:50 why would the fbi be distributing drugs ????????? when did they start ?  who gave them that authority ?  the fbi needs dissolved along with the cia and all the bs agencies such as nasa  military  and bomb Israel

  14. If people are dying and youre concerned with money, you certainly have their best interest at heart. What a magnanimous man!

  15. Never trust politicians and news media to explain (or when discussing science.)

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 2.27.2020

  16. Most top experts are blaming the media due to they take economist worse case sennarrio and leave out their predicted or best case. Typical media fear mongering


  18. MSNBC' Reporting is alarmist and inaccurate. Dr. John Campbell has Verified Documents and Real Statistics at

  19. To protect Americans?WTF?The fat orange slug only protects himself. I am hoping he gets the Corona virus and it kills him.

  20. Well! Clever! Testing does not exist! First King trumpy recalled all the Coronavirus tests as defective, then King trumpy took over all Coronavirus testing. King trumpy made getting a Coronavirus test a big long process. So Americans will die for King trumpy! All hail the King! King for life: King trumpy! There will be no election. King trumpy will declare martial law. Japan has closed schools until the end of March. There's a lot King trumpy is keeping secret. It is a reason to panic. You can spread it a week before you feel sick, and another week after you think you are well. Almost all victims have serious infections afterward, also. Why would a country build whole thousand bed hospitals in two weeks? There is a reason to panic. Have you been on a respirator before? It's ugly. Americans will need to be unconscious the whole time they are intubated. The government of the USA is a lie. The USA was taken over by a criminal cabal.

  21. Everything will be fine because Trump was chosen by GOD to be POTUS and that's good enough for me. Praise Jesus and vote Trump! MAGA2020!

  22. next it will be preacher pence saying the sins of the evil Dems brought this on. And whats worse is the base will buy it.

  23. How do you fire all the scientists and stay prepared against pandemics? Pence praying over it doesn't send me giddy with shudders of relief.

  24. This is all on Trump he fired all the people that could have had a handle on the pandemic and never replaced them .He is MENTAL and needs to be taken out of office, he cannot make the right decision,all he cares about is how his family can make more money.

  25. There goes my 401k, thanks media, man the far left keeps on reporting the corona virus non stop. Bringing down the stock market. That's everyone's 401k. Gee thanks media.

  26. Trump is a moron, world knows it and have no confidence in his ability to lead. Investers are going elsewhere. Won't be back til he's gone.

  27. Angry 😠 sore loser Democrats are cheerleading for a stock market crash and trying to scare the devil out of everybody on coronavirus spreading. Shame on all of them. That is why I am not a Democrat anymore.

  28. the GOP…with Moscow Mitch WONT CREATE JOBS Bills already Passed by Pelosi !! its JOBS creation not the Stock Market than will improve the Economy…..VOTE BLUE FOR JOBS !!

  29. CNN's opposition to travel ban:

    Democrats opposition to travel ban: The Trump administration’s quarantine and travel ban in response to the Wuhan coronavirus could undercut international efforts to fight the outbreak by antagonizing Chinese leaders, as well as stigmatizing people of Asian descent, according to a growing chorus of public health experts and lawmakers "This is a virus that happened to pop up in China. But the virus doesn’t discriminate between Asian versus non-Asian,” said Rep. Ami Bera (D-Calif.), “In our response we can’t create prejudices and harbor anxieties toward one population."

  30. Le plus borné peut constater ce que est ce "Président" en réalité. Il continue à mentir, il montre qu'il s'en fout du peuple, que la seule chose qui l'intéresse est lui. Une image de Président minable et incompétent

  31. With a Russian here
    And a Russian there
    Here a Russian – there a Russian
    Everywhere a Russian
    Rachel Maddow had a farm – psycho – psycho – O

  32. The stock market was overdue for adjustment. Trump was attempting to delay it until after the election. That was never going to work and is only going to make the adjustment worse. Expect it to stop dropping around the middle of next week. Don't expect anyone to believe Trump that it's all the Democrats fault though. Anyone other than his brain dead cultists that is

  33. When the economy takes a dump and there is no room left for government stimulus, will Trump*s sheeple wake up or follow him over the cliff? While the cliff would be good for the gene pool, it will also, unfortunately, not discriminate (like Trump*) and take a lot of good people with him. God save the United States of America and the world.

  34. When everything think including nature fighting against you, consider yourself as an abomination.. Trump you are the abomination

  35. Don't be silly. Potentially, we're all exposed. Effectively, a very low percentage of those infected has died. I'd love to see you folks express the same concern over deaths by drunk drivers, drug overdoses, drive-by shootings, the flue, infections acquired in our hospitals and children abused and killed.

  36. It’s Sad that the MSM cast and Democratic Party will be the First ignorant people to get the Virus 🦠 lmao 😂 , then they will blame Trump for there bad hygiene as well because where there from the MSM don’t know how to use a toothbrush, oh what’s that it’s a rock with a rope tided-around a stick 🤪🙄😬

  37. You cannot trust anything that this administration comes up with. Al's Donald j Trump and this administration has done since day one is lie about everything. 💩🚽

  38. If trump is speaking its a lie. After a lifetime of lies, theft and me-isam he is not going to change as people fall around him.

  39. The fear propaganda being pushed by Dems and the media over the corona isn’t going to work. The smart people know that THE FLU IS WORSE. Yeah like I’m gonna trust a scientist that gets his grant money from chaos… nope.

  40. More attacks on us by the Deep State through bioterrorism. Engineered virus, well-planned, easier than assasination. All this just as the indictments are coming. The Demonrats and their Deep State puppeteers will go to ANY lengths to prevent being exposed and indicted due to the President's position. Listen to the propaganda spewed by these MSNBC satanists. And the wimpy guy has the foolishness to discuss the virtues of open borders. These are the enemy, folks. Be astute, people. We are legions of patriots.


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