Trudeau slammed for blackface during Canadian leadership debate

Justin Trudeau only pretends
to stand up for Canada, you know. He’s very good at pretending things. He can’t even remember how many
times he put blackface on because the fact of the matter is,
he’s always wearing a mask. He puts on a reconciliation mask
and then fires the attorney general, the first one of an indigenous background. He puts on a feminist mask and
then fires two strong, female MPs for not going along with his corruption. He puts on a middle class mask
and then raises taxes on middle class Canadians. Mr Trudeau, you’re a phony and
you’re a fraud and you do not deserve to govern this country. – We must go off fossil fuels as
quickly as possible. And you bought a pipeline. You can’t be a climate leader and
spend $10-13 billion more on a project that by itself blows
through our carbon budget. – A slogan is not a plan. – You plan is already failing.
It is failing. – 80% of Canadians are better off
– Based on your numbers – … under our climate consensus.
– He had to trust the numbers you gave him. Nobody believes you. [Trudeau and Scheer speak over each other] – Mr Trudeau and Mr Scheer,
finish please. – I am rolling back your tax hikes
on entrepreneurs, on small business. You called them tax cheats. These are the people in our community
– There are tax breaks for the wealthy – … and cuts for services for everyone else
– they are saving up enough money – to open up a second location.
– That’s what you’re offering. – … Investing in people’s training and education. – Gentlemen, no one can understand anything.
Mr Blanchet wants in. – You do not need to choose between
Mr Delay and Mr Deny. [laughter] There is another option. There is
another option out there. We’re committed to a real plan that’s
gonna take on the biggest polluters, it’s gonna take on the powerful interests.

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  1. Singh May have been raised in Canada, but how do you think Indian people would feel if the roles were reversed? a blonde haired and blue eyed European presenting Indian raised man running for the leader of their country?… Just sayin.

  2. So are we all just going to ignore Trudeau's hand digging into that woman's chest in one of his brownface/blackface photos?

  3. a liberal mp, just said, that black Canadians loved Trudeau in blackface. however, cbc had the comments turned off. my daughter's school, is predominantly black and brown children, so, I suppose the school's bureaucracy would have no problem, with me showing up in blackface? in 1910, al jolson was considered the poster boy for racism, after donning blackface. and, also, jim crow. how could Trudeau, being a teacher, be so stupid, to show up, in blackface, mocking any person of colour, in present times, not just once, but, multiple times. so many in fact, that he cannot remember how many times. children, pay attention, to the damage that can be done to your brain, by drug and alcohol addictions. and, never, ever vote liberal. "Trudeau and the liberals must go"

  4. trudeau is a fluff and taking a trip (on pot) down the yellow brick road on a horse with no name and alice in wonderland is waiting for him, together they can have flashbacks.

  5. REAL RACISTS IS ANDREW SCHEERS who posted this post. you are fuckin uas/canadian citizen. you racists loser . BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL .

  6. I am visible minority and with disabilities . Twenty years to get rent geared to income housing . Thanks to conservative Mike Harris.

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