Trudeau says voters chose ‘progressive agenda’ after Canadian election win

From coast to coast to coast, tonight
Canadians rejected division and negativity. [cheers] They rejected cuts and austerity,
and they voted in favour of a progressive agenda and
strong action on climate change. [cheers] You are sending our Liberal team
back to work; back to Ottawa with a clear mandate. We will make life more affordable.
We will continue to fight climate change. We will get guns off our streets and
we will keep investing in Canadians. We will champion Canada in all diversity.
We will give voice to the voiceless. And in every decision we make
as your government, we will always put this country
and its people first. [cheers]
[applause] Tonight, we chose to move Canada forward. Tonight, Canadians have charted
a path for the future, and I know we will walk it together. We will go forward together to a better future. Thank you.

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  2. This proves nothing Liberals rinse & repeat on climate change and do nothing it’s all words gullible Millennials buy it’s how they won in favour of the Eco justice warriors

  3. I’m ready to Leave earth it’s gonna die. NO PLACE is secure especially canada LOL JUSTIN TRUDEAU is such a clown

  4. Lost the popular vote.

    Vancouver canada for example has massive homelessness amoungst legacy canadians. they flooded the labour market to undercut wages. The new workers have to be housed and then there is massive money laundering in the housing market.

    Uncut wages and inflate housing. That is an absolute betrayal of the standard of living of canadians, PERIOD.

    west should separate

  5. Don't be so full of yourself… Yes you won.. Congrats… by popular vote, Conservatives had more votes.. Keep that in mind as you move forward with a minority Government…

  6. Very very sad day in Canada. Honestly, I am doubtful we will survive this day as a whole country. We have 4 out of the 5 government leaders, who have as their key mandate to end the oil and gas business in Canada. Do you think the west is going to just accept this. I would say unlikely. If 4 out of 5 party leaders told Quebec they were shutting down all manufacturing in their province, Quebec would not stay in Canada. Then once Alberta leaves, Sask will join. Then Northern and Interior BC will leave too. Canada RIP.

  7. So sad to say but None of those liars deserve to lead our country … promises after promises, mistakes after mistakes they still win the election.

  8. You got a target on your back!!! So what people are you looking out for???

    What you gonna do for all the oil and gas families that you have now destroyed.

    Climate change is not us.

    Climate change is Mother Nature!!!

    Remember that you do have a target on your back!!!

    There will be a revolt!

    The people will come together to purge you of the seat as prime minister!!!

  9. East or west Trudeau is Best.A Handsome and intelligent leader.Dont worry canadians he is going to fix all the things soon.😎

  10. A bit surprised that this many folks still manifest this much interest in today’s political sphere.
    At least it’s better to vent than to bleat.

  11. He's corrupt. Canada's a big mess.
    Elections are a 1 man 1 vote system. It puts power in the hands of the people so every man has some power to vote a corrupt government out. However, population numbers matter. Take in too many refugees n they could outnumber and outvote you. They reproduce too. Worse if they are terrorists disguised as refugees… They can infiltrate your government by voting themselves in. Deport refugees, force their home nation to care for their own.

  12. What people didn't understand about the blackface thing, was he just wanted to look like his girlfriend's boyfriend at the time.

  13. The majority of votes went to the Conservatives,, Opposed to C02 tax, Trudeau Listen for a change. Stop this endless, we must work together nonsense..

  14. Me from foreign country and me so happy Trudeau win he my best Prime Minister me get free clothes and playstations for all my children thank you Trudeau me always vote for the red team

  15. More like Agenda 21 and 2030 just not in those terms. Educate yourselves and you start to see how Canada is being prepped.

  16. When a you're from Quebec and you have a kid with your newfie cousing… You get trudeautation. And that's why they voted liberal.

  17. 67% didn't vote for him. How is this even possible? No one wanted you mate, you are a hypocrite of the worst kind.

  18. I always thought Canada was the greatest country on earth but I was clearly wrong. What the hell have Canadians done to themselves. Shocking

  19. The FIX worked ~ as usual. Vote to be taxed for Climate Change ?? Vote to have your gun taken away ?? They must be using Diebold voting machines up there.

  20. A Western Republics of Canada is the only way now.
    It's the difference between your children having a real future or inheriting twice the yolk around their neck…..
    Seperation from the east is the the only path forward

  21. Sad day for Canada…He is still black face…Jesuit….Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

  22. Justin's eyes look high as hell? Thanks for legalizing even though it took 4 years, of a MAJORITY government. I wonder how fast his middle class tax HIKE will take….Umm maybe 6 months…..yea that sounds more like Justin.

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