TRON Super Representative Voting Guidance! Enjoy!

Were going to, Tron Network for all of you who are
new.. I’m gonna put these on because I have the floodlights in my eyes to help me see a little better so we are going to go to the Explorer for everyone
who’s new here wants to vote for SR candidates to be one of the
representatives producing blocks through one of the node builds. we’re going to go
into how to help you vote for us SRS so we’ll go to explore and that will
bring us from the Tron Network website to website for the voting
process. “Next.” So we have go to account page. excuse me I’m gonna drink a quick
sip of water. alright so this is our account page so the zero TRX balance.
zero TRON power, and but this is our address that it shows. it’ll show tokens
we have all of our transactions in the Tron power now. I’m going to go ahead and
show you all of this in a wallet that I already have for the SR representative
account for charity compassion coin. I’m going to sign out, I’m going to select a
key stored file, select this encrypted key, open. Then let it open
my password. so now the wall is unlocked so now you’ll see a variance of
difference, you’ll see Tron power, this is frozen Tron. so this is frozen Tron that
we can use for voting. sixteen thousand seven hundred forty one
TRX. excuse me I apologize. so here is our balance that shows two point zero six
three one eight, TRX TRON. here’s the name of the wallet, there’s a link to
our website, so you can click that and this is for every single SR. and this is
the wall address for RS our executive wallet for charity compassion coin
nonprofit foundation. so as well we have an issued token. so now we’re gonna go
jump right over its into votes, we’re going to show you first, what you will be
doing is you’re gonna take your balance which shows two, we’re going to take, here in
an example take, freeze in the Tron power section. and it will say freeze balance TRX amount. And we will select for example how much you are going to freeze and every
TRX, that you freeze you use that each TRX to vote for each SR towards the top
27 SR’s, for a block production. this is going to help your network supporting
TRON, and believing in TRON, function your transactions as payment Ledger’s
with TRX. utilizing TRX, and utilizing things like the charity compassion coin
token. I will have in another video about that and utilizing the charity compassion
coin in the ecosystem with the TRON as fuel, and the Tron that’s supporting
campaign building in fundraising and charitable projects. so but back to
voting we’re gonna freeze the balance so we’ll select one Tron you know say I can
to freeze one Tron for at least three days. so once you freeze these tokens you
can freeze them after three days and detract votes, change votes to other SR’s
or move your funds around as need be so you’ll select that and you will
freeze that balance, so we’re gonna say that we froze that balance. and this is
our Tron power now this is the Tron that is frozen. we’ll go to votes and here you
will see an entire list of all of the SR applicants who are on the list to become
voted into a position of the top 27 for block production. now at the top we see
sky people and you can visit sky people’s page and see about their team
info and you will see how many votes they have. so you can click there you’ll
see sky people and a little bit more about them. you will see their team their
community plans their server configurations, budget overviews the
budget expenses and you’ll have a link to their website as well. you can go to
the external site. so back to votes and there’s a whole list of SR’s on there
that you can pick and choose from. you’ll see our foundation just the same charity
compassion coin will overview all the aspects. and can bring you to the website
as well. so back to votes, what you will do is select you’ll see the whole total
votes there as well so what you do is to select click here to start voting.
so you’ll select that and it will show here all votes used but in this case
we will scroll down and in our case we’re running a campaign of airdrops that will
have block rewards to be redistributed back to the top voters in the campaign
for sending TRX to our executive wallet. so will retract a vote from there
so votes remaining is 1676. we can scroll up and vote for anyone whom we
wish. if I’d like to add votes to sky people I can submit the votes and
retract votes, but once all the votes in this case are utilized so you keep
adding votes until it says all votes used and you’ll submit your votes. this is
thank you for voting your votes are successfully submitted, they will take
effect when the next voting cycle starts you may redirect, redistribute your votes
any time you like. you press ok. so each voting is a
five-hour period of voting, now in this round we have one hour 25 minutes
counting down to the next round and in that next round it will say who gained
the highest spots than the voting so this is basically it and oh also it’s a
live voting which is right there. view live voting. and this will show you
in a very interactive guide of who is actually moving back and forth in the
live voting que so you see if a person takes votes from there and decides well
you know I want to go ahead and vote for a crypto chain, or I want to vote for
charity compassion coin, I’m gonna go throw votes up to sky people. then you
will see if they retracted votes from them and added it to someone else
and it moved their votes less than what the next person down was then this would
move up and this would move down in the live Q so this is a general introduction
I tried to make it as brief as possible but God bless you kind arts and I hope
this helps you. I will have another follow-up tutorial video on using token
utilization through the Tron Network. and I will have another follow-up video
about that, that further extends into to tour….
…..of …our platform charity compassion coin and how you utilize Tron TRX in charity
compassion coins…. thats UNICEF world charity to spend… and receive into the
ecosystem using TRX in the next tutorial I would like to share with you a further
way that you can learn when you’re new to this of who each super representative
candidate is, what they represent in their own organization, and how they’re
going to help the community of the Tron foundation network and the blockchain run.
and what further developments they also bring to society as a whole in their HTTP:// foundation network and also Tron scan
org and Tron live all are HTTPS otherwise if they are not HTTP or if
they have other weird parts in that that is not what I had disclosed this time in
this tutorial, then they are phishing sites and they are not real and near are
scam sites ,and you’re to stay away from them so in this case HTTP Tron dot live
in this site covers all of the interviews with each super
representative and here you can go further grasp and more in-depth who
each person is representing each organization of super representatives
and what they bring, and how they’re going to support the Tron Foundation
community network and what they’re going to do helping and bringing back rewards
for each incentive of the entire global approach of Tron so here we have you
know an interview with sky people and these cartoon characters nicely out what
the actual body is a full in-depth knowledge of what sky people are doing
for the community to help. and go back no you have honesty you can also here’s
my interview it myself as a cartoon character so the trial foundation
interview with charity compassion coins and how we’re going to help the global
community of charitable giving as transparent and the blockchain of Tron’s
blockchain that I have chosen to code within, and migrate into inter. so on each of
these people is a profile page, you can also go to you know instead of reading the
whole entire interview you can watch the interviews as well so this is just a
brief interruption of this aspect you can find all of these on YouTube and
[his is, that you will see all of these YouTube
videos that I have here in tutorial. of voting creating wallets and the
ecosystem of chair compassion point and the ecosystem in the network of web 4.0
of Tron you, can find here on heaven on earth productions subscribe, like the
videos, turn your notifications, to watch as well as turn any notifications
subscribe and watch the Tron foundation videos as well. in TRON Official, for
YouTube. alright well I once more, hope that that helps all of you. again god bless
your kind hearts and have the greatest possible day. I’ll see you back soon for
the next tutorial.

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