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Introducing TotalPoll in 90 seconds TotalPoll is a powerful poll plugin for WordPress It supports different kinds of choices From plain text to media based ones Like photo, video and audio You can simply have a public debate, Ethical delimma, contests And much more in a minute! your polls will be search engine friendly To get the most of search traffic From Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and others TotalPoll supports a wide range of templates for every possible purpose all of them are completely responsive with tablets and mobile devices Now lets see how to create a poll First click on poll Add new Then give it a title Now enter the question Add choices like yellow, blue and red And its time to tweak some settings like changing cookies timeout enabling quota limitation and adding a custom field You can also set a thank you message after voting And voila! Lets publish the poll now The features of TotalPoll like custom fields statistics and voting limitations give you the full control and visibility of your poll in an easy and enjoyable experience TotalPoll is always getting better and better by its community For more details please visit

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