Things Not To Say To Someone Who Voted Brexit

“I can’t believe you voted for Brexit.”
“You hate immigrants don’t you?” “Oh, you’re all thick, you don’t have
a clue what you’re voting for.” “Oh no! The pound, the pound, the pound,
the pound’s fallen, what a disaster!” “You’re just a racist.”
That’s the one that grates the most. It’s like saying, “Are you a paedophile?”
The most slanderous thing anyone can say. Obviously 17.4 million people are not racists.
Being concerned about immigration is not racist. A lot of people are actually pro freedom of
movement and see the EU as like kind of a racist entity, because it only lets white
people have freedom of movement. And also polls actually said like consistently
after the vote that the main reason why most leavers voted was because of democracy. “What young person would vote for Brexit?”
When I voted Brexit I was just 21. This young person!
I kind of bucked the trend a little bit. I think I might have been the only leave voter
at Glastonbury last year. Most Brexiteers are portrayed as like swivel-eyed
flag waving loons. I’ve met actually quite a few young people
that voted leave. Although a lot of the time they do tell you in secret.
I had to boycott social media. I’d just get messages saying, “Urgh you’re
a disgusting Brexiteer!” I was “a wanker”, I was “a racist”.
They don’t just dislike your politics, they literally dislike you as a person, they take
it personally. I’d like to say, a young leave voter is
liberal and has a positive outlook, and hopes for a better world. Oh big one. “Hate won.”
I think hope won. Was the other side love then? I mean because
I didn’t get that memo. I didn’t get the love either.
It’s not hate. You know people who voted Brexit, we’re not hateful people, we’re
not nasty people. Yeah it doesn’t come from a bad place.
I believe I voted for honorable reasons. It sounds like, “Oh we hate Europeans, anyone
from Europe”, no, no, no, we don’t, we hate the structure and the construct of the
European Union. I don’t particularly hate anybody… well
maybe I hate Nick Clegg. “How about that £350 million pounds then?”
Ah the bus. The bus. The infamous £350 million.
I literally know nobody who believed that. It was basically trying to say this is how
much money we ship off to the EU every year. Well they all say that was a lie, but you
know, at the end of the day I voted for my own reasons.
People think that bus that has a number written on it, has persuaded people.
And like, because one woman on Newsnight, one week, decided to say “That’s why I voted
to leave because of the bus.” Apparently that reflects the majority of the people,
it absolutely does not. Ah no, let’s pick this one. Let’s pick
this one, I can see it now. “You’re just as bad as people who voted
for Trump.” It’s not a bad thing that we’ve done here,
it’s not a crime. Yeah you can disagree with someone that votes
Trump, I disagree with a lot of Trump’s policies, but I don’t think they’re a
bad person. Truth is that yeah, Brexit voters are normal
people like you watching this. The biggest parallel between Brexit and Trump
is that it highlighted how out of touch many politicians are.
Brexit is more positive I think. It’s about democracy, it’s about popular sovereignty,
whereas Trump is an idiot. “What’s going to happen to Brits living
in Europe?” Immigration is vital on both sides and it
does make our society far more affluent and a better place, likewise it does for the rest
of the EU. You’re still going to be able to travel
abroad, work abroad and stay abroad, you know you can do those things in countries that
aren’t in the EU right now. So people who don’t like the fact that they’re
not going to get cheap flights anymore. We voted for democracy and to instill our democracy
and to maintain our democracy and I think that’s worth a £59.99 flight in Ryanair.
We’ll always be European, we’ll always have European values and be part of the European
culture. I don’t think it’s going to make a massive
difference, really…unless the European Union decides to be extra mean in the negotiations.
Which it might be, but… It’s the European Union, it’s a man-made,
bureaucratic, paper-pushing, hell-hole, that I’m very proud that 17.4 million British
people decided to stick their fingers up to and walk away.
Yeah. “You didn’t know what you were voting
for.” I heard that one a lot actually, like “Now,
now.” They’re trying to frame it like it was just
a load of uneducated bigots versus like the enlightened remainers.
You just have to look at the turnout really to show that obviously people did know what
they were voting for, they really cared about it.
I don’t think anyone really what’s going to happen, but it can’t be any worse than
it is now. And for 17.4 million people, they were willing
to take a risk. I think that’s incredible and that’s why I think Brexit was the largest,
democratic mandate in British political history. “Would you still vote Brexit?”
In a heartbeat. A hundred percent.
After it got attacked so much, you felt the need to defend it so badly, so I am more pro-Brexit,
than I was a year ago. Whether you voted Brexit, whether you voted
Remain, lets all get on one team and make the best of it.
You can be pro-immigration and vote for Brexit. And you can be young and vote for Brexit.
I actually feel like a radical, young person shaping the future, like I love it.
We have changed the world. I mean that’s a really exciting thing to be part of.
Yeah we have. That sounds so lame, but we have, we actually have.
It sounds so Disney, but it’s true.

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  1. I don't know where they get the idea that young people all voted brexit. It was 75% of the 36% who voted remain. Which means the vast majority of young people did not vote remain. Fact

  2. I will take your political view personally if it affects or targets my family or other people in a negative way. For example, I'm not going to be friends with a trump supporter because it affects me and many others horribly.

  3. {°o°} <–this is Bobby. He'd like to hear your reason for voting. Are you kind enough to talk to this young boy?

  4. I still think they all have some degree of racism that influenced their vote, and I’ll never be convinced otherwise. I mean, honestly, would they have voted the same if they were getting boatloads of people from another white-majority country instead of Africa and the Middle East?

  5. I was 18 and I voted leave and I don't like to tell people because of their reaction. If the tables had been turned I wouldn't be hostile to remainers so why should they be rude to us?

  6. "I don't think it's going to make a massive difference, really. Unless the European Union decides to be extra mean" … HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    You vote to leave the largest free market trading bloc in the world and essentially become a competitor. How did you not foresee this!?

  7. Lol I love it… The reality of these kind of choices, is that only time can tell who was right. Well I think based on the insane mess this has turned into and the real repercussions being felt by the citizens that voted "Leave" now looking at the leaders that sold them this "Fix All" plan for answers, only to find out they have non… With only a few weeks left there is no plan on how many citizens will continue their way of life! It's amazing how people keep falling one of the first things we're taught as children "there are no quick, fix all easy solutions in life" anyone that tells you otherwise is probably trying to con you!

  8. It should be entitled “don’t tell the truth to people who were stupid enough to vote leave”! That’d be a more honest title!

  9. This doesn't line up with other videos of the series, at least the ones I've seen. The others are about identity, something you can't change at will. This is clearly an action, a choice.

  10. Brexit basically was about scaring conservatives to leave the EU, for lies and bigotry reasons, that’s all it was about and nothing more.

  11. 3:01 Brexit is far more positive? Pound plummets in value. Unemployment rises. Poor people get poorer. Rich people get richer. Small businesses go out of business. Big business pack up and head for Europe. Irish troubles start again. The NHS becomes more unsustainable. Hate towards European migrants increases. Does this sound positive?

  12. Well done, you're part of the reason why the country is in the state its in now, and we pretty much have no idea where its headed. I bet you that now they've all changed their minds and wished they didn't vote leave.
    This is the one video in this whole series I fully disagree with.
    They may not be hateful, but they are ignorant.
    Notice how none of them actually stated their reasons for voting leave.

  13. unless you have knowledge of trade, commerce, EU law, Northern Ireland politics, EU politics, banking, finance, automotive sector, aerospace industry, medical industry – you didn't know what you were voting for.

  14. Love the comments section on here , Hands up how many know aht Article 13 is ? .Iy's been pushed by Youtube enough you should all now that iff we stay in the EU , Article 13 will be kicking in and you lose your voice on here as well as memes / music / movies / mashups / remixes / real news , infact everything you love about the internet even downt o sharing a video witha mate or linking to a video or site – But hey you all seem to know what your talking about so may your dreams come true …HA lol …

  15. Morons, you can forgive the old people for voting brexit because their brains are retarding… but the youth vote is jut moronic.

  16. These are literally the most uneducated people this web series has had on ever. It just goes to show why Brexit and everything they vote for is retarded

  17. Hitler would've backed Brexit!

    My Grandma, who voted to remain, at age 76, knows quite a few people who voted leave and now regret it.

    The Brexit referendum happened in the same year that my Grandad died.

  18. 'You don't know what you're voted for'. Yet not one of these people gave a valid reason for leaving. One said 'for my own reasons'. I am yet to hear one person tell me one policy that is so terrible in the EU that made them vote leave. Until I am given one I will continue to call them rascists.

  19. "nobody really knows what's going to happen but it can't be any worse than it is now" how unbelievably entitled was that. We'll never live in a time where everything is perfect but if you honestly think this is as bad as it can possibly be I beg you to open your eyes.

  20. The new one from a certain type of sulking remainer is "You're on the side of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage" even though i'm a Labour Party member…

  21. "All racists vote for Brexit" does not mean all people who vote for Brexit are racist. Some people have a serious logical deficiency.

  22. "You don't know what you are voting for"… didn't. Doesn't matter how clever you are, or think you are, you can't have known what you were voting for because there was no deal attached to leave. 3 years later we have two options, mays deal and no deal (which leave literature said wouldn't be a thing because they would negotiate a fantastic deal). No one can agree or either, leavers overwhelmingly reject mays deal. So please tell me where in the pre-referendum information it said you would be voting for either mays deal or no deal. If you can then I will agree you knew what you were voting for.

  23. One woman voted for Leave because she saw the bus does not reflect why the majority of people voted for Leave… But These peoples reasons ARE the majority of why people voted leave??? Being young does not mean you cant be wrong, delusional or hypocritical… EVERYONE who voted for Remain voted for the same reason, there are no 'flavours' of remain, it is the one choice… while some who voted leave do not like immigration, some do like immigration, some do like immigration but just not 'them ones…. Some voted for democracy (whatever that means), some voted for sovereignty… Some just because Farage sounds convincing… so, how can you say that one woman who read the bus and believed is not representative of the majority? I don't think anyone can actually say what the majority IS!

    In truth, if ANYONE voted for leave because of a bus with figures and a misleading suggestion that somehow the leave campaign would spend that on the NHS, then at is too many. They voted based on deception and with the lead being so slim that really does matter. They DIDN'T know what they were voting for, and no leave supporter can argue that without having to make massive assumptions

  24. All the remainers complain about being insulted but thiscomment section is a cancer trap. What a shithole Britain is, glad I don't reside in it. People are pathetic and childish, I seems they dont enter adulthood until their 60s

  25. Why ponder about things NOT to say to people who voted for Brexit? Here are things to say to say to them: What are your well considered reasons why you voted to leave? Which EU laws do you resent in particular? What will change if you "take back control"? What does "taking back control" even mean? And the list goes on…

  26. All the people that voted for Brexit are white people. And the didn't even properly explain why the voted for leaving the EU.

  27. 'yOu dOn'T kNoW wHaT yOu'Re VoTiNG fOr'… they make it sound like that's a ridiculous thing to say. please explain what the consequences of Brexit will be

  28. People to comment section. No matter what they voted for, you should take them seriously and respect them.

  29. It's not working out for them thou and we joined the EU for a reason and we haven't even gone yet and the world is falling apart I mean who r we going to trade with the Americans that'd fine if u all want GM food I rlly can't be that respectful cos I bet half theses pll have changed there minds 😂

  30. Things to say to someone who voted Brexit – your new straight jacket has arrived in a nice new colour

  31. So BBC let's get them back on and see what they think NOW.I didn't take it personally when the non Racest Brexters voted for Brexit, but now I do when they can't admit they got it wrong. And if this self-destruction of our country happens the Division will be unbearable for any of the fools who got hoodwinked and won't admit I won't give you the time of day.

    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."

  32. Could they not have found any non-white people to break the annoying stereotype? No? Oh right, they are trying to push the stereotype. Borrrring

  33. "we voted for democracy" How can you vote democratically in a non-compulsory system, that is bound to create an unfair and unrepresentitive result, simply in its nature?

  34. Every leaver voted mainly because of immigration. That's the truth! So u hate the construct or structure of the European?? How about the structure of the Commonwealth? That's what I call an undemocratic structure.

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