The people vs. Democrat hypocrites

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  1. Let me see the dems are crying about Trump mentioning what the dem's actually did and now its outrageous, why was it ok for them to actually do this the media never has said a word about the dems doing it come on you fools how hypocritical can you a-holes really be? Just pathetic.

  2. Pelosi…"hmm lets see how do you spell..rte, no riet, no rete, no rhit, no..well shoot if I can't spel it hw cn I no wht it means?" I guis I dont!

  3. Is it true that the reason Pelosi waves her hands around the way she does is to catch her dentures in case they fall out ?

  4. The CURRUPTABLES Democrats are a Disgrace to the American People What a Joke they are, President Trump is Right, The Deep State needs the Swamp drained

  5. That is just what democrats do, they accuse their opponents of doing crimes that they themselves are guilty of. Thinking it will take the focus off them. “Don’t look here, we are moral, and love our country but Look over there at what he has done, he hates the country and the constitution, he is a crook and needs to be impeached.”

  6. The Democrats want to make Americans so poor to the point where they will finally ask for them to do something for them. That’s where the Democrats will introduce socialism and them that it will be the best thing to solve our problems. They crest the problem, then tell us they can solve it. What a bunch of bull, vote Republican to save our country from these parasites. Democrats mean poverty.

  7. INCREDIBLE and yet NO SURPRISE because these things have been exposed over and over again by various ALT media sources like this channel. What is a surprise is that still nothing has been done to prosecute these criminals in the DEMON-RAT party.

    The USA has become a lawless, wild west political circus of kick-backs and payoffs and treason in the form of selling out the country for money by all the highest ranking members of the DEMON RAT party…and I am sure even some of the Republicans like McCain and Flake.

    I keep going back and forth watching numerous videos between 2016 to October 2019 to see when all of these various bribery scandals have come to light and been exposed and where the evidence seems to be overwhelming and I have to roll my eyes in disbelief at learning that this has been known for years and yet we continue to see the failure on the part of the justice system to do anything to indict these crooks.

    The DOJ was surely missing in action during the Comey, Lych and Holder era because they were all high ranking members of the Obama/Clinton/DNC criminal cartel and were all in on the payoffs and sell out of America. BUT WHY STILL NOTHING ?

    Sessions was obviously part of the SWAMP and a DEEP STATE " plant " who first fooled TRUMP by being the first to endorse TRUMP as a candidate because they thought he would never win against Hillary. Then when Trump did win, he was mandated to do nothing to prosecute these criminals while allowing the totally fabricated Trump – Russia collusion fairy tale to be triggered.

    But now we have a new AG who not supposed to be another wimp and still NOTHING. Hopefully BAAR and DURHAM and TRUMP are now working in the background to prepare a major blockbuster action against all these slime but the longer this is allowed to fester and linger, the more and more skeptical the people will become that this sell out of America will ever be prosecuted.



  9. It is very disturbing to see how corrupt the federal democrats have become.  I for one am very tired of listening to the democrats complain about Mr. Trump while all the time they are committing treason against America and our Constitution. We all know who the main characters are and we should support anything Mr. Trump may have to end up doing just to protect our country from the Socialists/Communists who have infiltrated the Democratic party.

  10. All you democrats are total hypocrites and continue swimming around in the swamp! Please someone pull the plug and make this slim go down the drain!!!!

  11. In the military, when you apply for a secret clearance you are required to disclose all contacts you've made in foreign countries. But apparently you don't need to disclose when foreign governments pay you large sums of money.

  12. Trump has not stolen from the American people like the Democrats- they are disgusting hypocrites who only care about money and power

  13. Dummycrats are pleading to their party preying upon the individual who believes anything they say. I hope logical reasoning comes to bear.

  14. I just realized why I dislike Dems so much. They lecture like grade school teachers, using shame, condescension, self righteousness and talk down to anyone who doesnt agree with them.

  15. I think it's time we take the Democrats out any way possible vote them out shoot them out whatever get rid of them they're all trash they're all liars thieves child molesters child traffickers drug traffickers

  16. That is why they have to shut Trump down. He knows their corruption. I hope Durham brings it all to light and soon.

  17. These people need to be jailed and then shot for treason. Hanging would be better. I hope they get something on them real soon before it all gets swept under the rug "AGAIN"

  18. America will never be a socialist country,so dems take your Russian and Chinese money,you wont get it for long election day is coming up,

  19. They have lost their minds. …the people will take them out….probably kicking and screaming the whole way. Get all the graft you can now, pelosi, cuz you are going to need it to pay off your mansion when we turn you out to pasture

  20. Oh yea… And it goes Waaaay back, too. I recently discovered that "Past Presidents" still can be impeached. Humm… I wonder what would happen to all the things they did, After the impeachment date is set. . .?

  21. This f–king idiot still doesn't understand Trump or what makes him go. If anyone thinks for a moment that he is getting into bed with the Russians or the Iranians, or Chinese, or Mexicans, or anyone else because he occasionally says good things about them should head his book on the Art of the Deal. In the big world game of one-ups-manship, you don't make friends by constantly berating them and brow beating them. Occasionally you have to feed them a sugar cube to keep them on as a relative friend. And that is what this moron and so many others don't understand. Whether we like it or not we need the Russians and the Iranians and the Chinese, etc to stay on speaking terms if nothing else.

  22. We need Barr / Durham to begin indicting for the many corrupt activities…..either side of the aisle, but "letting the chips fall where they may" is much too passive. Barr needs to get more energetic about following the money trails & holding any & all accountable with hard time for putting the Republic at risk for personal gain. Biden & Clinton should be at the top of the list.

  23. You Democrats don't know the difference between fantasy and you're all living in a fantasy world and it's about the I can't wait for Bill

  24. All the Democrats they get busted for all the money that they have in the and the homes that they should be put up on the auction for sale your assets Frozen and split amongst the people that they stole it from the people of the United States to pay back what they owe

  25. Dems, it is you who had brought foreign interference into the US election process when Hillary Clinton and the DNC had bought and paid for a false salacious Russian Dossier from an Ex-British Intelligence Agent against the then candidate, now President Trump to influence the out come of the 2016 election. You, the Democrat Party are guilty as sin.

  26. Show me the proof trump has been transparent all accusations have been proven no collusion no obstruction, all transcripts have been released and exonerated,hillary and Obama committed treason and sedition 22%of American uranium to Russia and Obama sent Iran millions of taxpayer money, knowing Iran funds terror across the world,we know for a fact attempted coup,now they have a whistleblower with 2nd hand info is not even admissible in a court of law,transcripts of his call to Ukraine is proof of no wrongdoing,Schiff lied to the American people and groomed the whistleblowers.they know trump will get another 4 years,and I will vote again for him,the swamp is deep but now we can see the dirty players

  27. All this is about covering their asses and keeping their crimes out of the scrutiny of the law,they will pull the AG down,and even try to take him down to keep their Crimes out of the public domain …Pelosi Schummer, Schiff,Maxine Waters,Nadler, Brennan, Clapper,Obama, and many many more of the Dems have committed crimes far beyond anything we would imagine and they will do worse than this to have their way which is to take down a legally elected President just to stop all their disgusting thievery from the tax paying public ,the false imprisonment of truth tellers,and all the unusual deaths,the drug Cartels the gun running, the kidnapping and abusing of children ,all of these Crimes are at the door of the Democrats and they are terrified of the truth getting out ,well they are too late,we only have to fit the Crimes to the right Criminals and the trials can start,whilst protecting the POTUS from the l lunatics on the left?… God Bless all Patriots and keep you safe

    P b bnbb

  28. Do not believe what you hear! Believe only what is done for American People! President Trump is the only leader with ACTIONS, not just WORDS!

  29. Nancy, you’re the epitome hypocrite actions. Anything coming from your mouth is either an intentional lie or a ignorant one. Same outcome.

  30. If there is evidence of this why are they not going down for this? It’s time for justice! I had a feeling this was going on.

  31. Hello. You are the ones with no moral compass. Hey hypocrites you allowed Hillary to cheat, steal and spy while she was in office. You are the criminals.

  32. Democrats need to see Head Shrinkers. They are Delusional, they keep making accusations, yet they are the ones who are Corrupt. Did Pelosi report the money she got from "El Chapo"? Dought it. Democrats need to be officially Investigated and charges pressed onto the Guilty. and HUNG. All Guilty of Criminal Treason. Pres. TRUMP and Atty General Barr,is onto them.

  33. Not meaning to single out the black guy but He was the one that gave me the line i want to respond to ! so, here we Go again : POTUS was Treasonus for SPEAKING to Russia ! but Hillary and Obama, Selling out NUKE Material to them was NOT ? Double Standard or Just more GET TRUMP B.S. ? Answer: More B.S. !!!

  34. It is a good time to take the Democrats House down. They committed treasons, Democrats party need to be destroyed for the best of our country, they all admitted that they want this country to became Socialist.

  35. You forgot to mention Obama's corruption, he entered office with a net worth of $400,000.00 & left office with $28,000,000.00 yes that's right Obama left office 27.5 MILLION dollars richer than he entered office with. With gains like that you'd think that he was the highest return earner of Wall Street before entering politics…….rather than a community organizer in the Chicago area.

    Trump is a Boy-scout by comparison with many in the Dim party of today.

    Trump in 2020……..regardless of anything the ignorant Dims do! KAG! !

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