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Welcome to the show! How’s everybody doing? So great. I’m still wearing the jacket, though tonight, it sparkles ironically. And if haters wanna call me a sad liberal Liberace tough titties, I said it first. So how did everyone get this so spectacularly wrong? Pollsters, the media, the keeping at 1600 nerds, us — what was the x factor that none of the forecast accounted for? okay I have a confession to make — a few years ago I appeared on a little show called Law and Order. You may know Vanessa Carville. She’s being blackmailed. After it aired, the 20 season hit series was canceled even though there were still six people in New York who hadn’t yet appeared on it and then last year I gave a tasteful interview in playboy. The next day, Playboy cancelled nudity I guess I didn’t notice the pattern because yesterday I voted in an American election for the first time and I broke America. I am so sorry. And please don’t even think of writing something stupid like, what a lucky break a Trump presidency is for comedians! The jokes just write themselves! No, no, no, shut up. Jokes don’t write themselves, Jews write jokes, and they are scared shitless! believe it or not this isn’t a great day to be part of the most diverse staff in light night. They’re not in a very jokey mood this is the script they handed me this morning, right before vomiting on my shoes you know, I don’t say this very often but I should have hired more white dudes. I mean, look at Mathan — best-case scenario he gets stopped and frisked daily worst-case scenario he gets erroneously deported. I mean, what kind of name is Madeline anyway? Look, this isn’t good for anyone our democracy just hacked up a marmalade hairball with the whole world watching what we did was the Democratic equivalent of installing an above-ground pool. If we’re lucky and it doesn’t seep into our foundations, the neighbors will never look at us the same way again. In the coming days, people will be looking for someone to blame — the pollsters, the strident feminists, the Democratic Party a vengeful God — but once you dust for fingerprints, it’s pretty clear who ruined America: white people. I guess ruining Brooklyn was just a dry run The caucasian nation showed up in droves to vote for Trump, so I don’t want to hear a goddamn word about black voter turnout. how many times we expect black people to build our country for us, white people? this is the worst thing we’ve ever– no, I’m sorry, that’s a very high bar. But holy shit. And don’t try to distance yourself from the bad apples and say “it’s not my fault, I didn’t vote for him! hashtag not all white people” shush, shush, if Muslims have to take responsibility for every member of their community, so do we. three percent of white men said, if I can’t be in charge, burn it down. Which surprised exactly no one. And a majority of white women faced with the historic choice between the first female president and a vial of weaponized testosterone said, I’ll take option B, I just don’t like her. Oh hope you got your sticker ladies, way to lean out did you not hear people of color begging you to not legitimize this? to be fair, that was when they were behind in the polls, which can cause stress Tourette’s. Oh I’m sure they’ll be gracious winners (VAN) You won.
(COREY) So where is the conciliatory note saying I want my people to support one president? where’s that message?
(VAN) you won. (COREY) say it again, I didn’t hear you
(VAN) You won. (COREY) That’s right and Hillary Clinton should say that to the American people and say support Donald Trump (VAN) Corey, you’re being a horrible person right now That is the gentle, reasonable tone of a black man who knows it’s going to be illegal for him to raise his voice for the next four years. I’d also like to congratulate the Patriot in a pickup truck who escorted one of my staffers on his walk to work this morning shouting payback for Obama time, no more socialist Muslim. Oh, I think the healing has begun, guys. Trump himself, to his credit, struck a much more conciliatory tone than his ring rates. Hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time and we owe her a major debt worked hard and owed a major debt? I’m not sure whether he’s describing Hillary or one of his contractors. But at least he was magnanimous in victory it could be worse. Imagine a tie. No, don’t imagine it, imagine my jacket, it sparkles. America is still a great country and it is still worth fighting for. It has Shonda Rhimes shows, and peanut butter, and Beyonce and Lin-Manuel Miranda rap-weaping at awards shows, and it has the beautiful US Constitution. Which we should probably start teaching in schools. We still get to take pride in the peaceful transfer of power. and to all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams. And if Ms. Rodham’s not in the White House, that’s okay. one of those girls is going to be. We still have millions of nasty women who aren’t going away and as long as women over 20 are still allowed on television, I’ll be here, cheering them on. although that may only be till late January. Here’s here’s some good news that you may not have noticed if you were busy comforting a sobbing child who thinks he’s gonna get kicked out of America. The voters of arizona decided racial profiler extraordinary Joe Arpaio did not deserve a seventh term as sheriff. Well done. Ilhan Omar whose political journey began in a Kenyan refugee camp will be America’s first Somali-American legislator. Yes. Catherine Cortez Masto will be the first Latina u.s. senator. Kamala Harris will be our first Indian senator and California’s first African-American senator! Double milestone! And let’s hear it for Senator Tammy Duckworth. You may remember her from such debates as war hero v. racist my family has served this nation in uniform going back to the revolution I’d forgotten, uh, that your parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington she’s moving into his office I like that Congress is starting to look more like this and less like this. do you? then let’s get off the floor and get busy. Especially you, white women, we got some karma to work off. We’ll be right back.

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  1. Heh. Just discovered this one. Liberals, smug? Racist? Nahhhhhhh. Great stuff Lefties. Keep it up. You put Trump in the White House this time and as long as you don't change, 2020 is guaranteed.

  2. Translation for non-idiots: "I really hate white people and I can count my IQ points on my fingers"

  3. There has to be some truth in humor…. almost every sentence said here was false… I still laugh at all these bald faced lies…. no matter how many I watch it….

  4. What is her problem? Why does it matter if other races are in congress? The better person win the race, whether they be black, white, Indian, Native American, Japanese, Chinese, or any other race. How can one say white men are racist when a African-American man was in office for 8 years prior to this white man. Yes there are racist white people, me i am not one of them. However you would be very ignorant if you think white people are the only racist people in the world.

  5. She is so awful. White people are bad? I hope she includes herself because she is unfunny, communist trash!

  6. Not all white people are racist, Trump is racist, and he doesn't represent every white person, let alone everybody in general … Trump is racist yet many believed in him despite all the horrible he said…how the vote stands in light of everything I don't know but this too shall pass

  7. I don't think I've watched a single "comedy" video that has been more factually incorrect, logically inept and unfunny. "At worst he gets deported", accept if he was born in america, or if he wasn't didn't commit a serious crime, he can't be legally. "White people ruined america" and "if Muslims have to answer or every other Muslim so do white people", I feel typify these peoples mode of thought. They feel that everybody who looks similar or talk similar all think the same. Well white people or Caucasian people are a race and are individuals with individual modes of thought, whereas Muslims are members of a religion who believe in the same ideology, that's not to say they're all the same but it's not the same as a race, because your born a race not a religion.

  8. Of course blame all White people. Than again what else could you expect now a days that's all that happens. Stop trying to revert us to Tribalism.

  9. So funny going back and watching these videos of delusional democrats losing their minds on TV after the election. It's fantastic, they don't realize how poorly they come off, it's great that their stupidity will be around forever on youtube

  10. Samantha Bee – proving why liberalism is a mental disorder every time she opens her mouth (and why she's also a racist, bigoted, dimwitted middle-aged teenybopper who gushes over Democrat politicians the way younger teenyboppers gush over boy bands).

  11. Hillary would have made a great president Samantha and Trevor Noah lady ga ga you cost the election what made you think your insistence on how other people vote wouldn't be noticed and hated

  12. Well why wouldn't any white people wanna join the liberal party? When you're told you're to blame for everything, you're told all men are rapists in waiting, and the Left LOVE to use hyperbole, why wouldn't you want to join?

  13. But sorry, I will not take responsibility for this narcissistic megalomaniac in any way, shape, or form!

  14. Dame dash said it. It was white people that ruined this election. Samantha give you the stats. There it is plain and simple.

  15. No the DNC were the ones who doomed politics to its crimson fate. I didn't vote in the presidential election because I wasn't wholly into the idea of bending over a barrel and letting the 2 party system have its ways with my political views. I did vote in the primary however but was disappointed to have myself proven naive for thinking that political corruption isn't just confined to the Republican Party.

  16. 28 thousand people disliked this. It's never going to change. My idiot cousin thinks the world is flat. It's never going to change and I am in tears

  17. One muslim shouldn't be responsible for every other muslim. Same thing for any category a person is put into. That is just a moronic, childish frame of thought that serves no purpose in rational discourse.

  18. Isn't that typical?: Considerably more white men voted for Trump than white women but- acc. to Mrs. Bee- especially white women have to work some kharma off. Yeah, put all the blame on women please.
    That always works beautifully!

  19. I love how Jews mask themselves as Caucasians and then talk badly about white people as if they are European. (I know your hair is not blond.) Neither is Anderson( also Jewish). Stop pretending to be something you're not. I'm 50% English and 50% Irish. My family has been here since the Inception of domestic America. The sooner everyone realizes that Semitic Jews/mass media are causing civil war between the races. They are constantly bringing up racial issues when color is not he problem, class is . This is been a plan put forth for Centuries by prominent Jews Like Israel cohen. He wrote in his book ( A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century) look it up. We will put whites against blacks in America and start a race war that will deliver America into our Jewish/communist hands. As Stalin said, ( also Jewish) we can't achieve communism directly, so let's zigzag through socialism. Make no mistake, the talmud tells the Jews that they must conquer the world and consume all goods and services before thier Masiah will return. Kind of means everybody else has to be laid to waist. By the way, I voted for Obama. Never voted before that and will never vote since. It's a Ponzi scheme, it's a two-headed trick coin, it's two paths to the same location no matter who you vote for. Wake up America!!!!

  20. Look On The Bright Side………You Almost Got Hillary And That Great Swordsman Bill Again……..Woman Are Safe In The Whitehouse………7 minutes in……Wikipedia Lists This Hag As A Comedian,page needs to be updated……..Wikipedia Not As Accurate As Wikileaks………Looking Forward To First Woman President……….I'm Betting On Ivanka.

  21. wow…way to edit how that exchange between Mr. "white lash" went down… about showing the full context on why that happened?…you know….Hillary deciding not to concede after making a big deal about trump hmm?…..double standards and liberals go together….

  22. Could you ever imagine a tv show host coming on tv after Obama won and saying "black people ruined America by voting" and not getting fired and having their whole life ruined? Jewish racism towards whites is normalized and acceptable, because Jews own and fund the fake media

  23. In a democracy the will of the people is always right. Hectoring the electorate didn't get Hillary or her supporters the result they wanted during the election. It certainly won't help her/them after the election. Here endith the lesson…

    Bernie 2020

  24. Finally a growing recognition of how white women benefit from racial privilege and help to perpetuate white supremacy.

  25. This video is very undemocratic, American people voted for who they thought was the most credible President, and you say they are wrong. This is very totalitarian. You are lucky to not live in a country like Socialist Finland.

  26. Brexit (the movement that the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU) helped Donald Trump win the 2016 US presidential election.

  27. Well, if some Latinos and Asian had not voted for him, he wouldn't be in office. The country is mostly white so of course it's easy to put the blame on white people, when the blame goes to the DNC for their rigging of the primaries.

  28. Kamala Harris didn't prosecute Steve Mnuchin for his One West fraud! She's corrupted and cannot be trusted. Corporate shill.

  29. universe silk substance mexlwgx defendant korean tennis mission intelligent collapse cite procedure rather.

  30. Cambridge Analytics and Facebook illegally took over $50 Million records to influence American public. That is what went wrong

  31. I cried when Trump became president because I was scared I was going to lose my rights as a woman. I was 12. I shouldn't have to fear for that ever.

  32. Actually Jews love President Trump now that he moved the embassy into Jerusalem. Black unemployment is the lowest ever under President Trump so they will love him too. Perhaps it is only Isis and liberals that hate President Trump as he will be kicking both their butts for years to come.

  33. I really hate this show, but… a way, it gave me pleasure, satisfaction, like those liberal media post-Trump victory meltdowns. Not sure if I should like it or not.

  34. White liberals love non-whites as long as white liberals:
    1. RULE over non-whites
    2. Tell non-whites how to think and act
    And most important of all for white liberals…
    3. Live far, far, far, FAR away from where non-whites live so that..
    4. Their children don't attend the same schools

    Thank GOD Trump won. Hopefully more non-whites realize that the Democrats have used them for votes and have made their lives miserable.

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