The Elections Division

The Elections Division administers
elections, manages voter registration, maintains campaign finance data, produces
the voters pamphlet, administers initiatives and referenda, investigates
and enforces election law violations, and provides training and support to cities,
districts, counties, candidates, and political committees. All Oregonians
should be proud that our state is focused on encouraging voter
participation and maximizing access while ensuring a election integrity. In
2018 we ran 3 secure and trusted statewide elections. The November general election saw the 2nd most votes cast in Oregon history. The May primary
election saw the most votes ever in a midterm year primary. We now have 90% of eligible voters registered to vote. We have increased the security and
resiliency of our election systems. We have strengthened our security tools and
added election security personnel to make our systems even more secure. We
increased accessibility by making online voter registration mobile friendly and
expanding it to include 5 languages. We provide personal customer service to
candidates, treasurers, the media, and the public regarding campaign finance
filings. Our outstanding team is patient and helpful, as I am sure many of you
have experienced. We have provided open and transparent access to the initiative
and referendum process. From a referendum leading to a January 2018 special
election to initiative petitions on high-profile topics for the November
election we have consistently, efficiently, and securely processed the

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