The China Factor in Malaysia’s Surprise Election

On this episode of China Uncensored: a surprise upset in Malaysia’s elections— and how Chinese money played a big role. Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m your host, Chris Chappell. A striking election upset in Malaysia. Hailed as a triumph of democracy. A miracle even. “It’s like a miracle, really— a dream come true.” The kind that has all the makings of a Hollywood political fiction blockbuster. A 92-year-old former prime minister comes out of retirement and— against all odds— defeats his former protégé, ending six decades of one-party rule in Malaysia. “So we have in fact achieved a very substantial
majority, not just a few votes, not just a few seats, but a very substantial majority.” That’s Mahathir Mohamad. He was elected on May 9. He’s now the oldest elected leader in the
world. It’d be like Jimmy Carter, who’s now 93, running as an independent in the next election and winning against both Democrats and Republicans. And having people across the country wonder, “Wait, that guy’s still alive?” This is to say, Mahathir’s win was a big surprise to everyone— reminding the world that you never know what’s going to happen in a democracy. Not that the world need reminding. One of the key issues that propelled Mahathir
back into office is China’s growing influence on Malaysia. Malaysia is pretty close to China. Especially if you accept the Chinese regime’s
Nine-Dash Line— which Malaysia does not. Malaysia is also pretty close to China economically. It’s one of the biggest recipients of Chinese
investment. They’ve secured $34 billion dollars worth
of Belt and Road Initiative infrastructure projects. The Belt and Road Initiative— also called One Belt One Road— is a trillion-dollar spending spree by the Chinese regime. It’s designed to project its power across
the globe and put strategic infrastructure in foreign
countries— infrastructure that can be controlled by the
Chinese Communist Party. There’s been concern in some Belt and Road
host countries, like Sri Lanka and Pakistan, about these kinds of projects resulting in
huge debts owed to Chinese state-owned banks. Malaysia is concerned about this, too. And these concerns came out during the election
campaign. A popular grievance was that Chinese development
projects were really just a way for rich Chinese to
buy up the most attractive parts of Malaysia. For example, Forest City. It’s a $100 billion dollar development project, presumably called Forest City because all the buildings are growing moss. Chinese nationals account for 70% of apartment
buyers there, and most local Malaysians have been priced
out. And we’re not talking about Chinese Malaysians
here. About a quarter of Malaysians are ethnically
Chinese, and ethnically Chinese families have been a part of Malaysian society for centuries. But what’s happening now is that new waves of Chinese nationals are coming in with big
money, and pricing locals out. Another pain point is that Malaysia’s strategic
infrastructure is falling under the control of big Chinese
companies. Near Kuantan, a sleepy coastal town with tropical
beaches, a Chinese state-owned company bought a 40%
stake in a deep-water shipping port. And it bought a 49% stake in this depressing-looking 3,000-acre industrial park. It comes complete with Chinese workers, a heavy dependence on Chinese materials, and not very many opportunities for local
Malaysian companies. All this led the 92-year-old Mahathir Mohamad to make Chinese influence a key issue in his
campaign. “None of our people are employed as workers. None of our companies are used for designing and planning and supervising, et cetera. We gain nothing.” He accused the now-former prime minister Najib
Razak of selling out to China. He also accused Najib of a lot of other things unrelated to China, like corruption. Including possibly stealing 700 million dollars of Malaysian government money in a development scandal. Anyway, Mahathir campaigned on a promise not only to fight corruption, but also to quote unquote “review” Malaysia’s bad deals with China. In a note to investors, major financial institution Credit Suisse said that Mahathir’s win “puts into question the future of Chinese
investment in the infrastructure sector.” Malaysia isn’t alone in its concerns over Chinese investment. The US and Europe have both taken steps to limit Chinese investment in strategic sectors. So the question is whether a similar pattern
of resistance will start to take shape across Asia. But my favorite Chinese state-run media The
Global Times says they’re not worried at all. Which means they’re definitely worried. So what do you think about Malaysia’s staggering
election upset, and do you see it as part of a bigger trend
of resistance to Chinese influence? Leave your comments below. Once again, I’m Chris Chappell. See you next time. It’s time for another fan question! This one comes from David Michael White. Patreon supporter David Michael White asks:
“Chris, what was the worst natural disaster that you have ever experienced?” I guess that question was in response to our
recent episode about why the Chinese Communist Party loves natural disasters. The worst natural disaster I was in: Hurricane Sandy in 2012. I was living in New Jersey at the time. My roommate fled before it hit and when I told him I was staying, he looked at me with tears in his eyes like he would never see me again. And it was pretty bad. I lived at the bottom of a hill so when the hurricane hit, the nearby hudson river rose up and flooded my whole area. As the water level was rising, all the cars parked outside started shorting
out— their alarms started blaring and unfortunately, the windows all rolled down, so they all started floating away. I took some video of the aftermath. Link is below. Thanks for your question David! Remember, if you want to have your questions answered on the show, become a member the China Uncensored 50 cent
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  1. Largely correct. Except that the former PM's corruption has some China links, in the sense that the mega projects are seen as a way to hide his malfeasance.

  2. I just cant understand why sultan of johor agreed such massive project that cost rm 100 billion. I am sure none of malaysian could afford the houses there..Malaysian becareful with the trap.

  3. The Chinese are definitely worried. The ECRL, Melaka, Kuantan port are projects, in which it is intended to not use the Singapore routes, and creates other trade routes alternative. This is very useful during a US-China war (If it were to happen), because Singapore being a strong US ally, can easily block ships going to China if they wanted to. The infrastructure build, is definitely politically motivated and not economically beneficial for both Malaysia and China. Now, that Malaysia is threatening to put an end to these projects. They are seriously in a panic mode, eventhough they definitely wouldn't admit it.

  4. force the Chinese China to leaves Malaysia once and for all !!!! event if we need to use anything necessary 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  5. Chris was not lying on the chinese investments in malaysia. I knew theyre was something wrong that I felt about it. Good thing he was theyre the old man. Very detailed video chris 👍

  6. Dude, i totally forgot Dr.M is as old as Jimmy Carter lol, Carter already look like extremely old and counting his days left, Dr.M is still sharp for his age, in his interviews he can give a really well put answer on the spot.


  8. there is almost no china factor effect on ge 14 in malaysia. The huge factor is corruption and gst. Dont think mahathir will get closely with USA. He is well known of his anti-american trait in 80s,90s. Malaysia will remain good ties with China.

  9. Malaysia ex-PM sold a big chunk of the country's land to China just as the sitting US President sold a big chunk of his Trump Organisation name in Indonesia to them under some kind of shady deals. Both are equally corrupt as with many greedy politicians !!!

  10. China wants to dominate the world, beginning with Asia ,it has gobbled up states like Pakistan Sri Lanka, Myanmar besides energy and resources rich nations in Africa and Latin America, who are now unable to repair the high interest loans availed from china , and have now surrendered their sovereignty, unwillingly without bargaining , by being pushed to lethal Debt traps, and have to surrender large infrastructures like harbours, airports and oilfields, mineral mines etc, All countries must stand up against China and join security alliances with Japan, India to defeat the greedy Chinese before it's too late as china had now occupied the space vacated by the European colonialists of last century,

  11. oh chris you don't know how thankful I was that mahathir won. Right now najib, his wife and his kins are being investigated. thank god and fuck them.

  12. China Uncensored – Chris Chappell is yet another CIA, US sponsored, funded bashing China outlet in full force in addition to millions of webs, articles. So called Scholars uses the most violent, distortion, twisted lies to slender, defame and denigrate China. The only ground for such a hatred is nothing short of jealous, inferiority complex and failed to compete.
    Bash China due to inadequacy and deficit of a nation/US and their people's ingrained DNA. So much bashing the most successful nation/China becomes US pastime and favor sports. So pathetic of a nation only relied on bombing, slaughtering, murdering for the very essence of survivorship. BTW, to those brainless, non-educated trailer trash bashing China. Got news for you, China is not US printing money without any value. China's momentary system backed by the gold like all other civilized nation. Barbaric US not qualified stand on the same line with China. Wonder if Chris Chappell able making a decent living without bashing China? GUESS NOT. This filthy guy have no skill but a filthy mouth.

  13. The facts: It is not China, but US to monitoring Malaysia's policy for the 61 years ruling which benefits US without any return.
    youtube the realities:
    “Appeasement” as Global Policy. Trump’s “Will to Power”. America’s Drive for World Domination
    Seymour Hersh: The CIA Is Filled with Criminals
    The Globalization of War: America’s “Long War” against Humanity
    Prof Michel Chossudovsky – Global Research, June 03, 2018
    US-Saudi-UAE War on Yemen Could Starve Millions of Civilians

  14. This time, all Malaysian come to their sense. At 13th. Election, mostly all Malaysian Chinese already know and voted opposition to pull BN out. Sadly, it's took an very Old Man to convince and make the Malay listen at the 14th. Election. If leave to Najib and his gang for another 5 years, there shall no longer be Malaysia anymore but as a small part of China then all BN shall blame shall be the Malaysian Chinese for it again like they blamed everything on the Malaysian Chinese but never on themselves.

  15. Hey, has anyone told you that you kinda look and mimic the personality of that guy who ran around trying to kick Keanu Reeves ass in the MATRIX. I wish I knew his name and I am utterly lazy to google…besides who hasn't watched MATRIX!

  16. Thanks to China but not in a good way. Even our deal with you guys is affected. You're so proud of that, or you're so happy Malaysia have to pay compensation fee for cutting the deal?? See that's why nobody likes you…

  17. Well, the China issue is not a major factor in Dr Mahathir’s victory. It’s Najib’s alleged corruption. But since this is an anti-Chinese channel, you’ll need to blow this up.

  18. To the rest of the world please beware of thiz china….jz dont allow them in your country…no bussines deal with them…jz kick tem.

  19. The only reason I clicked this is to watch comedy. China uncensored is the biggest CIA funded anti China propaganda. Dude, you suck!!!!

  20. YOu actually say that the Belt Road was a tool by the Chinese to control other countries through economic means? LOL. Uhm, seems more like you are talking about US dollar imperialism. Its the US who is issuing more dollars abroad to hold other countries hostage. China is actually the alternative model to prevent themselves from being blackmailed by the US with sanctions. Look at Russia. Hell, look at the whole world where US put tariffs on everyone. Truth is, countries are tire of the US dollar too. The world is sick of accepting fake paper money when the US is printing these like there is no tomorrow. The more the US print (and they are) the more those dollar outside will depreciate. For crying out loud, dont blame China for this problem, blame the US for printing too much dollar, borrowing too much and not producing anything in return. The Chinese beat you at your own game, tough luck sore loser. What do you expect the Chinese to due with all their worthless paper dollar, they go abroad and invested including Malaysia. Do you expect them to hold those dollar when they are depreciating fast from US uncontrollable fiscal and monetary policy funding all the military industrial complex. WIth the end of net neutrality and the merge of corporate US media, there is going to be more brainwash channel like these. Trump was right, the media is the real evil enemy and this guy China uncensored is one of them. People wake up and done believe these nonsense.

  21. It’s the blame of western power from 2 hundred years ago. China have always been secluding themselves from the outsiders until the 8 nation armies tried to swallow the China whole. The kept quiet for many years and now the dragon is awake to swallow the earth! All those roads and ports they are building is for war, guys. They can send anything to anywhere! There are battle ready, not the active one but the passive predator.

  22. Why are you so scared of the Chinese??? Before them the Europeans and Americans colonized, raped, stole and exploited Asia, Africa and South America. And today they still do that some in a more civilized manner; politically or some in a more warlike way! The latest look at how the French went into African countries to protect their interests. And as for the Americans… don't even talk about them… they created the Islamic Jihadists… because they went and stole their oil! And the British made China an opium and heroin addict country!!! Anyway my point being If Portugal and Spain with blessing of the Pope could divide the world in half why can't the Chinese pay-off the corrupt greedy heads of countries and do the same??? It's a dog eat dog world… stop whining and face facts…

  23. 'Spending spree' by chinese regime on Malaysia, are you out of your mind?? Malaysia is holding several hundred of Billion loan from China in 'One silk n road ' initiative scheme, it is a 'national debts' for Malaysians to bear for many decades, not your typical imagined 'Chinese investment' in Malaysia. The CCP tentacles are every where in mega Billion construction projects in Malaysia now thank to N.jib blessed kowtow.

  24. These already happenned in Ling Nan, ……Canton.. now extenten to Cantone SE. … this all made happened by the Chin.

  25. That man is 90??? He looks half his age!!! Well…maybe not half…but surely looks a lot younger…like a 60 year old…..

  26. one thing you need to know, mahathir, is the last of the old guard of SEA, which member is inclusive of lee kuan yew of Singapore and Suharto of Indonesia

  27. I think you overstate the issue of Chinese investment in Malaysia. If anything, the immense corruption of Najib Razak and his inability or unwillingness to deal with increasing administrative corruption, rising consumer prices and falling living standards (not to mention the National Front's continued race-baiting) — and Mahathir's reputation — had more to do with Malaysia's election results compared to Malaysia's projected role in OBOR.

  28. Chris, my little SJW SCHMUCK.

    This election is all about the my countrymen's tax issue, national debts and living standard.

    I give you a warning Chris, don't meet any truth tellers on the street.

  29. I will not blame china for my countrys corruption and debt. They never force us to getting in those project with them. Its our governments doing bad decision that make it bad.

  30. Credit President Trump for waking up this country China is over you can not out smart American
    Viva Trump the great white hope

  31. If you borrow money from a bad loanshark…..well take all the money……if he come to get payment…..kill him…..

  32. I don't get it why many people are worried about China then US . We Malaysia have known China seen 600 years ago and till today I don't hear China invaded any country ? Not like US , British , France or many more European countries , This are the countries that we should be worry about that always brings problem in this world and not forget Israel the most dangerous country in the world . Not China

  33. I am one those Malaysians who voted out the corrupt Najib and his motherfuc***g corrupt Umno-BN government! And I am glad I helped kick out the one-party rule in Malaysia for the first time in 60 yrs. I voted Mahathir's PH (Alliance of Hope)..and I am a Malay Muslim once a staucnh supporter of Umno-BN..I hope BN-Umno rot and dies, the faster the better for Malaysia, we no longer want this piece of stinking shits that has ruled for 60 yrs,,and China is taking advantage of our woes..

  34. The China factor in this election suddenly been highlighted, played up exponentially AFTER the result. I see ‘political analyst’ of anti China’s HK and Taiwan media described this election as a referendum towards China.
    I don’t like how foreigners hijack our narrative of our own democratic choice.

  35. Notice how it’s always. Chinese regime ; never Chinese government. This is in fact correct usage But no one lse has the nerve.

  36. Of cause China need to worry because Mahathir very keen to co-operate with Japan which is ehemm China biggest enemy in term of economy, try seek loan with Japan to resolve loan with China. New Malaysia goveremt current combat corruption level to the max, with 1 goal to gain foreign investor asside China, to prevent Malaysia depend to much to China. Hope this new Malaysia government can do Significant change.

  37. With the east west railway out and malaysia out of the belt and road link,
    while the other nations of asia and europe are linked together,
    it would likely be a very costy mistake for malaysia

  38. How is that a win for malaysia when all nations of asia and europe are linked by China's belt and road but Malaysia is completely out and not linked…..???

  39. Like what Mahathir said, we're not against Chinese investment, but you can't just bring in investment employing only chinese nationals, seal the development up where no one can see and know whats happening inside those developments, and grab all our land and properties and price the locals out of their own land.

  40. Looking back, this was a literal God damn miracle. Even an atheist would've pondered if there was indeed divine intervention since he won despite all the dirty tactic employed by the then ruling party Barisan National

  41. Mahathir is China phobia, since the country issued separation policy exclude bhumibutra race from chinese race.


  43. 不仅中国人能够取得成功。 不要低估其他国家。 中国人也懒惰而失败。 中国人也是腐败和种族主义者。 也喜欢诽谤和煽动的传播

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