The Architect Of Obama’s Elections On Where The 2020 Race Stands | All In | MSNBC

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  1. We need a candidate to get under trump skin , his vulgarity is unbearable , they’re criticizing us around the world , his low grade English , THE only candidate can get trump skin is Michael Bloomberg . Democrats needs to play to win & not to let their ego take over . We can’t no longer afford trump , Barr & Moscow Mitch . It’s a 3 headed snake we need to slaughter .

  2. Bloomberg?? Another billionaire out of touch with the people?? This is the people who helped elect Trump in 2016 and are going to do it again!! Don’t listen to them and vote for Bernie!!

  3. Bloomberg is much like our 'booming' economy – they are dropping 100's of billions every week if not trillions right now propping this whole house of cards up for trump but at some point the money loses it's impact – when it all goes to the 1 percent and from there to an off shore bank it's gone – no one cares. it does not matter how many ads bloomberg runs – he is still an authoritarian republican DINO that thinks the little people need to be taxed into submission and thrown in jail for little crimes while bankers that crash the system should be rewarded by bail outs. I don't hear a peep out of the great business man about our economy which seemingly can't survive one 24 hour period without huge injections of repo madness to keep it propped – but he says we can't afford healthcare for our people. He loves that C Suite executives get to control the access to healthcare for most people, it is another form of power and control.

  4. everyone tells me 'they won't let Bernie win' – let's prove too strong for 'them' to ignore – because if we don't, all bets are off and it may get ugly – very ugly – Bernie 2020

  5. Corrupt Democrats state media is laboring furiously to rewrite the narrative of the left-wing corruption epidemic as a tale of the American people coming together behind their wise and noble Communist leadership, rather than the existential crisis for Party leadership that most outside observers are seeing.

  6. I see Bloomberg as someone who is giving the Candidates extra help in advertising, getting the message out on the airwaves about how unfit Trump is to hold the title of President. Even if he isn't nominated, his advertising helps the Democrats. We should all be grateful to him.

  7. the only past election these people need to see is the last midterms .the left won big. they about flipped texas and florida. sanders will win.


  9. Bernie trolls below from Russian….don't take the bait they want the ….Bernie because ….they want him Trump wants him..

  10. The USA electoral process is a complete fraud. It's just crazy that they keep this corrupt system in place.- When are they going to implement a one-person, one-vote model, just like in the rest of the civilized world?

  11. It would destroy the democratic party, leaving it full of fading neoliberals with shallow identity politics as the actual economic progressives form a new party to fight the left and right establishment. They'll split the vote against republicans at first, but then I dont see a way in which a neoliberal democratic party wins again without real progressives on board. The contrast would be clearer about who really stands with the people and who's bought. Since most people agree with progressive policies, they would naturally move to the clear progressive party without the confusion of having 2 contrasting ideologies within the same party.

  12. What David says at the end, practically blasting the notion of party bosses stealing the nomination from whoever garners the plurality of the pledged delegates, blew my mind. It's the first time in mainstream media I heard this reality, how such a maneuver would destroy the party for decades.

  13. Honestly I think Trump becoming president was way bigger then Obama….
    I think Obama winning president shocked the country
    But Trump winning president shocked the world….

  14. The people who designed the American voting system clearly never planned it to be democratic. I've never heard of such a complicated system, One person one vote is so simple and straight forward

  15. Buttigieg isn't polling 15% in SC or Nevada or California.. Go Bernie!! Can someone who supports Bloomberg, tell me what are his policies? Can you?

  16. Tulsi is a republican in sheep’s clothing! She’s only in it to split the party!! Watch she’ll go independent to split the party!

  17. Trump destroys everything he touches. He takes what he needs personally and then burns everything and everyone else to the ground. He is a parasite.

  18. My fellow democrats….never allow a man like Bloomberg to buy an election..It will be a stain for a long time for all of us.ELECTIONS cant be win with money only !!! If the case happen ill never vote democrat again.

  19. That last minute sounded like a warning to the dnc leadership that he should not mess with Bernie if it comes to that.

  20. so all of these debates and the people coming out to vote is a pointless act; based on the notion that Bloomberg can just spend tons of money and step in when he wants – your American election process appears flawed to an outsider. I thought it was merit-based, not money spent.

  21. Only Bernie (and Trump) have a clear path to the White House. The movements won in Seattle against Jeff Bezos (richest man) and we will win in November. The US is not about reformist debate, it is about deep dissatisfaction with things as they are. That's how Trump won. That's how Bernie wins cuz the sickness with Trump is growing in his base.

  22. Sanders has the grassroots support. It will be up to centrists to stand by their word of blue no matter who and vote Sanders and we would guarantee victory.

  23. If the best the Democrats can do is a 75 year old socialist open borders free healthcare for illegal one step away from communist Bernie Sanders then the whole Democrat Party is toast and Trump will win by a landslide it won't even be close this country won't elect a socialist anytime soon and that's a fact

  24. 52 yr old professional, annual income of 200k and enthusiastically voting for Bernie! Whether there is 2,3,4 or more candidates. Bernie will be the plurality leader and unless the DNC want protests in the streets and to burn the party down, they best come to that realization.

  25. Mainstream media won't endorse, or even acknowledge Bernie. Personally, I think Bernie is too far left/too far OUT there. The DNC is doing everything possible to ensure that trump gets more than the 62+ MILLION moron voters to vote for him again. America is doomed for another 4 years.

  26. spend just 8 minutes watching this and see who bernie is. If we pass up someone like this, we will be passing up a once in a lifetime candidate.

  27. Be for any democrat you like. Vote for them. Hopefully your guy or gal will win. But when the nominee is known, get behind him or her 100% We must get rid of Trump.

  28. Can’t wait to either vote in the general for a Democratic president or absolutely not vote at all in the general if the disgusting, racist oligarch Bloomberg gets the nominee

  29. Can you imagine what going to happen when Bernie goes to the convention with a plurality and the vote majority and the DNC steps in to try to take the nomination away

  30. What about Howard Dean? His 50 State strategy played a big part in Obama's win. Too bad Obama kicked him to the curb afterward.

  31. I think Bernie Sanders needs to win more rural votes, just to make sure that his winning margin is large enough that he cannot be cheated out of delegates. Even if the Democratic party is really manipulating the vote outcome, his campaign should still make sure that the voting outcome is difficult to manipulate.

  32. Bernie 2020!!!

    The moderate lane is not bigger. Joe Biden and Liz warrens voters second choice is Bernie

    We are going to defeat the billionaires

    Bernie 2020

  33. I love that Bernie is finally getting recognized (by less ppl than I would like) as a viable candidate. I've thigh he was viable since the beginning but it's none of you guys to finally come around!

  34. Oh great, the guy that sold the American people on a center right black man running as a Democrat. I remember Bernie protesting outside the White House when Obama was going to cut social security and Medicare. 🖕 The corporate establishment

  35. Can't wait for Trump 2020. The deceit from the democrats is nauseating. Non stop Trump is a threat to democracy bs while the dishonesty in the caucuses and rigging by super delegates is normal m.o. for Democrat leaders.

  36. These caucuses are expensive (waste of money) and totally baffling. Elect a leader at the convention and then get behind them. If an independent wants to run let him do it on his own. Totally backward politics.

  37. Parties also don't recover from losing 49 states for a long time (running an Ultra Liberal like Sanders or Mondale). Democrats got blown out so badly in 1984 that even Bill Clinton still couldn't get to 50% in 1992 — he needed Ross Perot to water down enough Republican voters to get to the White House.

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