The 2020 Presidential Election Gets Underway With Tonight’s Iowa Caucuses | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. 65 yrs on earth can not believe GOP stoop so low for a Rogue Lying President. Trump is the most hated President in the World! Allies hate him , Putin hate him because he is a cheap liar with no Bottom and9 hangs his dirty laundry with no shame. He us an empty useless human being and those who condones him have NO Self Esteem, Pride or Conscious! Unless these People are multi millionaires or praying off others for financial gain than they met the match. America and the World Suffering from his Policies. He never was a Rich Man his daddy was & he lost all his money over $4Billion in Chapter 11s. NO AMERICAN LOST THAT MUCH MONEY OVER 10 YR. PERIOD & will not show his Taxes (Red). Using Tax Payers money to payoff his debts & steel Americas money with the Assistance of GOP Senate. Sickening!

  2. why is MSNBC so against Bernie? Because they are in the pockets of the CORPORATE DEMOCRATS? Which are NOT really Democrats at all! The corporate Dems should go and be what the really are: Moderate Republicans.

  3. The Republican party is aligned in support of our Great President, while the Democrat party is in complete disarray and can't even agree on who won Iowa. Easy re-election for Trump. #KAG

  4. “I’m usually not very political but I absolutely love Hillary Clinton, she’s very smart and America would benefit from having another Clinton running the country“ – Jeffrey Edward Epstein 2015

  5. Democrats phuck things up again. Kerry Hillary are corporate democrats doing what's best for the rich. Bernie 2020

  6. WTH is wrong with all these pundits and John Kerry? It's so offensive to say a big part of the democratic party is going to take it down just because we want help for the poor and middle class?? Stop bashing Bernie Sanders bc you're all rich and scared of taxes!

  7. Donnie will accuse the election of being rigged when he doesn't win. It will definitely be rigged if Trump wins again. How can a person run for president that's been allegedly indicted as a co-conspirator? Guess the same way Congress let's him off the hook for trying to rig the 2020 election, and abandoning American allies aides. Altho it's so much evidence, they still let him get away with it. Scared little 🐁! Seats means more, that they will lose anyway some day.

  8. Bernie isn't some crazy Bolshevik. He's a sensible Democratic socialist like the governments of Sweden, Holland, Spain etc… He cares about the people over corporations. He wants to make America a real Democracy, one that speaks to the will and needs of the people. He wants healthcare to be a right and the banks not to be able to swindle us. He wants economic and racial justice. How is that radical?

  9. @12:20 — Oh that's priceless: considering running against Sanders but he'd have to "give up his position with Bank of America"! Oh, such a noble sacrifice for the Common Man.. no, don't step down from your ivory tower Mr. Kerry, the huddled masses wouldn't want you to dirty yourself on their behalf, they don't deserve you! /s

    So glad MSNBC has tried to 'knife this baby in the crib' so to speak. This just solidifies the case that the establishment DNC is bought & kept by billionaire interests and is scared sh*tless of Sanders and the potential for true economic equality and reform in the US. They should be, and the GOP even moreso.

  10. And democratic party with their bad process and not listening to people, will hand over the next elections to Trump on the platter. DNC is working for Trump it seems… they suppress peoples choice, and still do stupid sh*t like dividing democratic voters among themselves when they should be more united than ever…

  11. DNC , YOU better get sober fast. If you continue dividing yourselves you will give another victory to trump as you gave him the previous, by you choosing a bad candidate Hilary. Trump would never win over Berny

  12. The impeached President Trump, whose guilt has been largely proven, is likely to be let loose by the Senate, a body that is hardly democratic. Senators that wanted to hear from witnesses and see more documents are 49 in number as opposed to 51 who don’t. It’s interesting to note that in terms of people representation, the Senators who want witnesses and documents represent more people than those who don’t want (by over 19m people). The Senate is not representing people but rather land (2 senators per state). It needs to be reformed to be more people representational and hence democratic.

  13. His guilt is proved in accordance with the standard of proof required for impeachment trials. He should be found guilty and kicked out of office, which he got into, in the first by the back door, helped by Russian election meddling.

  14. The FBI and the CIA need to investigate Trump and the GOP gang for corruption and treason against the United States of America. The impeachment trial has exposed the depth of corruption, cover up and lies in our US Government and crimes against the American taxpayers and the US Constitution

  15. Every eligible voter that did not vote for Hillary is responsible for the rethug win……that includes YOU bern cult. Only voting for your preference is idiotic and y'all are doing it again! Not Sanders but his cult. That's what real Democrats mean. I have voted blue since Carter, proud!y….and I would vote for Bernie, not for only Warren. Then the cult has the nerve to blame what they are responsible for on the almost 67 million voters that tried to keep a Democratic president!!!😠

  16. If Bernie Sanders does not win…,.,and by a lot.,Then I know the fix is in. Then I will see that no matter what the people say or do at the polls ,the political pros control the election process and corruption will have won out in the Democratic Party, just like Trump and the Republican Party. It is all over the media everyday that The Neo-liberals(So-called)Clintonites , professionals and fat cats in the Party Are afraid of Bernie (Us Progressives) and will do anything they can to stop Bernie Sanders . They hate him and us progressives so much they will rather lose the election to Trump ,than support Bernie as POTUS. Bernie ,the most honest,dedicated,patriotic and intelligent politician in America has to run not only against the GOP but against his own political Party to try to win the PRESIDENCY,and will have to continue fighting off the multi-millionaires and Corporations that have infested the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders may forgive them if he loses (by Corruption) ,I will not. I was a lifelong Democrat. But that ended when the Clinton's and the DNC declared war in Bernie and us Progressives. If they want a political WAR , we then have nothing left to lose. I do believe we have the numbers and dedicated people , and we will not sit down and just take it,like good little children,and let them lose again like when they robbed Bernie in2016 elections..We will try to, make his stand as an Independent and run against both corrupt parties.

  17. Ah, yes, John Kerry. Another establishment hack who thinks it’s his right to be crowned President. Get over yourself. We already got over you years ago.

  18. The ONLY way 'We The People' get our voices heard is vote BERNIE2020
    The ONLY way 'We The People' get our health system in check and our world reputation restored is vote BERNIE2020
    The ONLY way 'We The People' have a fair and just tax system is vote BERNIE2020
    You get it?? VOTE – BERNIE2020

  19. Trump's WILFULL ignorance impeached himself . . . fools congregate with FOOLS . . . and intelligent folks vote for intelligent candidates . . . Iowa is intelligent !!!

  20. God forbid the party actually represent what the people want, you know Bernie not the status quo. The establishment really needs to get with the times.

  21. Prior to the impeachment inquiry: Might as well delete the impeachment clause from the Constitution when GOP has majority.

    After the impeachment: Ditto

  22. Peacefully! The lives of civilians/masses have to be the #Matter. I mean, the candidate that cares muchly about the working class and the weaker ones have to be the best to be considered, the one that respects the rules of Law, care about the homeless, climate problems, students debts, health care problems and the problem of military industrial complex. The only one who meets that requirements is #Bernie Sanders, the American people & the world are with you, Iowa cuccus, set America free, by taking a right decision.

  23. Wtf is this system? So there is a good chance that the favorite of most people wont win but the one most consider to be "okay"? Why the f.. does the US not just do it like EVERY other western country?? Popular vote = vote.

  24. Iowa means nothing and caucuses are as stupid, lame, and outdated as the electoral college. Iowa in no way models the American electorate.NH means nothing. New York and California mean something.

  25. Kerry lost to Bush, Clinton lost to Trump… what DELUSION is the DNC pursuing, when the younger voter, who is the FUTURE, prefers Bernie's message? What a bunch of self-serving corporatists.

  26. Ok, we don't need another guy jumping in to "save the Democratic party." Nothing against John Kerry, but if Bernie wins that's how democracy works. Bernie isn't my first choice, but I won't cry foul if he wins. I think he's run a good campaign and he has the moral resolve that Trump is lacking. As long as Trump goes down, I can live with whoever the Democratic candidate turns out to be.

  27. Why are the Democrats scared of having a progressive leader. Trump won by being the most racist, right wing, candidate and won. Albeit the electoral college actually had a big hand in the win but why are they so against Bernie? I think he would be a fantastic leader, I also like that he’s sympathetic to the Palestinians. The Democrats have always gone along with the Israelis no matter how much land they stole from the Palestinians, they never censored them. They let them break every international law, maybe Bernie can get a good peace plan on track.

  28. We dont need witnesses MSNBC aka MSLGBT aka Ms nobody cares Nicholle dingbat Wallace when its apparent to anyone with half a brain know that this nothing but a 21st Century D.C witchhunt. Oh and BTW none of these CLOWNS are capable of beating Donald Trump This is why they are trying so hard to take him down before the 2020 election

  29. If the establishment didn't want the Democratic party to undergo radical change, then they shouldn't have ignored and failed us in 2016. The will of the people is for powerful, positive change. Old-school dems need to grow and change with the times– not by becoming more vicious, fearful and manipulative, but by listening to voters and helping, not hindering this transformation. The party NEEDS to change.

  30. Caucuses!! WHAT!! Get rid of this crap. Iowa is no better then any other State. We should be voting across the country at the same time. And the winner should jump on Trump right now. Only people who like this delay voting system is the media. Gives them something to talk about. The people need better! IOWA DNC had one job! Give me a break!! I think the independent Bernie Sanders won and the DNC just quit.

  31. Strange one, Trumps been told it doesn't Matter what he does and the very first votes in the 2020 elections, theirs a glitch in the computer app that counts the vote? D'oh

  32. The republicans and the president ,,,seems as if ,,,,,are trying the same trick now which they did ,,,,,at the last election,,,,,,,,,mark my word

  33. Dear Republicans, some of you are saying you know that Trump is guilty. You must impeach him!Look what he has done!!! Imagine what he will do, if you let him out of this!! 🇺🇲


  35. So apparently John Kerry went to the same school as cell phone security and etiquette as Donald Trump. Brilliant.
    More proof that you don't have to be smart to become a leader in the US of A.😔

  36. Amy CLOBUCHAR – ONLY !!!
    ALL OTHER – they are populists , and all of them- to weak against PUTIN-KXUYLO and RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA !!!
    or , maybe – BIDEN

  37. I'd just caution Democrats not to make the same mistake that the British Labour Party did in choosing the most left wing candidate. Yes it will enthuse the college youth that have never held down a proper job yet, yes he activists will love it, yes it will get the journos going, but the people won't like it.

  38. The 2020 scum show is underway.
    It would be awesome to see the lefty and righty cult worshippers in the streets wipping each other out.

  39. Senator John Kerry IS BIG BUSINESS !!! And banks TOO BIG too FAIL !!! (ie:) Bank of America ! and other INTERESTS !
    Not all of the Democratic Party are there to further the people's best interests ! Some of the Democrats are in office to further the interests of WALL STREET and CORPORATE SPONSERS ! (ie:) BILLIONAIR BLUMENTHAL and FOR PROFIT PRISONS !


  41. Who was responsible for hiring Nicole in the #43 Administration? Her Dad must have known someone in the Bush family. She's a perfect fit for low info voters tuning into MSNBC

  42. Hey, Republicans…news flash….too little, too late…. You have just told this pResident (and all future pResidents) that if you have a Senate majotity behind you, there are NO impeachable offenses. Our new Constitution/policy is "wait and see who wins the next election."

  43. Elections in USA are like the misfuctional healtcare in the USA – its more like a corrupt banana republic – simple one person one vote is not so difficult it is called DEMOCRACY … but no more in USA i guess!

  44. If Sanders is winning the votes, maybe it's because his policies are what Democratic voters want. The problem is when the party refers to "Democrats," they mean their party insiders and the lobbyists and super PACs who pay them. They don't gaf about voters.

  45. 2020 Dems are the gang that can't shoot straight. They can't mount and execute a clean-and-clear Iowa Caucus. Imagine how they might govern.

  46. It's good to see how the Trump people are voting No,because it now showed the American people, the ones that are corrupt in the court trial, by not allowing witness to appear before them,and when the time comes they must be removed from office through the ballot box,for there involvement in lying and there corruption of the facts of the USA,constitution,

  47. Thank you Democrats for reelecting our beloved president,  lies dont hold up, Piglosi , Clinton,  Obama Hussein, justice is coming to see you soon

  48. John Heileman just said he's been to 8 Iowa Caucus – four years apart, right? That's 40 years, almost back to the first one. Hmmm, don't know if I believe him or not. Watching this man, prior to doing any background search on his "credentials", I thought to myself that his "body language" alone speaks volumes about hubris, arrogance, rudeness and yet here he is, consistently used by MSNBC as a pundit of some "repute". Wishing he'd simply "retire" to the pay-per-view Showtime "Circus" and gently be removed from all MSNBC programing. He's a bad example…and he's never apologized to George Carlin (you know what I'm referring to Heileman)! I can do without his "down the nose" approach to appearing LIVE with anyone!

  49. Republicans have been hanging out with Trump and his people too long and have forgotten that Americans are much smarter than they think. Do they honestly think we believe the bs of “an inappropriate crime” to interfere with our elections and give him a second chance so he can do it again. The Bluewave the will see in November will be something neither he or Putin will be able to stop.

  50. This FAKE TRIAL will make it impossible to get fair election. The Senate is accomplice of a giant cover-up. Trump should have been impeached once he said "Russia if you are listening …". Yes, Trump made impeachment offenses since before day one. Since Barr, Trump benefits on illegal and powerful protections. It is just disgusting. A trial without documents and witnesses is a Soviet Style trial. Shame on the Senate.

  51. President Trump is a dishonest, ignorant and a greedy thief that he’s ALWAYS been…🙄 Trump is a really bad joke that America played on it’s own stupid self! I mean SERIOUSLY? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  52. Why are we puttting so much emphasis on Iowa caucus–farmers opinions?
    WTF is wrong with Americans!!! I will never based my choice on Iowa's choice.

  53. Talk about how mayor pete's campaign paid 40 grand to Shadow Inc, the corporation that owns the app used in the Iowa caucus. Let's talk about the former Clinton staffers who designed the app. Lets talk about corruption, corruption, and more corruption. Let's talk about getting these traitors under control, and how to make this country have a democracy. Seriously. It's time to stop being nice to these people.

  54. Bernie sanders wins IA…public money only!!!! joe biden's, corporations, MEDIA, and the filthy rich PICK loses and THEN have to pay and we get things the establishment said we can never have?


  56. Every other PRESIDENT is being step on by North Korea. President Donald Trump is the only one that can stand up to it. This tell what he
    can do for the Country

  57. I've never heard of such rhetoric President Trump has not done them things spread lies and rumors that's why y'all are fake news

  58. Trump is going to win, no doubt at all. He is supporting Israel and christians, so he is under God's support. Unless God has some other plans, letting his will be done.

  59. Democrats r dumb as a box of rocks…Trump and GOP have let EVERYONE know they fear Biden and don't want Bloomberg yet the dumb democrats r voting in ppl with absolutely no chance of winning…Bernie cannot win running as a socialist and republicans know…Buttigieg will get absolutely slaughtered…Only Bloomberg and Biden have a shot and as usual the news media is pushing our worst candidates….so get ready for a Trump win, a draft, loss of healthcare and social security, imprisoned ppl of color or deportation, etc….if u read the bible this is God's answer to those who complained abt a good king so he gave them Saul the most evil of all…..democrats r weak and dumb and that's why I'm an independent…and don't. recite the polls, rmb they had Hillary winning…

  60. It's so pathetic, I don't know anyone who likes Trump. They just don't dislike him as much as they dislike the Democrats. They don't support illegal immigration, and only care about the economy. Democratic elites are so out of touch with American public.

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