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Hi, welcome back. Trump has been slammed for his lack of preparation, which isn’t fair just look how hard he’s worked preparing his November ninth excuses. I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged. I have to be honest. People are gonna walk in they’re gonna vote 10 times maybe, who knows. I’m telling you November eighth. We better be careful because that election is going to be rigged I think you get the subtext here, Trump and his supporters are absolutely terrified of riggers. In the debate Trump said he would accept the results of the election and graciously not pursue a coup d’etat but that promise, like Trump’s wedding vows, lasted about four days. You gotta watch your polling booths because I hear too many stories about Pennsylvania. Certain areas, I hear too many bad stories and we can’t lose an election because of– you know what I’m talking about. He’s talking about areas historically teeming with riggers. How are Trump supporters handling this mixed messaging? I sent Allana Harkin and Amy Hoggart to find out Donald Trump supporters have gotten his message loud and clear both of them he’s been saying that the election is rigged. Do you have any thoughts on that? yeah definitely the election can, eh, is definitely rigged. Is that just protecting himself before the results in case he loses? No. He won’t lose. So why would the election be rigged then? Of course it’s rigged, Jesus Christ. Who’s he running against? Hillary Clinton. She’s a liar do you think that Trump is gonna win? Of course he’s gonna win, by a landslide. But you just said the elections going to be rigged Oh, it’s not gonna be rigged in his favor. So it’s rigged if Hillary wins but not rigged if Trump wins.
(TRUMP SUPPORTER) Exactly. Isn’t that kind of like saying any woman who didn’t want to date you was a lesbian? exactly. (SAM VOICEOVER) Turns out, in-person voter fraud is real…ly insignificant, according to experts who have exhaustively studied it and found that it’s so rare it doesn’t affect election outcomes It’s actually been shown that there have been 31 cases of voter fraud out of a billion since 2000. Is that right? Yeah. So that’s what the media is saying then. Oh, so you don’t believe anything in the media? I think they’ve got their own agenda that they go with, yes. If this interview is shown on TV then we’re both part of the media Yeah, yeah we are are you worried that we’re lying? Uh, no, I’m just going off of — no, not necessarily. (SAM VOICEOVER) And if Trump can convince his supporters that he’s the Schrödinger’s Cat of candidates, both winning and losing at the same time, he can also get them to believe that the media is rigged against him. It’s definitely not right for him. He doesn’t get a fair shake CNN, they Trump bash all the time So the media is favoring Hillary Clinton? Hundred percent, Hillary Clinton. She doesn’t get hammered on the emails, she doesn’t get hammered on Benghazi. But you seem to know a lot about that them. I mean, I, I watch news Why did we find out about her fainting just by some person like you or I catching it on a iPhone? So you think she should have flagged up — “I’m about to faint, can we get a proper film crew in right now?” Yeah. Oh it absolutely is rigged. Um, every person that I have talked to supports Trump. I just feel like everyone close to me has the same ideas and everyone that I’m friends with socially on social media, I’ve seen way more people talking about Trump.
(ALLANA) Facebook? Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, whatever. Well isn’t that just people that you know? Maybe? Maybe. (SAM VOICEOVER) The people in your social circles share a lot of interesting facts you won’t find on the news. George Soros owns the company that makes some of the voting machines. If the Democrats could rig the voting machines, why would they lose the congressional races in 2010? Maybe to just throw us off. Hustling! Yeah. (SAM VOICEOVER) And to make sure there’s no hustling this time, Trump has enlisted his supporters to be– let’s just call them “amateur poll watchers” because “potentially illegal poll intimidators” is a bit on the nose What is it exactly that you’re looking for? Well just, if I saw the same person come in twice or change their hats and um, you know, I don’t know
(ALLANA) Like maybe get several wigs? Right, I mean–
(ALLANA) you can completely transform your face with a fake mustache So I would watch for that Right. Yep, I’ve already signed up to be what’s called a pole watcher.
(AMY) Oh, great. The main thing is for us to be there to you know, show that Trump is a good– that’s… you know… support Trump, just make sure that people aren’t trying to sway voters right there But you’re trying to sway voters. I might. I mean, I–
(AMY) Oh, so you’re checking that other people don’t do what you’re doing Yeah. Exactly, exactly.
(AMY) So you can win. Right. Well, no, so America can win. (SAM VOICEOVER) One way or the other. We either take our country back by a vote, or we take our country back by another revolution. That’s where we’re at. (SAM VOICEOVER) And if Hillary Clinton should lose? I think that Hillary Clinton, if she were to lose the election, she will claim that the election has been rigged. Maybe she’ll be saying “hey this is rigged” just to buy herself a little insurance policy for losing. Yeah, for that — yeah there you go that’s right, cover herself, sure What a lame thing to do Yeah, right. Just lose like a man. Yeah, I mean, ya– you lose, you lose Tuck your balls in and move on. And move on, that’s right. We’ll be right back

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  1. Democrats are basically nothing but God hating beta males and the females all have short blue hair with colorful feminism stickers on their college backpacks. Clinton supporters are literally the worst of the worst when it comes to brain capacity they also don't know how to keep it real.

  2. I've heard the George Soros story about the voting machines at least a dozen times on Facebook, Politifact is your friend people stop believing everything right wing blogs say.

  3. I actually wanna see Trump win just to see these Trump supporters suffer and complain once he gets elected and I'll be like, "I told you so."

  4. I am both sure and uncertain that Trump supporters do not know Schrödinger's cat–because they are simultaneously informed and deluded; definitely an undecidable group.

  5. this video is so fake I'm sorry you can't see it. look at the woman at 3:20 you can tell she's acting and putting words in Trump's voters mouths to make them look bad.

  6. This is SO IRONIC to me! LOL! 😂😂😂😂

    Over 200 people ran for president, yet ALL the news focused on was 2. THOSE 2 are puppets of the corporations!

    Hillary supporters out now in a "revolution", and the right says they are crybabies. Yet, Trump called for this in 2012, and was priming his supporters for it now.

  7. The election was rigged.
    That's why Trump won.

    Trump told his suporters how to cheat when they are voting.

    Trump isn't the real winner, he know it, you know it and everybody know it.

    Do something about it before It's too late.

    Don't America have a democraci?

  8. On November 8, 2016, we had the best election system in the world. Hillary Clinton had 98.2% chance of winning the election. The hostile foreign power has never interfered with US election.

    On November 9, 2016, we woke up to a rude awakening. While we were sleeping, the Russian hackers hacked the voting machines and gave Trump the victory. "Hey Hey Ho Ho, the electoral college system has to go." "I am not playing nice anymore." "We have to take America back and make our country great again." It is time to stand up for America. We must hurry to get our guns at the gun free zone before the fascists take them away from us and give them to the Syrian rebels and start a war with Russia.

  9. u got to realise when u loose and u got to do it graciously, also realise u're a minority as a procentage in that country in your thinking since u lost and that democracy doesn't mean things will go your way everytime it just means it goes the way of the higher procentace way on thinking and u got to accept that else democracy is not the way for u (also stop beeing a bunch of babies….the world is watching)

  10. America, land of the idiots. The funny thing is that media was and is very biased but none of them were smart enough to make a legit case.

  11. 1:29
    So it's rigged if Hilary wins but not rigged if Trump wins.
    Isn't that like saying that any woman that don't want to date you is a lesbian?

    Does he even know how dumb he is?

  12. Hold on! That's exactly what hillary is doing now. Claiming that the Russians hacked the results in Drumpfs' favour. Americans. Lol😅

  13. Hillary, once she lost, did not lose respectively she first blamed the electoral college, then the FBI, then Wikileaks, then Russia c'mon Liberals quit being hypocrites it's time to grow and accept your loses. You went after illegal immigrants to vote for you instead of the American people. Samantha B and all these suppose to be funny tv shows should just bite their lip

  14. Hahaha… these people are getting insulted for their stupidity right on their faces, and then they give this little nod as if they've given an awesomely satisfying answer to the interviewer. And to make it even more hilarious, a sudden state of confusion on their faces is just priceless.

    Oh God, please spill some intelligence on thy land of America! These emotional beings are played right and left like the puppets. 😂

  15. Wow! This presidency and these supporters remind my of "The system of Dr. Tarr and professor Fether" story by Edgar Allen Poe!

  16. This was an ingenious move. Make your enemies say how safe our elections are, then have the Russians hack the election for you. (Exit polls showed discrepancies in half the states, 11 exceeding the margin of error. All swing states.) When people complain about real rigging, call them hypocrites.

  17. I wonder if any of these "trumpies" could follow the directions on a package of Kool Aid…….."how much water"??!??"….I forget!!!!

  18. theres an easy answer for the trump supporters to say. just say that the doesn't deserve it the way he would win, but he deserves it anyway so its fine. It would be a dumb response, but not as dumb

  19. Fuck! Can we do a "where are they now?" with all these people who said Hillary was a liar? Nobody in the history of mankind lies more casually or prolifically than Mr. Trump.

  20. Do these people realize we can hear them? I mean, I'm not complaining, because I'd rather KNOW someone isn't much of a thinker, I'm just surprised they stay this stuff out loud.

  21. the little interviewer with the accent is ADORABLE! she'd just precious and super cute. Love laughing, thanks Samantha Bee! ❤

  22. Thank God Trump is our President! Don't blame anyone but Hillary for losing the election. If the Dems couldn't find anyone better to run, oh well! She had way too much baggage going into the election.

  23. I’d like to take a little bit to tell everyone about something that has a profound effect on American culture and society, something that most people do not even know about. Redlining. Redlining was a practice that banks and other lenders “used” to do in that they would literally look at a map of a city and draw a red line around the Black neighborhoods and say that they will not give out any loans to anyone living in this area. This action by banks and lenders is what created the modern ghetto. Places like the South Side of Chicago, Harlem, and even here in the Twin Cities with North Minneapolis, South Minneapolis and East St. Paul. Remember that Redlining was happening alongside housing discrimination so not only were Black Americans not allowed to develop their neighborhoods but they could not even move to other neighborhoods.
    The practice of Redlining was made illegal in the 1970’s, however it is a very difficult law to enforce and many times after the law was passed it was not enforced at all. The Ragan administration did not enforce redlining laws and neither did both of the Bush administrations.  The Clinton and Obama administrations did and do enforce the law but even then there are many ways around it, both legal and illegal. If a White man living in a predominantly White neighborhood were to move to a Redlined neighborhood he would immediately pay more in car, home and health insurance. This increase in expenses with no increase in pay is more than enough for any bank or lender to justify charging higher interest rates for Americans who are Black.
    It is important to remember that these banks were not ran by Black people but by White people so effectively it was not Black America that created the modern ghetto but White America. Evidence of this racial discrimination can still be seen by the lack of bank branches in Redlined neighborhoods and instead Checks Cased and Pay Day lenders can be found, both considered predatory lenders. Another important factor to consider is the lack of education of this subject. I did not learn about Redlining until college and even then it was told in an offhand way. This lack of education of Redlining implies that there is a deliberate effort to cover this part of American history up. Black Americans are Americans and need to be respected as such and not criminalized for something that White Americans have done to them.

  24. Watching this after the election, and then when trump wins all the liberals say that Russia hacked the election. I am laughing so hard right now

  25. He was right. The election was rigged, also I'm from PA and our electoral votes were predicted really late election night…

  26. If the election were rigged the way he claimed it might have been we wouldn't be in this nightmare we have now

  27. Republicans are so dumb or institutionally evil and biased towards the minorities of the United States. I laugh at them and their constant stupidity. LOL XD!! Republicans are comedy gold.

  28. And let history show: Clinton did concede defeat within hours. Trump is still bitching about his win over a year after…

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