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  1. Yes lets do Medicare for all.  It's time America does something for our citizens instead of only for corporate America.  Give And lets give Trump the boot in 2020.

  2. Sure, giving MORE $$$ to Illegals and Welfare Leeches will certainly make PRODUCTIVE People vote for the crooked Dems.
    MAGA 2020.

  3. Great clip. Kudos to good lucks and best wishes BUT let's put our money where our mouth are. https://siegelfortexas.org/ donate now!!!!

  4. This. This is why the Democratic establishment will fight tooth and nail to prevent Medicare for all. They know that their job is to keep Republicans in power.

  5. HAHA! 200 million families have healthcare thru work or private plans, only a politician would think these people would give that up for a "government run health plan". Obama sold us that same "used car", remember, keep your doctor? keep your health plan? Save $2500.00 per year? All bull shit, they want to give free healthcare to everyone including millions of illegals, & this political hack thinks people are going to buy that? This is the same party that also wants to give free college to everyone including millions of illegals, free housing, free basic income, free childcare, reparations, Green New Deal, & 100 billion to buy 4 million homes for blacks. These are the same people that run the Post Office, & the V.A. But I know, this time will be different. Right!

  6. A question: If the fifteen dollar per hour minimum wage is such a great idea, why do liberals like Bernie Sanders have trouble paying it?
    Bernie says the 15 dollar per hour rate is good for the economy, the workers and the companies. Just maybe not so good for Bernie Sander's company?

    Libtard food for thought.

  7. Go get 'em! If Texas went Democratic, the national level Republican Party would fold up like a house of cards. This is also proof that the Progressive list of issues he ran on are popular IN REPUBLICAN DISTRICTS, in spite of what the liars on television would have us believe. This is extremely important news to spread far and wide!

  8. Hospitals closing, is there a real manifestation of American corporate thinking. Grow up people! Your society is light years behind everybody else! If you want to get with the 21st century you're gonna have to elect Bernie! Nobody else can fill his shoes! And as a Canadian, I have no vested interest in either party! I do have a predilection toward common sense! I believe that the American people are starting to wake up and realize what they're missing out on! The weariness with status quo got trump elected. There was that much awareness of Bernie Sanders and his policies, but all that has changed and I don't think the American people are any mood for going back to the same old bullshit!

  9. Great interview! wish I knew his name? I know you mentioned it in the beginning but dont understand why his name is not plastered on the description?

  10. Ask a retired person on Medicare, what they would think of their plan if it also covered pharmaceuticals, vision and dental with no copays, deductibles or plan limitations.
    I doubt that Universal Healthcare would lead to people losing their doctors. But, if I know anything about the American public it is this. They wouldn't mind much if it was saving them money. Want proof? Just look at the way people shop. Drive all over to find the cheapest gas station or WallMart just to save a little. Same goes for airfare. Most don't give a thought to airline safety records or on time performance, they just want a cheap seat. I suspect they will do the same with healthcare.

  11. Dude, Most rich countries have some form of universal healthcare today already, and the sky isn't falling. Why should the sky fall only on the US? Bernie 2020!

  12. Love when "constitutional conservatives" say no one will want to be a doctor if you cannot have a free market in the healthcare industry and MFA is evil and illegal. Kinda hard to be a medical physician of any type when hospitals keep closing their doors.

  13. Being anti establishment will flip red states. Some Anti-establishment Conservatives will bite the bullet and vote democrat.

  14. Uummm, yea, health care effects everyone.Taxes are paid for programs that help the lives of the people.Lawmakers have not been doing their jobs.

  15. My family is from Lagrange TX. I wish i could vote for the guy but I'm in Fort Worth TX. Texas has a big progressive vibe right now.

  16. Medicare for all is good for seniors, it will work even better if we add younger population into the mix. Does we need a Phd to get this??????
    If that’s not enough let employers pay the same share they paying now to insurance . Even better, let employers pay insurance money directly to employees. That will invigorate the economy.

  17. The majority of Americans support Medicare for All both Democrats and Republicans. The ones stopping Medicare for All is Trump, Pelosi, McConnell and Schumer.

  18. Help support our campaign to flip this district! https://secure.actblue.com/donate/siegel-for-congress?refcode=fb-rebelhq

  19. Imagine the day you want to start your own business and you dont have to worry about your insurance will you start or your employees healthcare. Its HUGE.

  20. The corporate death panels own greed is why people are glamouring for single payer healthcare in America. They have squeezed every drop of blood out of sick and dying Americans and no matter how much they profited they always wanted MORE.

    Eventually they hurt enough people that everybody except the bought politicians and a few fringe individuals want single payer healthcare as is practiced in the civilized world.

  21. The democratic party won't let this guy win. What they will do is to run a fake progressive against him in the primary, one that will be donor approved and have a lot of money, in order to beat him. Then if the fake gets elected it will business as usual. Its a tactic they have employed countless times before. They would rather lose to a republican than see progressives win.

  22. Please donate to mike campaign, if you care about environment for your kids and healthcare and criminal justice reform.

  23. Wow. A man thst represents the people. How shocking and refreshing. I’m so over the entire democratic party’s. If they aren’t progressive (real progressive) they can’t have my vote

  24. Good ideas.

    One remark: when he was talking about infrastructure building, my assumption was that it was about actual infrastructure. Then he continued "for the Democratic Party" and I was a bit disappointed. (I'm interested in the issues and the ideas on improving things, not really in the political stuff behind the curtain.)

  25. Medicare for All will be like DMV where everyone has equal access to bad treatment from government employees with low skills and awful attitudes and you have to pay for the privilege, too.

  26. Classic f-ing DCCC. 'You don't have any money so we don't want to support you or your pro-American populist policies.'  The DCCC is corrupt and will be the reason so many state legislatures and congressional districts will remain Republican cause they don't care about Americans at the state and national levels; only big money.

  27. Yes it will ! Your Socialist Democrat message of " Open Borders & Free healthcare for the entire world " will be a UGE winner in … in….in… TEXAS ? LOL ! If you can follow it up with taking everyone's guns and abortion vouchers for a free Full Term baby murder and you will really have something there. Freak'in Lunatic's.
    But whats even worse is that your an bunch of Evil Freak'in Lunatic's !

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