Team Trump Vows to Make Democrats pay in 2020 for Impeachment

Trump Campaign spokesman Erin Perrine has
revealed that Team Trump will do everything in their power to make Democrats pay for impeachment
in 2020 at the polls. Saturday, President Trump replied to a Rand
Paul tweet and referred to “The Great Democrat Disgrace” Rand Paul had tweeted “We have seen sham
hearings, selected witnesses, and Dems who have contorted the facts to fit a fictional
narrative. Shameful that from the first day of this duly elected presidency, Dems have
wanted to impeach @POTUS. Unnecessary & counterproductive. Senate will end this charade!” Per WesternJournal, The Washington Times reported
on Wednesday that Trump campaign spokeswoman Erin Perrine had revealed that “Team Trump
will hold Democrats accountable for every lie they make today and voters will hold them
accountable in November 2020.” “Democrats are preparing to make the biggest
mistake in American history because they can’t get past their blind hatred of President Trump,”
Perrine said. The spokeswoman also mentioned Trump’s “Merry
Christmas”-themed campaign rally in Michigan on Wednesday evening, which she said offered
“a clear contrast” to the Democrats’ impeachment. “Dems in the swamp on one side overturning
the 2016 election and the other side President Trump is rallying freedom-loving Americans
who gather today to celebrate the greatness of our country,” she said. Nor was that an idle threat. Trump did indeed
make prolific use of his Twitter account Wednesday to push back against his partisan opponents,
though he most certainly wasn’t cowering in a corner of the White House while doing
so. He was not alone in that effort, either, as
both the official Team Trump campaign account and the affiliated Trump War Room account
engaged in an onslaught of tweets throughout the day, most notably highlighting and sharing
past statements decrying impeachment from prominent Democrats that directly contradicted
their current calls for the ouster of the president.

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