Teaching the Elections I 20160914 1945 1

um alright good afternoon we’re going to
start with our webinar today and this is today and our office is kind of a loud
one confusing other webinar going that I hope you can hear me okay um this is
part 1 of the webinar on teaching the 2016 elections and um won’t be going
about an hour today and whatever there will be available in about a week or a
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about that the delay is that we have to have some closed captions and we have
some folks working on that so um could I ask just so everybody’s
comfortable with the chat feature i’m sure many of you have done this what
this many many times but if you could just again you can get to the chat at
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the chat box and introduce yourself on where you know you are and where you
teach and what you take ok we start up just to get everybody
comfortable with the chat box if everybody for just finally right in the
chat box and put 20 participants I’m just your name where you teach and what
you teach just so we can see those out there so good everybody do that yeah I mean I know welcome aboard plan carry your welcome
aboard welcome aboard breasted one more step it’s pretty good yeah alright so we’re going to get started
here and um just we’ve got three participants here and my name is steve
armstrong and I’m the social studies consultant at the Connecticut State
Department of Education and allison could you introduce yourself and tell
folks where you’re from and honestly if you’re there we can’t quite hear you
almost look introduce yourself and tell 00 for you hi everybody I’m can everyone hear me
okay this weekend okay perfect oh my name is Lucinda i
worked for Steve over the summer as interns and i’m very excited to be here I’m coming at this from the elementary
education perspective because that’s currently what I’m working to get
certified in and i am excited to be here right here allison is on for Alex and we’ll get on
from almost could you introduce out a little butter allison is was the other intern received
the summer we will work closely with Steve on a bunch of projects including
this one and she is currently a teacher of history in fairfield oh yeah can you
guys hear me now there you go sounds okay hi everybody
sorry for the scope thank you for the International think i
did ok I’ll listen to you introduce yourself with yes sir my name is now
snoring I work with even alyssa the state of Connecticut over the summer
really a social studies teacher fairfield warde high school in fairfield
connecticut right you know this season also has a question i have
no idea such as working in the answer is yes it is what you did to walk on the
chest and you should be able to see that box one more quick as a cat at the top
of your students ok i will soon you’re going to almost
I’m sorry you’re going to handle yes others a quick reminder with the chat
box i think if it works I know for me it works this way but you can benefit you
can choose who you send a two so if you want to go to everybody all attendees if
you want to see all the panelists quick panelists but anyway um so that there’s
a wall coming from different backgrounds like I said I’m coming from the
elementary perspective but the people middle school high school and we also
have different background knowledge just in general so if you feel it appropriate
to contribute you don’t have to you can just didn’t listen and observe but if
you feel the need to contribute dunno whatever is appropriate through the chat
box and we all try to will be reading through while we’re while we’re speaking
will be reading through the chat box to make sure that we try to address the
many points as we can it’s like oh the big rule here is that
what we are talking about politics and because the selection selection in
general but this election is very controversial we’re trying to do this
without would be as objective as possible because that’s how you’re gonna
want to approach in the classroom you don’t want to put off oppose your
opinion you want to propose the facts that are that are seated so in doing so
we can practice here by doing that and try to be as objective as we possibly
can when we’re making comments or anything like that next please yeah and like this then that
there will talk a little later around I mean about how to talk about
controversial Association controversial candidates arm in class for me some
specifics later on but but but i think i think the point to be considered is and it is possible to talk about
controversial figures without yourself being exploited and we’ll talk about
that a little more as we go so our whole goal here try to try to give you our
tactics and strategies that you can use in your own classrooms when talking
about these specifically the elections so we’re just trying to model best
practice at for example by being objective and through the different
activities that we provide in order to our goal to put this into context or
contact for kids it’s going to make it more understandable and easier to do
that was dr. so we want to begin by starting with what is unique asking the
question what did you meet about this election in particular seems to strike
many individuals there are surveys or data that . good on that this is an
election cycle like none other that we’ve experienced in at least our recent
history and so therein lies the challenge of well how do we teach this
how do we prevent information objectively to students next slide so the candidates polling indicates that
there are record levels election cycle of negativity towards one another in
both the cases Donald Trump as well as Hillary clip in addition there’s this
underlying question of can either of them unify the United States I mean are they fit to be President
especially considering the level of negativity which has been brought to
this campaign this far and studies have been done by for example we might talk
about this later the southern poverty law center or just one example where
teachers were surveyed in various different areas and reported that
because of this election by gold there were increased rates of fully in classroom negative commentary towards
students personal attacks in the classroom and so how do we address this
as educators moving forward and using the election of an opportunity to
address some of these issues as well sex like these comments to everybody
that you you have a comment as we go for a question as we go just right into the
chat box and we will address so we can make a relative they reasoned argument
from historical standpoint that many if not most local campaigns have negative
component to them historically you can point to say the election of Andrew
Jackson Thomas Jefferson little Allah Pete insular type campaign materials in
the election of 1800 that word investigated on so you can i do that
this particular election is actually part of an American tradition of
negativity and slandering as part of the electoral process however they tend to
be in our day and age given progressive strides have been made in the past 15
years the negativity doesn’t really seem to state in a contemporary sense again
the reference to the Southern Poverty Law Center and underneath you have a
link here on this point to be the impact of what they turn the Trump effect right
negative commentary towards immigrants how do you address the issue of if an
election conversation topic does come up in one of your classrooms if a student
hearing it from home coming up on with their own opinion is
anti-immigrant and you have immigrant students in the classroom support of of
teachers who have found it they thought it was necessary to intervene of the
summer southern poverty law center is also specifically showed that as i
mentioned earlier rates and bullying are on arrived and each time arrives in the
classroom so how do we come together as educators could control the nature of
the conversation making objective and as positively spend as possible anybody in that I’m finest work hard and
is anyone facing these issues with water to people just right for you believe
this to be a harder election and other years to teach so how are you dealing
with that it may be one or two people right into that one purpose we love to
hear from is separated by just simply could I ask you this question is this
harder election to teach than others and sort of our you’re dealing with that
company could a couple of blocks for how to respond to the push for you . it’s
not any different than other elections if you can be there in interest rate
that this issue in this election the Lord situation 20 carries to know you
also experience a couple of folks going on over to the fact that certainly
there’s in this this particular election cycle access to an incredible amount of
information for both of these educators but also for our students there’s a degree of environment of
material than of negative campaign ads also story video clips from used out of
context by the news media and some not you know shown in their total and so a
little sound bites and then students went to come in and have a somewhat
reasoned argument about a candidate that might be somewhat accurate you to the
way that you know the media might pull the bias towards one candidate over
another for the types of information that they choose students choose to
expose themselves I think we are you tell you what I think
that’s really interesting witness the harder election because there’s far more
about that i mean occasionally there’s a story from as an ocean health care plan
but grass majority of stories about this or are not about the vast amount of some
what are you it’s about trivia it’s about you and
appearances it’s about bodybuilding enormous that
both finally the press may or may not people into the spirit of that focus of
what people write about and by the way just to add on to what you Steve
analysis or stay it will definitely get into talk one of the next sessions of
the series we will get into talk handling bias in a conversation with
students and how to look for resources that are and how to detect bias within
resources how to find one objective as possible so we’ll definitely touch on
that at some point but that’s about that and I can’t spell again that’s very very
interesting and I think that’s so critical issues seem to impact the
election overnight right and seen through the news media cycle of the past
we want that one issue can really change the entire direction at a conversation
about the election so how does one the information accordingly in teaching an
election about candidates when because various factors including 24 hour news
cycle it’s very hard to get a reading thorough long-term plan together to
teach an election that’s constantly changing for example Hillary Clinton
Hill has ammonia has become a huge election issue
over the past few days Hillary Clinton was leading in the polls
now there’s a lot of talk that her campaigns mismanagement with a doubt the
fact that sheet people thought that she speculated had other illnesses prior to
her diagnosis with pneumonia that that is actually changed the nature of her
legitimacy as the candidate the fact that you stick so what will the
immediate plans spinning stories like this if at all and also how do we deal
with on apply these constant changes that are being evaluated from multiple
different sources whether it be the news media parents at home etcetera Steve did you have anything to add know
anything about this one this is what again were on the theme of wide
selection is different and another thing with different as you know any teach a
lot of of critical spots it’s largely hot political party that
wrong and another thing I would mention the
student experience of making this election is the party elites especially
on the Republican side are have taken the selection now party we on the
Democratic side took a big hit if you have Bernie Sanders supported you
want even more against the democratic party with Hillary nuts of lunch as you
know on the Republican side and again not saying anybody right wrong or
indifferent here is Donald Trump is largely taken an argument and you notice
the parting weeks people like all right the Speaker of the House way too much
for kind of the Senate they’re not out there campaigning for Donald Trump so
another thing why is all actually 81 and then other elections is a
traditional party of the loose both major parties have taken hips in this
election and you know again the body people and that hit sort of his foot
down but those that’s that complex than the Republicans already filled strong
the seven something else use innocence by both Bernie Sanders supporters who
are now many agreements fall in line and between Hillary but not all and Donald
Trump supporters use this knowledge and you notice it’s not interesting it’s you know Donald Trump supporters
and that spending or creditor have made 20 Donald Trump movement discussing the
system is rigged so any Bernie Sanders orders would tell you the only reason
the Hillary Clinton has the nomination is a system is rated so can you see this
is another factor its insistence very different than previous elections some
commentators medicate for Donald Trump saying we’re moving systems race would
be saying that two months before the election as something is then holed up
in the past but this can you see the business different the party elites are
taking business with the sentiment and people sizeable number of people on both
sides with quote unquote assist with this is a very very different election
and re-election allisonandjeff see you don’t want to say anything about that I
don’t think I think that’s the biggest challenge is trying to contextualize
this idea of the system being rigged especially trying to combine that
message of you know this unique collection because it clean the system is rigged in a common you
know something here frequently trying to marry that in discussions about civics
the responsibility of government and the challenge of saying you know share 2-4
that democracy is always been of the people and try to work for the people
and now we also have to bring in this part of the equation well maybe it’s not right this is what
Trump supporters for example are saying that because this is serious rate is now
under mine some of the civics lessons that we’re keeping it well and trying to
find that common ground and how do we can navigate that space and the other
thing that I think that really is an impact and then follow this at all any
of your students following us at all we have active grace on this election
you know the median path of Internet and the discussion of the blacklivesmatter
on moment and um you know that . see that under Obama there was at least some
aggression out Obama i can remember reading about the
resetting Obama’s first post-racial president and something long range is
now first and foremost and if you don’t believe that located in recent weeks the
attempt his critics would say people attempt perhaps not attempt by Donald
Trump to feel the black voters so race and how to handle we need to the issue
of race is a social issue with the election are perhaps more than in the
previous I mean because it really was this black lives matter and if you
recall I me now it almost feels like months ago but remember the showing of
the police officers and remember the early and though the night clubs all the
pieces choose one race is at least a soft
happened to her missing a thing that’s deeply impacted I think the viewers
would be elected as long but I asking if anybody would want to write and at this
point of are there other factors that we think of maintenance a unique collection
we talked about the release that are you we talked about the fact that we talked
about the fact that he knows this reduced race are there other issues that
people here have been recommended for the chat box under other issues that you
would want to use the pink that would also indicate that this is a different
collection and you know don’t forget Alison said earlier you know the Unison
referee was both major intellectual of major party candidates have asked quite
awake for astronomical high- I mean good-looking and it’s not usual that
people running for president have very very highly negative know people that
sunlight and it’s under doubt that people from both parties have that level
of myhnegon that all candidates so so anybody have other uses those that makes
the selection than previous election if anybody could think of any please wait a
minute and rachel is a turn on the course woman running for president but
about this Mary children of another presence isn’t that interesting and what
would be I mean some people mistake what would be Bill Clinton role in
dinner in a belly flattener mrs. that interesting one that it’s
weird that you have one Saturday that women politics 26 spent politics for 26
years and another candidate that have zero experience is that is interesting
and you know what invest some of that means a lot of
thinking about it is that better put your bunker hill understood even know
existed you know the true present political history but that’s what
there’s not a lot of policy speeches and their 20 years of people criticized for
bikers for so it is with you think of it that snake collection i’m always another thing by the way is some people another thing that’s different animal
with you dependable this with some people many of the policies of Donald
Trump and traditional Republican policies and get there are worse things
than Donald Trump says he sports that are completely chance traditional
Republican level 3 tree in the subpoena republican policy statement marks
against you know Republicans upset for the ages again not be ready for supporters baby
that they want you know entitlement reform from the surface so areas seems
to trump the question can be asked is willing trumpet trouble bubble image
fairness we’re going to go the other way there’s an electrolytic perhaps more
liberal democrats a credito hilary she ponies up all this isn’t he pulled the
involvement of these people is she a true them so interesting and sweetly has
a very interesting comment because of the public interest in this election in
this election of movements as well turn out what all the food it’s fabulous it’s a burger so you know I think it’s important to
know that for most people that one more often you know what would be honest or
Donald Trump you know Donald Trump is not like a typical can hear this all the
time that the use of Donald Trump if it’s likely probably you know mainstream
Republican internet know that Donald Trump is something different I and the sizes that the resolution with
Donald Trump folks in America to college The Donald Trump and anything anybody
knows determine north american history teacher you know the term is that many
people with snakes even nationally and a little more critical you want to do this
with and if anybody wants to push back this is the trumpets followers of god
there’s a tradition of American Navy and the term nativism means you know a
suspicion of the outside you know the feeling that what we know and what we
had to do some house flipping order and it’s newcomers apart and as I said that
he felt rumpus fitness nuanced a position of there but there’s a twist
mission of people and American politicians who expresses back to the
18th that America as we know it is slipping away on it i would remind you
of Donald Trump’s party and that we want to make America great again the America
we know is slipping away it’s called all newcomers who have our
carless and its trying to restore them away work and I was in my view for those
that you know there was in the eighteen fifties rate they were called the mall
nothing party have the anti-catholic anti-irish sentiment and meaning of the
same things that they were going to 1850 about the Catholics and Rihanna would be
changed three words and it’s the same comments that were made about building a
wall and keeping April out of sediment cetera and nice and 2015 2016 on the
west coast was filled the Chinese and passing legislation that that was
changing the nature of america on the left thank you x in the nineteen-twenties the
American Association trying to get legislation would have less immigrant so
I hope that you could take a of the 9020 which we probably know the KKK of the
eighteen seventies and eighties course and the KKK which by the way was
incredible out on the land in Swami expanded to be hand and angeles at six
this is delete all of this isn’t a look at some worrying go back and look at
some wording of those groups your sweet little markedly similar to hold them
close to talk about a quart of blood of illegal immigrants of Nexus so to repeat
myself now in the trunk that’s part of it there’s many other
things we thought but I’m that’s about immigration comment about America’s
slipping away make America there’s a tradition of this in American society
there’s a condition of this an American political life and um there is building
a wall on where this is what you make it only level with you quite honestly and
going out Donald Trump as we walked back some of this but the elementary school
true that the emphasis and keeping Muslims on that we have to go back to
some of the comments about the island um so this is where you get to their
Allison or listen would you want to have any more comments or what I’m talking
about I think that just what you said in terms
of a strategy or multiple studies that we can years in teaching things like the
wall there are obviously a lot of historical examples that we can for from
in making this slide in particular lesson is obviously splice the picture
on the right of the border wall with Mexico between Mexico and the United
States with the left a picture of the Berlin Wall Street goes the early 1960s
right and so in an effort to keep things more objectively people historical
examples even if they are an international scale
depending on what we think and . depends as instances or learning about why won’t
my coworker why date might not work for example again I don’t want this to come
across and negative for Donald Trump I wanted to come across its historical
it’s interesting to me and I’m not saying that isn’t true killer as they
were really there are Trump supporters that was quite a trump with ronald
reagan and pompous became a mere it’s ronald reagan and we could discuss that
and there are similarities is probably off of definitely perhaps 01 iron that
is not letting this signature of this time maybe this is just going to than
opens I apologize but the signature of his time was mr. Grover truck down this
wall and this industry trade from use the buildable so there is that perhaps
its venom but there’s to me one that is just a time it really fast
you’re talking earlier about Russell campaign of make America great again and
that there’s always been a sense of nationalism and i actually found the
video i don’t have the link on me but I can’t find the link and share it with
you but someone actually went around and ask people like you make America great
again while when was America great and then the answers are very interesting
some people said you know the 1950s were the greatest because we’re very
prosperous 1776 with the greatest because that’s what became a nation that
was very interesting that there’s always defensive nostalgia that Donald Trump is
playing into when he says make America great again and if not meant to be
politically charged anyway she performs shifts the whole slogan is make America
great again like you were saying so implying that not no longer great and
needs to be great again and that’s a whole campaign and I think to be honest
with you the photo friends and I think you know I I think Hillary Clinton made
a comment about that in a deplorable have of people i think there are
important and you probably know some of the economic growth comes up the last 20
years has found some why the jobs schools they had 20 years of our
homework job skills that will get them a job with globalization has passed them
by and you know what most people feel a
sense of loss and I think the promise of Donald Trump what make America great
again I don’t be closed from bad people of booking of the global this live local addiction has fundamentally
changed their lives and I think we’re uptown like Donald Trump said let’s make
let’s make America great again I i wish i can understand the appeal of glass to
the coal miner in west virginia any countless others so I don’t take things
I think it’s too easy to anything at this point every school was probably
business after the unfortunate kinda like it’s true using I think to reduce
the old Donald Trump to add those two races and two anti-semites and avoid
people away our models i think i think that that’s to be introduced into
categories because I think there isn’t a killer Donald Trump to these people on
economic census that is obviously in anymore i’m also an appeal there is
nobody knows that but I talk about nativism the history of American
populace and infinite future in US history you know that there’s a populist
movement and amount of the to look at you know what that the government and
society should be for the people and against elite and then you know and much
most special administrative there’s on the elites will be the westerly to
eastern wall street but we assume that people in England and that’s it is that
Donald Trump switch the excitement I think having that you know that you’ll
need to out of touch with loss and that will you know that we need somebody and
that’s for us and against aids and Donald trumpets is feeding into this one
now we see irony over this of the somewhat not for music there’s any human American is
representative it’s probably than Trump he would argue that you know what he
knows the system these work the system and emails and texts so I’m just some
other examples that even more about his populist movement enough for for being
out one of the people against the Elite but talking with party that largely
represented and valerian moments in the eighteen nineties um you know william
cannon Bryant who ran for president twice you’ll be moved to share the world I’m from Louisiana in the middle of the
greatest you follow some people by the way I read some articles that are really
saying that Trump popularity 2016 that weepy 60-80 George Wallace if anybody
just to remind you that your addiction and they were helpful in george wallace
Wayne and mascara college which is part of the Democratic Party in the Bible
complaining are compounded by many leads george more demand that people will talk
860 that one is running maybe later apologized let’s hope the point of office if you
looking to trump all true whatever you think there is it with
issues as Donald Trump only essential in American politics and I think Donald
Trump and it was history future to do any studying of donald trump any dresses
think you have to love about these this historical precedents and briefly if you’re trying to thread
together these teams of popular candidates if you look at the years 1894
1939 late 1960s what you get is this populist desire for populism or popular
candidate or support popular candidate that dovetails with institutional social
political economic chaos the 1890s rotation large waves of immigrants how does our economy English socially
deal with immigration be nineteen nineteen thirties is the Great
Depression how do we deal with tremendous unemployment and the late
nineteen quality issues of civil rights and chaos in the street there to be
connections on that you can also meet with other contemporary issues in 2016
know what might be going on in the United States and in the world as events
news event that we could draw from maybe to interpret why popular might be making
a comeback right by the way . park people and nativism anti-immigrant
sentiment entire week’s tournament almost some economic depression economic
despair that those when you go to those for the social and economic system
populism I don’t know if you would think this works and it’s the Tea Party
movement is that movement against and I just remember that that populism
describing extraordinary meeting with Trump it’s a conservative but if anybody
remembers back more than $MONEY percent so in time for the party because i would remind you that if they
call for me unless you want your readers all comes with fight for this moment
here to be about more than ninety-nine percent the all-tournament think the
popular in the United mind but that’s me that was the statement in your box I
want absolutely so um so this is part of this is not
just an attempt to give you some good evening if its purity knew all this
apologize but this was just an independent put the popularity of Donald
Trump in this sort of respect that there are historical precedent and in total so
pretentious people put more than anybody would anybody coming on this or put
anybody going to reason why you would think that Donald Trump is will be the
fate of the universe space so I’d be curious to know if anybody else heard
comments that you’d like to work to have it any other way why do you think if it isn’t economic
disparity in and innovation are there other things i’d ask people if you want
to writing in the chair but if you have ideas about and why do you think that
Donald Trump and what do you think about the popularity in a quiet I mean I try the dishes that you try the
median historical what does anybody have other comments and why you what are you
what would you say about that I balm and agreeing with me Arya that
Donald Trump is somebody who is not afraid I’m like all the all the rest of
us the only about people that Donald Trump
is willing to say boys and some people after all this political thank God that
somebody so how you feeling thats hanging in a minute less people anyone else want to be the clip and
while you take the door i’m i’m i’m guessing that it’s not in any way
actually but i’m going to make your little report supported it’s unthinkable
who say that because but realize that this point but also good points there
are American Donald Trump and I help you may disagree but I don’t think everybody
who is Donald Trump’s all there is a reeses anything anything anything that I
think they make sure that long the American societies that Donald Trump
6-piece is when you know there’s no interest and you know it wasn’t you know what is
it that you establish . even though they were ready for some people that you know
what I can be honest with me little fairness aren’t there some everything
but we’re going to vote for Hillary that despite your wallet and it has some
people just photo and response at least they’re not so that’s natural looking
inwards American political process yes maybe I see the package is added on
that really fast um i divided into thing that with election that one of the other
arguments that people have come up with is that at least on that the other guy
or one depending on what you’re talking about but you don’t see that you haven’t
seen as much in other elections you might have seen it from some people but
not to add higher the scale as it is in selection who look like they feel it yeah this is me anyway here I am so we
just a little bit of time talking about how to put Trump into in historical
context of students you could easily go you can easily talk about the populist
movement when you talk about prom will mention anti-establishment of x for the
people are so now with Hillary how do we put her into contact imeem first we have
to look at who she is um so she’s like she’s a group she’s
been in politics for a long time and is there any way that we could put in
return historical context or is she just that unique that we don’t have anything
to clear under I’d love to hear from everybody about that you know . the back of us on this i just spent a
few minutes putting trumpet and put you know your condition of thumb is anybody
can anybody want to his old team last year a tradition of the voltage on the
ballot what I’m going to do some condition and I think the question on
the bottom of this time is up in the morning and you think a woman like
helpful other ok interesting question I’m just water one typing and thinking
about their what they’re gonna write on the world to bring good . at the two
candidates are completely polarizing and that is what makes this election unique
because if you sometimes if you identify one candidate over the other
automatically puts you on to one side of an argument or another if that makes any
sense so you stand for Trump people
automatically whether the valid or not like think of races as you were saying
all these negative things which is not necessarily true but don’t think people
can make those assumptions so your idea is very polarizing that’s what makes the
controversial topic to teach who they will would be done it probably like
Obama waste there’s things that moment helpful ok alright come and they’ve been like that
said that plus i do where we’re going next I rather sizeable segment knowledge
single candidate and out for our family tree again next week and so what
everybody hopeful of ignition always to explain lunch over a couple books & more
appletv here’s a book i don’t know if anybody knows promise flying want to
know what the morning with public for the pollution level or whatever happened
to the party the people he argues that part of trouble hold on acrylic pretty as always the
field and actually we are and people to teach decided to be noted they’ve always
been a part of the American always slightly damaged my car nothing would more pollution working the
military in 20 years and never ending triangle formation and get me one part
of the cloud mates that attempt traditional only of working-class women
and people have been planted the difficulty is nothing for them they look
for somebody else and so very member from the long another phase two kind of an elevator that people talk
about the populace possible have hideous you know what his criticism instead of
the populace 32 really is kind of a big moment for me out of touch with the man
and situated disable the logical as ensuring the wall dismal and we don’t
fix it also leads to another and you know I think to slowly record from
Berkeley students one hand I think some people the economy and toilet which by
the way is cool but definitely an experience possibilities and rework that
didn’t know love maybe we are going to be fixed if you’ve
got an economic problems or negative it so lightly and go on their own which the
product but we cannot . first superior years and even ever their resources that
one got enough you might want to share them with us perhaps at the beginning of the next
webinar but the order of the cervix to share these experiences with the so yeah
these are just a couple of resources that we are we found this is a political
cartoon but we found because just because we’re trying to give you
strategies are also trying to give you sources that you can go to in order to
find information of come up with to come up with lots of plans for your students um so yeah so this is a new day LA I love this
source because i’m using for others tight like four other subjects but it’s
pretty much if you depend on second length will arm you can find articles
and it’s separated by the different the different topics in the elections
example there’s a section for education if you click that all education article
and for those who have not used museum before you can have the different text
eps so you can have two different levels based on your release the reading
abilities of your students a great way to differentiate instruction is also
good for elementary school too many elementary teachers out there um next life their decisions up well this is actually on the US Senate
if you have a bunch of resources nicely organized that you could use on 40 new
election and like coming up with lessons and not this objective that they
possibly can be I’m next slide please c-span’s another wait for the next one
to thank you know this is a pretty low-tech one but he’s been also another
great swords again everything’s well organized and you can find a lot of
different article information about the candidates anything about campaign ads
so I find it very helpful while doing my research and it’s likely yeah there’s
also looks like it’s just that and you know c-span of them in a sec there’s
also short videos on you know for certain aspects of the political process
about campaigning very short three to five minute videos on numerous topics
that you could probably use in your lesson we’re going to CNN is another one
like it like it says in the description you can generate weekly quizzes you can
have charged the just about it again more resources just a bunch of links
that are kind of fun to go through it looks rips through yourself you will
have access to the powerpoints you can get these links i don’t worry about that
if you’re wondering on next slide please I so PDF actually have a lot of as you
can see this three different lengths so one of things learned to the next
president so kids will write letters to whoever the next president pretty
self-explanatory but it it shows them that they have a voice in the right and
in um in the government how to run with the bases of democracy so they can write
letters they can do research and exactly exactly that um they love election chest election
central which is even more resources that you can find different articles
idea LOL of interactive map of the elections and the primaries if you want
to go back to the primary and trace those next license and I think I i love
some cooperation and so i’ll talk about this one I thought that you know if you want to
teach added if you want to pitch advertise if you don’t know this site
absolutely find it intriguing about free advertisement or every political
everything back to nineteen details industry who know so much examples of advertising by both
religious by all major candidates so if you want to study advertisement in the 1960s election is
there for the two thousand eight election is here so this isn’t your
interested in and political advertising in any way check this site out this great alright
and also there’s always on that place for students to make them advertisement you a lot of an out-system
going on the conversation of advertising that’s another thing we’re going to
touch upon the later webinar i’m just about how to happen to have students
analyze that until they don’t take it at face value really allow them to get
delta T bring the ads themselves along with the campaign but we’ll get into
that another webinar so this is fact tax though you want to check any information
any facts that can stay and be general back check the green light to do that
next slide please we’re going to talk about the day the
add-in when we talk about media and advertising but here in like she’s that
people talk about the days ya didn’t I believe in the link to the actual ad on
youtube know Oh Allison found that and she is
currently food in don’t know what happened to her Wi-Fi
but hopefully she’ll be back soon and can clarify that one for us I’m next next slide Steve you know this
game some ad which is looking only for this is and i’m sure many and I know it
looks a lot of salt indictments any talking about it but it can have that
we’re one time and it is very warm water with this is also on Allison she’s you
know that present the project you know what you wanted one side i might suggest
we all tried to go if you just once I’d about all kinds of crystal ball one
resources about the intelligence this would be important I’m just to answer to this question
really fast if you’d like I could put these all these resources onto a
spreadsheet and get it out to everybody get that possible corruption that
everybody for but we ok so i will at the end of the webinar at the end of the
series if you want we’re at the end of this one I can get everything together
and put it onto one page and have to email it to you when people play so we
can almost go to sort of get it tomorrow do you know I can get it to you by
tomorrow honestly about this more promising but
what about the slightly like you’re not going home or going for me okay okay and
it’s just a couple more they have a description sellout Ashton’s well if you
want take on the end yeah I would too by the way there are
difficulties between wanted to there’s an hour or they’re not only this is
buddy this i can actually work the clock and availability who does
anybody have a hard look for spring likely won’t it’s very like a typical
example is all on the planet so the last thing that anybody else really qualify
for other than the one we wanted to do like the interesting and it’s not
started a good learning about home and the kids are magnets for the next woman
did you think of any while like quality going through your day or deception the
webinar and email them if you want to email to steve i can add them to the
list about putting everything together for this week and one more resources to
comment from the other minute subsequent webinars i can add those as well ok America’s most watched program so
what we’re at that one whoa what’s up and I which one will be going on about
some people even though do you yes we can add all I ok now we do what
likely to make one for each week or weekend we just have everything by the
end of the question for everybody in the anteroom explored these people over although what does anybody like tomorrow
when we know that also i was there but hardness of the month and Susan album
coming at this from the elementary perspective we will get into a little
bit about how to translate some of what we were talking about two younger grades
are some of the activities that I that suggests we’ve come up with
together they can’t they’re very flexible so you can be used in any grade
levels for example 1 i’ll talk about when we talk about media it’s nothing
I’ve done with the fifth grade class so don’t worry the other students will be
thought about minute webinar as well the high school students their parents but
we didn’t they look semi successfully for everything would show you know up to
get me some more seriously and we only wanted wanted 20 minutes for practice we
try to really get the fabric tomorrow will also be helpful united we were significant move in
Connecticut and red white boys probably the teachers called contrived attention
election have you want more information let people know about it to my email me
statement trying to get information but we tried to be the day that there is
Donald stopping a meal without Trump for president a battle and he always wants
what we’re going to fill of what we’re gonna do next time it is we’re going to
talk about your candidates will be challenged sucks about the challenge .
between they have the next time will be talented and some squared jeans and how to our place without being so to
change things more than sighs sniffles I was coming out to teach controversial
and an oncoming traffic what are you going to talk about that
they’re not really next week is also it’s more of putting the webinar is a
one-out seriously putting the candidate him into perspective and talking a
little bit about the idea of image in with an election and how I can’t image
effects of campaign but we’re gonna be talking about next week and put in food
and other topics that you like about orchids other things like email name is
not our products and find more evidence and other stuff you wanted to know about
a hot email to morbidity ok we are done for the series or going to design on
people instantly and then there’s some other some other sites people know him
and no one will get the exact inside leg so anything you have in her second here
for an email to me will make sure they write books like for you to have a good
world but everybody thank you everybody

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