Taiwan’s Presidential Election — A Referendum on the CCP?

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  1. Taiwan needs to band together with other Asian Countries and sign a trade deal with US asap. This will stick it to the CCP as we know a real China US trade deal isn't going to happen.
    This would be a better investment than buying weapons from US.
    Trump gets to claim a win (US diversifies away from China) . And Taiwan could change it's recognized status with US. Buying weapons makes sense for protection, but not for economic growth away from China.

  2. Tsai is an out of touch leftist. This should be an easy win for the KMT, but they left it to Han to hand her the win. What a tool. 🤮

  3. I believe a united front to push back against CCP bullying and infiltration in the region may be necessary. Because it is so difficult for individual nations to counter the Chinese CCP juggernaut, resurrecting something along the lines of the defunct SEATO – South East Asia Treaty Organization – may be a possibility.

  4. Recommend the adoption of the American Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, if Taiwan hasn’t already. Japan previously in WW2 decided that they would never invade the continental USA (if they could logistically) as they accurately said, “There’s a gun behind every blade of grass.”

  5. The youth of Hong Kong need to learn more team sports. As soon as they learn to confront the police as a team, instead of as individuals, they will be ready for revolution. And, once the free Chinese are ready for revolution they can begin to educate their brothers and sisters on the mainland. I hope Taiwan gets in the team spirit as well.

  6. The owners of google facebook and youtube have more love for the almighty dollar than for country! They have sold out to the chinese government!!! Traitors they are and I have high hopes that President Trump will break them up or bring treason charges against them.

  7. Hong Kong and Singapore are the Rhine land and sudatin lands taiwon is Austria Trump is Churchill history is repeating itself

  8. Chinese national identity image has come this far to the world stage and they earned the respect around the world because of CCP, not for you. You always pull back the national interest.

  9. Foxcon is a Taiwanese company, manufacturer of iPhone in China. It has tried and to relocate to the US or other south East countries for very solid reasons. Trade with mainland China is their main source of income. Independence for Taiwan is a based on wishful thinking. US is only interested in Taiwan to weaken the influence of China in the region and arm sale. Otherwise support of US. legislators, like Rubio, is for their own political reasons. No US politician would vote to risk one American life for Taiwan or HK for sure. They are just useful pawns.

  10. If you don’t like Chinese communist party, you should dislike google m and other high information tech companies more because they help the Chinese communist party. Google and those corporations are part of scambag NWO.

  11. In Western European democraties, people are pleased to vote again when they didn't do it right the first time, or their voice is just ignored (not as much as some other countries but still, that's leading people to disapprove their government 🤔)

  12. Tsai party is weak & corrupted. she has zero strategies in dealing with CCP Xi. And Taiwan's economic performance during her term was unimpressed. Han may just win huge in the 2020 election.

  13. Han wants to be Chief officer of Taiwan special district to CCP rather than president of democratic Taiwan earnestly 👎👎👎

  14. Taiwan is an inseparable part of China, and sooner or later will be reunited with the strong motherland. China (PRC) is strong because of the support of 1.4 billion Chinese People. Hong Kong riots are organized and suplorted by Western Countries US in particular to inflict damage and tarnished China reputation. US and UK will be happy if. Hong Kong is split from China and Taiwan stay independent. They will be happier if Tibet and Sinjiang rebel against China, so China could be jeopardized and back to the backward, weak and poor country like before 1949. The rising China is a nightmare for the West, though China has repeatedly stated that they want a peaceful rise.

  15. Whatever outcome it is, every tiny country in Asia would be engulfed in Chinese economy in the long run. We will see.
    From Tokyo.

  16. Why must it always come down to, who do you despise the least? Politics is no place for honesty and truth, in this pool of puppets.

  17. Just want to let people know if you think this report is based on facts, you are mislead by very careful selected ""facts". 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. It breaks my heart to see the people of Taiwan and Hong Kong suffer. I hope and pray that we will stand up for them in their time of need. Peaceful resolution is definitely the best but sometimes we have no choice but to defend freedom and democracy wherever it falls under attack.

  19. The only way they can reunify is when China abolish its one party dictatorship and allow people to vote who should lead them.

  20. China still playing a non-strategic game, if unification of HK and Taiwan is the priority. Why? In reality, it will finally boil down to who can provide the best economic well being to it's people and province/state/country.
    If China has no empathy, it will all be too easy by blockading and stopping all economic links with both these renegades and ideological minded provinces/city. When people are hungry and lives ruined and economy in shambles with no future, ideological dreams will disappear and people start recognising what is real and what are just dreams. Greedy politicians will no more have the upper hand in determining the fate of people and it's city/province/country for their own selfish dreams of power, wealth and status.

  21. Derecognizing Taiwan was done by Jimmy Carter. It needs to be reversed. Communist China is an illegitimate regime and must be derecognized in favor of the ROC.

  22. Taiwan is a thriving and successful democracy and China wants to forcefully introduce dictatorship and authoritarianism on it.

  23. People in Taiwan needs a government which can gurantee their safety and offer better living environments and future. We want peace but we are not afraid of fighting when we are attacked.May peace to the world.

  24. congratulations to the people of Taiwan who used their votes to reject handing over their lives to communists for an handful of RMB's. This is how a leader upholds the wishes of it's people. ScoMo please take note.

  25. I’ve learned so much from your programs. You are pursuing truth, unlike so many journalist these days.
    I pray for Taiwan and Hong Kong!

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