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On this episode of China Uncensored Finally! Election coverage America cares about and doesn’t involved Donald Trump! Hi, welcome to China Uncensored I’m your host
Chris Chappell. Chinese voters on Saturday elected a new president: Tsai Ing-wen! And by Chinese voters, I mean the people of Taiwan. Not the people living in the other China, the one without elections even though their leader is still called the
“president” for some reason. Still waiting for that interview, by the way. Now sure, Taiwan has a democracy. But according to my favorite Chinese state-run
media Global Times, “the ‘one person, one vote’ system in Taiwan
is not mature.” By which, I assume, they mean it’s less mature than mainland China’s “one person, no vote” system. Clearly superior. Anyway, not only did Tsai Ing-wen win Taiwan’s
election by a pretty big margin, her party, the DPP, also took 60 percent of
the seats in parliament. The opposing KMT party, which has been leading Taiwan for the last
eight years, suffered a big defeat. Now the US government has been watching this
election closely because US-Taiwan relations are, let’s say, politically sensitive with respect
to mainland China. Tsai Ing-wen’s party, the DPP, is known for taking a more pro-independence
stance. That is, asserting that Taiwan is not just
another province of China, but its own sovereign entity. You can learn more about that issue here. The Communist Party, in no subtle terms, disagrees with this stance. The Chinese Communist Party has hundreds of
missiles aimed at Taiwan and has promised to use force to take back the island if it
declares independence. They even held Taiwan invasion training drills
last year. Global Times, always the rational voice, responded to Tsai’s election by saying any
pushes for independence were mere “hallucinations” and that if she were to “cross the red line
of cross-Straits relations, she will meet a dead end.” Hopefully that’s just a poor choice of words, and not a thinly veiled death threat. But you can understand why Tsai’s election
could be upsetting to the Communist Party. The outgoing political party, the KMT has for the past eight years pushed for closer
ties with mainland China. They signed an important trade agreement, encouraged cross-straight tourism, and made it easier for mainland companies
to invest in Taiwan and vice versa. Now Tsai hasn’t exactly been against ties
with mainland China. Her China policy has just been intentionally
vague. So will Tsai push for Taiwan independence? And will that mean the Communist Party will
invade Taiwan, forcing the US to fulfill its promise to come
to Taiwan’s defense sparking the deadliest US military conflict
in Asia since the Vietnam war? No. No, that’s not going to happen. Less than 10 percent of Taiwan’s citizens
actually want Taiwan to declare independence. The great majority want to preserve the status
quo: That is, just leave it in the current, sort
of awkward state. So if Tsai is smart and by all accounts she is she’s going to go with… status quo. Understandably, though, the US is concerned
that even without a war, there could be some rocky relations with mainland
China. When relations are smooth, the US can free up its resources to deal withall the other rocky relations the US is involved with. But even smooth relations, well… the Communist Party has a plan for that, too. As the Communist Party worked with the KMT
to build stronger economic ties, Taiwan has become increasingly dependant on
mainland China. Case in point: Taiwanese born singer Chou Tzu-yu, member of the K-pop group Twice. During her appearance on a variety show on
South Korean TV, she waived the Taiwan flag. Then Chinese people, including possibly the same type of 50-cent
commentators who write pro-CCP things on my YouTube channel, were upset. Outraged, in fact. How dare she wave the official Taiwan flag… while in Korea? Long story short, after a media firestorm, Chou was forced to apologize. And now she’s taking a break from performing
in China so she can, you know, reflect seriously on her actions. Many think her Korean management company JYP
Entertainment felt this apology was necessary to, you guessed it, preserve their access to the Chinese market. So suffice it to say, Cross-Strait relations are complicated. Nobody wants war. But a lot of people on both sides don’t like
the way things are. And the CCP is using economics to control
Taiwan. In other words, Tsai’s got her work cut out
for her. But Beijing wouldn’t be wise to underestimate
her. A leaked US embassy cable called her, “extremely
capable and very persuasive.” Plus she likes cats. And we know how dangerous cats are. So what do you think is next for Taiwan? Do you think Taiwan should be independent? Leave your comments below and Oh hey, what’s this? How did this get here? Anyway, thanks for watching this episode of
China Uncensored, once again I’m Chris Chappell, see you next
time. “There is only one China. The two shores are one. I apologize for hurting the feelings of the
Chinese people with my reckless actions. I will reflect on this seriously.” Can I go now?

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  1. It's difficult to have war between China and Taiwan because we have brain washing education. It's necessary to use their weapon. By the way, it's not Taiwan flag, it's KMT flag, it's political flag, and neither our national song, it's KMT political song.

  2. may 31, 2016, Chinese communist party in China does not negotiate, it uses force that too violence, the party needs to be removed with violence,

  3. Chris Chappell, you and everyone behind the scenes at China Uncensored are amazing. Keep up the great videos!

  4. The last part where you make the fake apology you should have had a fake gun to your head… more real and fun 😛

  5. This channel is totally bullshit. American government said iraq need freedome, they they set iraq in such big trouble, libya…. Shamless american governemnt. By the way american election was supponsed by few rich, and the policy will benefit the riches not the common people viewing youtube.

  6. If China doesn't want Taiwan bad enough to become a democracy first, then it should get used to the fact that Taiwan will never be part of China. Now if China were to actually BECOME a democracy, then Taiwan would happily join with them. Problem solved.

  7. Chinese here, and we don't called it president. We called it 主席, which is different than president(总统).

  8. Seriously, what will this "independence" movement truly bring?

    "Taiwan" or The Republic of China as it should be called needs no freeing nor independence, it has always been free and independent…

    -The name will be changed from RoC to The Republic of Taiwan or whatever, wow that's so useful.
    -TW still won't be able to join the UN cause of the PRoC's veto.
    -TW will have de jure diplomatic relationships with the countries it now has de facto diplomatic relationships with. Except the "prestige" I don't see any gain.
    -TW will suffer even grater pressure from the PRoC.
    -TW will risk that the armed conflicts resume (yeah the Chinese civil war has never officially ended, right?)

    I'm sincerely in need of enlightenment on the true benefits of this "independence".

  9. Chinese armed forces overrated. Mostly outdated equipment and weaponry, lots of copies of 1960s and 1970s Soviet stuff. I think the west should sell military jets and high tec equipment to Taiwan at knockdown prices and conduct military exercises with the Taiwanese military and open up Taiwanese embassies in every western country.
    FREE TIBET I have been to Nepal 26 times, once I raised money to buy medical supplies for a hospital that gave free medical aid to people in a Tibetan refugee camp in Kathmandu. The people from the camp took me to a warehouse where I paid for what they needed. Whilst in the camp I met a 15 year old Tibetan boy named Pasang. Pasang had learned to speak English in the camps school but he was hard to understand because his mouth was all deformed. The reason being he was caught with others trying to get out of Tibet, the Chinese wanted bastards wanted names so they strapped Pasang to a table and put electrodes on his lips, teeth and tongue. As bad as that sounds it becomes worse when I tell you at the time Pasang was aged 9 NINE. I often wonder what sort of men could do that to a nine year old boy. You would not believe the stories I heard whilst in that Tibetan refugee camp, THAT IS WHY I HATE CHINA.
    I think the west should refuse to pay back the money it owes China, close down every Chinese embassy and pullout their diplomatic staff, they should also close down or takeover every single Chinese company operating in the US and Europe and stop all trade with China, in essence the the US and all its allies should break off diplomatic relations with China. For good measure we should donate hi-tec weapons to Taiwan and recognize Taiwan as an independent country. There should be no trade, no relations with China until China leaves Tibet.

  10. China paper Tiger. Prove, they say they will invade if Taiwan declares independence, well where are they, because Taiwan has declared independence. China does not have the naval strength to invade Taiwan, little anti-submarine capability and little naval anti-aircraft capability. If China tries to invade its fleet will be going in one direction once the Taiwanese air force gets stuck into it, straight to the bottom of the China sea

  11. Nowadays China still have numerous communists and Mao supporters even cold war has ended for 25 years and China running free market capitalism. Majority of Chinese netizens are so ignores and close mined because of the Great Fire Wall, they don't really know how outside world look like, they just brainwashed daily by the Chinese state run media propoganda about the bright future of China. But the Chinese elites and educated people like me know the crisis behind the economic growth, so that's why they are trying so hard to translate asserts and receive residence-ship from USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA AND UK in order to avoid the political unstability. Only the Chinese lower educated nationalist will actually believe china will overtake the United States

  12. Because of Chinese Communist Party, I feel ashamed if I am recognized as a Chinese . I wish I could be a Taiwanese. Hey, Taiwan… I am proud of you. Keep up with the good work.

  13. M.S.N.B.C. (Mostly Slanted News By Communists) and the rest of the left leaning liberal press is FREAKING OUT over Mr Trumps phone conversation with Taiwan's President! It's 1980 all over again! The press FIRMLY believed President Ronald Reagan would cause WW3! Instead, the U.S.S.R. collapsed! I wouldn't be a bit surprised if history repeats itself! To quote the fictional President James Marshall (Air Force 1) " True freedom is not the absence of conflict! It's the presence of justice! "

  14. I have respect for China and this is coming from an American. If Western powers could have their way they'd see every civilization state seized and propped up with fragmented puppet states in their meta-narratives. China has existed for thousands of years and it's not going to be bullied by people who do not even care about China to be broken up. China survived the imperial crisis and only lost small land to Russia. Ideologies change but the people are forever. China has proven to be more successful than Rome which was its only real rival.

  15. taiwan is a part of china, because communism is the way and every small island which thinks that they don't need communism should be dead. glory to the communist party!

  16. KMT is over, at least in Taiwan politics. Dr. Sun's visions however will never die. It is up to young people of mainland, Hong Kong and overseas Chinese to pick up the mantle and shape the future of China. Not KMT or CCP, but the Chinese people themselves who determine what kind of country, government and society it wants for itself. Remember Dr. Sun's last words: peace, struggle, save China!!

  17. The KMT had the right idea, to try to work with Beijing. Under the DPP Taiwan's economy and security is less secure..

  18. Taiwan should be an independent nation not an island of the communist party. Their government held first the title of Republic so they are the legitimate. US should help Taiwan to be an independent country. The Kuomintang must be shut down!!!

  19. >Should Taiwan be independent?

    As a foreigner in Taiwan, it's not really my place to say. However, if you asked me for my opinion…

    The ROC is the legitimate Chinese government, and a symbol of democracy for all of China. I think of it like the Eastern Jin or Southern Song–the legitimate dynasty, but beaten back to a rump state while the Chinese heartland is governed by something that appears to be Chinese but is really not (i.e. Sinicized conquest dynasties, the communist party). After all, communism is at its core a Western ideology, and the CCP is no friend of traditional Chinese culture (cf. cultural revolution, Falun Gong genocide).

    I think it's kind of a moral obligation in Confucian terms to support the ROC–after all, Confucius himself said "I am for the Zhou", despite the Zhou dynasty being virtually powerless at the time. The Zhou's collapse was inevitable during the Warring States period, as was the Eastern Jin's and Southern Song's, but it was still the duty of worthy scholars to support them as the legitimate dynasty and hope for a revival–while understanding that in practical terms, it wasn't going to happen.

    So, I am opposed to Taiwanese independence out of loyalty for the ROC in the same sense that early Confucians were loyal to the Zhou. On the other hand, in practical terms, if Taiwan's people want independence, they should get independence. But that probably won't be practical anyway until the CCP's inevitable downfall. Ideally, the ROC would continue to emphatically claim the Mainland, while awaiting the CCP's collapse. At that point, the Chinese people can choose whether to continue as the ROC, or to adopt a new democratic government. At that time, also, Taiwan would be free to hold a referendum on repentence.

    So: do I think Taiwan should be independent? Short answer: no. Long answer: not until the Mainland has been freed from communist oppression.

  20. Down the People's Republic of China (mainland China)! I only believe the Republic of China (Taiwan).Tsai Ing-wen is the president of the Republic of China.Xi is an illegitimate chairman.

  21. The Internet in China is the most closed in the world. Under the influence of the Communist Party of China, China has the greatest fire wall in the world and can not access world-class websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and youtube in China. Recently, the Chinese Communist Party held the 19th NPC meeting, and all VPNs can not be used in China.

  22. After South Korea deployed Saddam in March 2017, China did not allow the Chinese people to travel to South Korea and persuaded the Chinese people not to go and crack down on it.

  23. On the issue of the independence of Catalonia in Spain, China has always firmly opposed independence. This is an affront and verbal abuse to Catalonia.

  24. As for North Korea, China has all along said it wants to jointly attack the entire world with North Korea and attack Pyongyang. It is an affront to the United States, Russia and Japan.

  25. Taiwan is indeed an independent country and it does not need confirmation from hypocrite Chinese. The whole world is with Taiwan. We support and love you Taiwan from India.

  26. I think that the Taiwanese government should be the chinese government. That won way or another that brutal communist government of china be removed. For being morally unqualified to lead the chinese people. Also because they do not care of the happiness, rights, and freedom of their own people. So in the light of that the chinese communist regime are and have always been unworthy to lead the chinese people in to a better tomorrow. They are too corrupt too selfish. And too much hunger for power.
    They that have power should restrain themselves from using it.

  27. Let the flag that symbolizes freedom and democracy, the flag of the first republic country in Asia be hailed again!!!
    The flag of Republic of China!!!

  28. Anyone watching the comments, there are a lot of Fifty cent brigade personal here

    , and I mean a lot
    And almost 99 percent of them are talking in the sub comments
    For example watch the sub comments on the comment of KnightSlayer135 , he is just down below

  29. Better for Taiwan to be nice to China if Taiwanese wants CHINA SUPPORT. The USA cannot be depended. How does USA helps Taiwan??? In MALAYSIA, CHINA EVEN DONATES MONEY TO OUR CHINESE SCHOOLS to help our country.

  30. I think the CCP should allow the political parties on Taiwan to run on the Mainland. If they have nothing to fear, then free and open elections would keep them in power.

  31. This is very informative about taiwan and mainland china, but there was very little in it about why the government of America cares, as the title suggests the video will be about. It doesn't give any reason at all why the average citizen of america should care. What from this could I use to tell an american why he should go to taiwan and fight if china invades in 2020? Like, what has the pop singer waving the flag anything to do with the topic, which is why america should care?

  32. Tzuyu is actually pronounced like “Chu-ui” according to her stage name, or in Korean, “쯔위”. And in her name in actual Chinese pronunciation “週子瑜”.

  33. the engineering prowess of the Taiwan country engineers far surpasses the mainland china copy cat trolls .

  34. 請點U2關建字
    (1), Taiwan civil Government lntro video。
    (2), USMG對台灣應盡的責任與義務。
    (3), 1~4集精簡板 討論台灣的法律地位。
    (4), 討論台灣的法律地位 常見錯誤。

  35. Free Taiwan from the West powers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGOtYY4UCd0 the revolution is growing and ya'all who don't like it can suck it up!

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