Taiwan 2020 Elections: Hong Kong protests turn vote into referendum on China

Lu stout has this.>>It may look like a rock festival but it is an election rally in Taiwan. Produced by metal rocker turned politician, Freddy Lynn. He is running for reelection in parliament as an independent and he is — he supports tied for gaining their respective western nations like the U.S. As well as her Progressive values. Championing gay rights and Taiwan, and human rights in Hong Kong.>>More and more young people care now because we all have seen what happened in Hong Kong.>>This self governing island of 24 million has been closely watching the dramatic scenes of nearby Hong Kong. Where millions have turned out to March against the government and young protesters clashed violently with police. He has capitalize on the crisis. The whole world is watching she says, after Hong Kong, what kind of choice will Taiwanese make. Chinese president has declared that Taiwan should reunify under the governing principle of one country into systems. Signing the outgoing crisis here in Hong Kong, tie wants president believes one country two systems is a failure and says Taiwan will never accept it. Relations between Taiwan and China have deteriorated since she took office in 2016. Taiwan has lost diplomatic ties with a number of foreign governments and China has suspended issuing Visas from a nine towards visiting the island. Performs closer engagement with beijing and accuses Taiwan of using Hong Kong protests for political gain.>>Hong Kong people are bleeding from fighting against China. President Tsai what have you done to help Hong Kong. Hong Kong people are bleeding while you are enjoying electoral gains.>>The gains are real as more people of Taiwan say they want a more formal Independence.>>We find the percentage of pro Independence increased from 20% to 30% in the middle of 2019. (Inaudible)>>Although sigh is seen as the favorite, her party chases a party in parliament. If your party loses control, rival parties could block bills like the law passed last month that makes it illegal to accept Chinese funds for political activities.>>Days before the election, released this simple yet bold appeal to voters contrasting this to the peaceful life in a quote, free and democratic country.>>We hope that today’s Taiwan will be Hong Kong’s tomorrow. We all hope that.>>Hong Kong is a rallying cry for election on an island 700 kilometers away. A referendum

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