Taiwan 2020 Election: Tsai Ing-wen wins second presidential term

‘S been interpreted as a blow to beijing, as well. It was a landslide victory for Taiwan’s incumbent president. She won re-election. Her party, the dpp won a majority in parliament. On top of that, she broke a record. She won the highest number of votes since the first direct presidential election in Taiwan decades ago. Take a look.>>Triumph in Taiwan for incumbent president in a re-election landslide that seemed unlikely six months ago. The Chinese skeptic president declaring victory winning the highest number of votes since the presidential election in 1996. The results of the election carry an added significance, she says, because they show in our democracy our sovereignty is threatened, Taiwan people will shout our determination back even more loudly. Scenes of jubilation about the president’s supporters. Disappointment for the main rival. The candidate performs greater engagement with beijing and criticized China policy and the economic impact on Taiwan. After they took office in 2016, relations between Taiwan and China deteriorated. Taiwan lost diplomatic ties with a number of foreign governments and China suspended issuing Visas or mainland tourists visiting the island. Thai was down in the polls after her party suffered devastating local election results in 2008. That changed as more and more voters became propelled by the pressure from beijing.>>When we talk about politics, most important issue in Taiwan is the dependency of youification. Beijing by pressuring the world to turn the back on Taiwan, motivates people to return to support her.>>XI jinping declared Taiwan should reunify with China under one country two systems. Something she rejects. In her victory speech, she says I also hope China understands that our democratically elected leader and government will not concede to beijing’s threats. Last year as China flexed its muscle sending the aircraft carrier through the Taiwan straight, she employed her own form of soft power. Using an may-style imagery. A pair of cat ears in campaign posters, and putting her own beloved pet front and center.>>Not just the cat pictures or but her willingness to appear on YouTube shows with younger voters and show she’s trying to make a concerted effort to connect with the youth. Her passing of same-sex marriage in Taiwan helped with the info.>>She has been described as the iron cat lady but, Alisyn, make no mistake, she’s a former academic. She’s a tough, highly experienced tech karat who is

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