T-ara「问答题+抽签任务」(Q&A + Ballot Tasks with T-ara)

Hi, I’m Hana from One FM Today we have T-ARA here in K-Pop Music Wave Hello everyone, we are T-ARA T-ARA Q&A Section Which member is the most muddle? It’s me! The reason is? Well…Why is that? I always forget things So need to look after her Phone will lost too? That’s right Even the passport? Yeah…how did you guess it? I just lost the hotel room card Oh, I see Which member is the most neatest? There are two votes She is very tidy and clean Which member loves to nag? Me? Because you are too impatient Ok, I admit I’m impatient So is it like told everyone to get up quickly in the morning? Exactly No, it’s not like that When it was time to get up, everyone hasn’t got up yet The alarm (clock) has already rang If we haven’t go out yet when the time has come I’ll begin to say “Let’s go, let’s go” But in our position, that is “nagging” I see Will it be fine if you bring the member next to the you to an uninhabited island? If I bring Jiyeon with me We are roommates, so I’m already very familiar with her and able to work together I’m good at tidy, and she’s very disciplined If I take Qri with me, I shouldn’t feel bored I also think it would be nice if I take Hyomin to the uninhabited island She’s funny and should be able to eat well even on uninhabited island I think she will survive in any case Ballot Tasks in limited time Describe the member on your left side in 10 seconds Ready Cuttie, sexy, young… Wait wait… Time’s up! Now let’s see what I’ve got What is it what is it? Speak “I love you” in foreign languages you remember in 10 seconds Show 3 selfie poses in 5 seconds What pose is that? Is that just taking video? Does she usually take selfie like this? Yes, probably will take few shots in that particular angle what is it what is it? Time’s a bit long… Praising yourself in 60 seconds Then, take the mic Ready…start Hello everyone, I’m sexy Hyomin What should I say…time is too long I am…very funny, I can make everyone happy to see me Time is really too long… Let’s help, faster Good at cooking! Her clothes are also stacked well, so much things that she can do She got lots of lipsticks She has a long hair, the longest! She has lots of clothes too Time is coming up, hurry up and say the last word I can’t show off myself Members have helped Final words to fans in Malaysia All fans in Malaysia, this time we can come to meet with you all by this opportunity Hope we have a great time together Please continue to support us T-ARA Bye Thanks

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  1. 0:19 Hahaha Eunjung is so like me… We put our stuff in one place and freak out the next minute like where's my phone lol

  2. 6-ARA are we hearing good news soon?
    Queen's are waiting for you our dear Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon <3

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