Swing States Polls For Trump’s 2020 Re Election Take A Sharp Turn

If you listen to the spin doctors on the Left,
the election of President Donald Trump was a mistake of epic proportions that will surely
be rectified come 2020, if not sooner. After all, what folks really want is an extension
of the divisive and stifling administration of former President Barack Obama, right? Well,
this latest poll tells all. Although Trump’s agenda is producing in
a big league fashion and Americans are poised to remain on the train as far as it’ll take
them, swing state voters had some opinions about the matter. Breitbart shares some incredibly interesting
news on Trump’s recent job approval ratings from 5 top swing states. A series of swing state polls show that President
Trump is in much better re-election shape than our disgraced media would lead you to
believe. Axios commissioned 10 Survey Monkey polls
to look at the upcoming Senate races in those states Trump won in 2016. While there is plenty
of bad news for Senate Democrats, a potential loss of five to six seats, the good news for
Trump is that his job approval rating in the key swing states he will need to win a second
term, is well above his national rating. In the key states of Florida, Michigan, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Trump’s approval ratings are in the upper 40s and low 50s. That’s above his national average, and it
perfectly demonstrates how the average American voter simply isn’t picking up the nonsense
that the Left continues to lay down. As of now, Trump’s national job approval
ratings sits at around 40 percent. Nevertheless, those states above are the five
Trump will need to win a second term in 2020. The most surprising number is Ohio’s 54
percent, which is where every presidential campaign starting in 2000 has been so bitterly
and closely fought. The president is in excellent shape there. As an incumbent, he is also well within the
norm to retake Wisconsin and Michigan, two states that were considered safely in the
Democrat column until the night before Trump’s upset win in 2016. To be clear, there’s a long way to go until
we get to 2020, and there’s no telling what the landscape will look like once the primary
season comes around. That said, American voters continue to bear
the fruits of Trump’s labor, and there’s no sign that will be changing anytime soon. In short, keep on doing what you’re doing
members of the liberal echo chamber. Your ridiculous rhetoric and hyperbolic hysteria
are helping to push Trump towards another stirring victory in 2020. And we’ve got the swing state support to
prove it.

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