Strong Democratic Showing In Elections Sends Political Shockwaves | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. The American voter can't convince the Trump Cult to vote for the Democratic Party! The Democratic Party must reach out to new voters, marginalized voters, poor voters, not interested in voting voters ! The hard heads will blindly support Trump no matter if the president is Indited , in jail or in Moscow!

  2. You cannot rely on congress to deal with Trump and hold him accountable. All of the apathetic democrat voters that would rather have stayed home than vote for Clinton and gave the presidency to Trump, MUST come out en masse in 2020 to vote or Trump will most likely be elected again as the conservatives will be out in force to make sure a Democrat doesn't become president. Even if they can't stand Trump. The only hope for America is for democrat voters to get out and VOTE!

  3. I think it's becoming clear having Trump's endorsement is more of a liability then an asset.
    Most people know Trump is a crook and anyone who sides with him also must be one.

  4. Wow! I thought Bevin was "Trump's boy" in Kentucky, where Trump is seen as God, albeit a very poor fake one. Maybe people there have begun seeing through the B.S. and have come to the conclusion that the real God speaks truths.

  5. Well whadya know.. trump might actually make america great by completely destroying the rapeublikkkkan party 👍🇺🇸

  6. When Democrats control the country we can finally see America move in the right direction. Healthcare for all, less debt, fair taxes, end of gerrymandering, basically less crime and hatred.

  7. It’s not an issue of being Democrat or Republican anymore for me. It’s about specific issues. As a long time democrat voter, I prefer Trump’s way of dealing with international matters, this is how Trump going win 2020.

  8. That graphic was kind of a distraction because the reporter kept saying that democrats had gained control of the Virginia House and Senate legislature, but the graphic still shows GOP in control of both. And he wrote the change in personnel on that graphic in what was barely readable. Black lettering on blue background. Optics like that just makes him like kind of inept.

  9. It was so strong that the Democrats, got wiped out in 5 of the 6 races in Kentucky. A Judge redrew the distracts in Virginia, and the Democrats didn't have any opponents in some of those races.

  10. After Chris Matthews, this is the next most annoying guy. On top of that, his board has such small numbers, you can't read them at that camera angle! Please go back to the drawing board and redesign or get rid of the board.
    Thank you.

  11. I sincerely hope that our brothers and sisters around the globe understand that it was only a minority of the American populace that voted for this orange tinted, lunatic, criminal…aided by decades of Republican gerrymandering, voter suppression, race-baiting and public education devaluation…using Fox News to prey upon the intellectually vulnerable by spreading misinformation and propaganda which leads to a significant portion of particular demographics to vote Republican in DIRECT contrast their own interests. Meanwhile, those of us who recognized this stunt for the con job it was going to be all along are left to pick up the pieces and fight to restore some sense of decentcy and order. Which we are…and we will. The GOP has made a mess of America and the sooner it dies off completely, the better this flawed but wonderful Nation will be!

  12. Kentucky Republicans won 5 out of 6 seats,lost the governship by less than 5 thousand votes and still be contested. Swept Mississippi and got swept in Virginia.

  13. Vids and comment sections like this are going to make 20's so fun. 5 more years of seething for you delusional idiots.

  14. This just goes to show that the average person knows what’s going with the GOP and they don’t like it. People are fundamentally decent. They sent their representatives to Washington to represent them, not be Trump’s bum boys.

  15. Rachel and her network should be proud, the have helped the united States turn from the land of the free into a Socialist State. Probably their next move will be to turn us into a Communist Republic… the Democrats are counting on that move.

  16. Republicans have LOST their way! They don't legislate for all people, they legislate for rich people and corporations and big business. They forgot why the Democratic Republic was created. If Trump wins its time for AMERICAEXIT!!! Time to leave the US CORPORATION to themselves and break ties! They don't care about the people, it's all about banking with them. This administration is out of control!

  17. hmmm trickle down economy seems not working … oh people are getting it, super rich people poop literally on the poor and middle class and call it benevolence.

  18. Why everyone in the comments talk about Russia and Putin?
    I thought it was just the worst of democrats scapegoating Russia for their mistake in 2016 (shouldve been Bernie, not Hilary) but appearantly americans are too stupid to realise that Russia have no buiseness supporting president that put tariffs and sanctions on us!
    Your sistem had failed, admit it.

  19. Hope this holds up for the next senatorial races, and kicks out those ring-kissers that are enabling Trump like McConnell and Rand Paul.

  20. Democracy dies in darkness….Dems always accuse others of what they are guilty of…Always.Dems using Spying, Resistance, Obstructions, Socialists/Communists SNEAKY TACTICS, Fabricated Fake news, intimidating witnesses…IN DARKNESS!

  21. Ok, now the Dems have say, remove gerrymandering & make voting accessible 🗳 for all citizens of voting age.
    Remove the Electoral College ⚰️

  22. American peoples in Kentucky please vote Moscow Mitch out of office he didn't ruin our democracy and conspired with President Trump corruption in office

  23. Is this a far left propaganda news channel? Reading these comments I think it it’s. Imma head on outta here follow me to Fox News!!
    Trump 2020!!!!!!

  24. 🦈🦈🦈🍊🦈🦈🦈 Sharks in the water! They've got a taste for peach-flavored stable genius! Trump is a goner! 😱

  25. So democrats aren’t corrupt as republicans okay buddy 👌Democrats can hide in the shadows like the rats they are

  26. Hi I’m an independent I am just wondering why everyone thinks he is working with Russia. I looked into it and saw no evidence. Am I missing something?

  27. President Trump was billed $2,000,000 for misusing his Trump Foundation money. How do you suppose he'll get the taxpayers to pay for this? It's obviously over for him so he is not going to pay it!

  28. what the politicians need to know are country is over populated we do not need any more people from other countries in fact we need a one child law for the whole world WAKE UP AMERICA

  29. I live in Kentucky and what keeps shocking me is how people vote against their own self interests by voting republican. Too many have been deceived by christanic fundamentalists that conservative equals Christian while voting only on one issue while seeing their neighbors and communities lose jobs because of that myopic vision.

  30. People are tired of seeing the GOP screwing them over for their own greed. If trump supports a Republican you know that person will lie and deny like their leader.

  31. I am afraid the democrats will not win since there are a lot more people who hate the democrats than their drones plus the Democrats' ideas are bad in the destroy America level of bad enough to cause two things and plus the impeachment will fail since the support of it is down.

    a. a civil war which ends with the democrats are hanging from trees and the USA will be a pure red since the dem will try to take people guns away only for those people to fight back

    b. they will be voted out by the conservative of the next generation since none of the liberal will have kids do to thinking if they do the world will end.

  32. LOL… A dim wit making predictions as the truth. This clown is so stupid and doesn't know what he is doing. He is like all the rest from, CNN, MSN, MSNBC, BBC, RT, ABC, CBS, NBC and others. Lies is the their culture, among other things. Guess the 2016 election was a beautiful thing for him or this time, what is known according to him.

  33. Proud of you america! Showing trump and other pathetic republicans who’s the real boss and giving them the boot! Mitch must be shaking right now 👍👍

  34. Democrats are busted red handed this time with voter fraud and now an entire nation hates the democrats for this scam !!

  35. Republicans are ACTUALLY bragging about doing well in the Mississippi election. 😭😭 That like Democrats bragging about doing well in NY or CA.

  36. Republicans will never care. They do that. Democrats lose a few things, they call it a red victory, they lose a few things, it’s just “Democrats overreacting”

  37. I tell you people, TURN OUT, TURN OUT, TURN OUT.
    Trump didn't get elected by former Obama voters who voted for him.
    He got elected by the Obama voters who stayed home.
    Let's cleanse our country from the rot of GOP corruption


  39. I am not so much for democrats, BUT electing democrats in as many offices as possible is the best way to bring fairness, and give equality to everyone! The republicon party only does what benefits the rich, white people living in America!!!! In short, republicons HAVE to be voted out and replaced with caring, equality minded democrats who will work to pass the Green New Deal that will in turn reverse Climate Change, pass common sense gun control like banning assault weapons, and give health care in the form of Medicare for all to everyone living in America!!!!! AND, a biggie one……. Get rid of the Electoral College so that EVERY vote will count, not just republicon votes in rednecked States!!!!!! Do you not realize that because of the Electoral College not every vote even mattered in States like California, Texas, and New York!!!!!!!

  40. Voters are listening to the news and the truth about what trump and rethuglicons are doing to the poor and middle class!!!!!!! Voting Blue is the only fix, becuse democrats care about fairness to everyone in America!!!!!!!!

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