Stephen Yates: 2020 Taiwan Election: America’s Strategic Re-balance; Historic Opportunity for Taiwan

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  1. Taiwan is the Hawaiian vacation for Canadians. Maybe Taiwan can continue to expand its tourism and promote more cultural appreciation of its indigenous peoples and sacred places.

  2. "The Iron Lady" Tiawan people are very lucky to have this lady as president. for such a small lady to be such a Giant. My hat off to the Tiawan People. I see Tiawan as a America back in 1700's .

  3. When an interviewee is as clear, articulate and knowledgeable as Mr Yates, a great interviewer – such as Ms Simone – lets him speak. Such a contrast to the legacy media circus.
    I work for a company that has a contract to supply to Taiwan. I don't know if it is a longstanding provision in Taiwan, but we aren't allowed to use any mainland China sources for the components in our product. Frankly, I think we have been too dependent on mainland China sources, so finding alternatives is a good thing.

  4. Stephen Yates could not be more clear on what a historic opportunity Trump's presidency is for Taiwan. We will find out in a few hours if the people of Taiwan get it.

  5. Is the CCP lying now? Or, was the CCP lying then? The whole idea of the Communist Revolution is that the entire history of the Human Race is wrong. The Marxist Revolution is designed to create a NEW HUMAN RACE. It will do this by wiping out all of human history, all culture, all religion, all memory of the past. But, now, based on 5,000 years of Chinese history, the CCP claims they own Taiwan. The CCP cannot make such a claim if it denies its own cultural history. It is either lying now or it is lying about the cultural revolution. The CHINESE COMMUNIST REVOLUTION IS A FRAUD!

  6. It seems, in the idea of one nation, two governments, everyone is assuming, in the end only one form of government will be left standing. And, that form of government will be totalitarianism. It appears everyone has given up on the idea the Taiwanese form of government will reign supreme. Why? The United States and Taiwan should work together on a plan, with target dates, to convert the mainland to our style of government. The CCP can no longer claim it is some sort of fledgling third world power that requires special protections to survive. It is time for CCP to act like a big boy.

  7. 2:19 must be the leftst who said it was possible to live w/ an aggressor … typical idiots
    6:44 the answer is ALWAYS NO!!
    I wish i could speak like him, the opposite of steve bannon … no stuttering, not saying ah, annnd, so, etc

  8. Sorry to say this but DPP is like CCP. They want control over the Taiwanese people thru the fear of China. The sovereignty is stronger if ruled by KMT. Remember KMT fought the CCP. Han is the Taiwan Trump, and he will make Republic of China great again. I think the world will be shocked by the landslide victory of KMT in less than 10 hours

  9. If the US take a hardline stance and supporting Taiwan vigorously, it means that the US is openly being hostile to China, and like to see the debacle of PRC and the CPC. At one point China will feel threatened, and ultimately will liberate Taiwan by force. The question is whether the US would be ready to fight with China and even entering the World War 3 and a nuclear war. I don't think the majority of American people is willing to take the risk.

  10. Hello, Simone! Your in-depth interviews are filled with insight and intrigue. Please wear brighter colors, so the viewers can see your outfit matching your outlook. Keep wearing your hair just like that! Your style of educating people is working. We are starting to see the light! Victory! Girl Power!
    Americans love you!💘

  11. I have never thought of Taiwan as part of China. In my family and extended social circle Taiwan was always considered as an independent country. All this predicament regarding Taiwan and China came as a big surprise to me as I am sure others that I know who have no insight into Taiwan’s plight will be surprised too.

  12. The aggressive nature of the CCP hasn't really changed much in past decades. It's like watching the last species of a dinosaur finally realizing it's own ending mortality. Corruption comes in varying degrees and the CCP is no exception to that.

  13. TSAI IN WEN, SHOULD THANKS EVIL COMRADE XI , XINNIE The EVIL POOH 🕵🐻☻👺 for her OWN RE ELECTION !!!! Just hope, he keeps on MAKING MORE BLUNDERS , which only shall RETURN BACK, to him & HIT him HARD, as BOOMERANG !!!! Amen !!! ☻👻😈🐻🐼🇨🇳🇨🇳

  14. This election is a resumption of the 1945 China civil War, and has just begun. President Xi has declared every bit of China's land as sovereign territory and declared it his sacred duty to recover all China's land. The re-election of T'sai has made it impossible for President Xi to take a step backward even if he wanted to. It is quite obvious that Hong Kong's American backers will squeeze ever opportunity to promote independence for Hong Kong . That said if President Xi does nothing but talk about recovering Taiwan, then China may as well say good bye to Taiwan and in that event people in Hong Kong will really wage war on our motherland to gain separation from motherland. It is the right time for PRC to attack Taiwan and bring our 1945 China Civil War to a satisfactory conclusion. Since we expect the Americans and allies to poke their big noses into China's affair, President Xi may as well declare the end to the "Joint Declaration" and integrate Hong Kong into China as one country and only one China.

  15. Now the world knows how evil ccp is. Tauwan will be valued since we have same core values.ccp is just not compatible with any democratic values and lifestyle.

  16. American and it allies been killing innocent people around the world for centuries… Aren't they Shameless …. And has never get tire of demonizing China..
    And I saw some moron saying China is the enemy to the world.. WTF!?!

  17. CCP is more concerned with the unification of the nation, controlling Taiwan is only the second on it's agenda. It would be nice, in their view, if Taiwan could be under their control, but will take "one country, two systems" if that's what has to be done. But if Taiwan wanted to declare independence, there will be war, even if the USA is involved and starts WWIII These guys, including some of the ones commenting here are not getting this… USA is in the way for the country's unification, it's very dangerous.

  18. It's clear that the CCP will use force to unify the country as soon as it becomes strong enough to deter the USA from intervening like it did before. Unifying the country in peace is becoming impossible after recent development in Taiwan. With the USA's support, "President" Cai and her party has become bolder and used all means to divide Taiwan and is currently in the process of seeking independence. They are also changing the text books on Chinese history relating to Taiwan and even wanted to change the language away from Chinese. As a result, nowadays, more and more younger generation are no longer considering themselves as Chinese. PLA has build up a good deal of navy forces but it's still no match with US navy, only time can tell what will happen next, but it's hardly going to be pretty…

  19. I am an American Chinese only came to the USA in the early 90s, so I know exactly what's going to happen if the independence process is continuing. DO NOT underestimate the determination of CCP, and all people on the mainland. CCP would rather destroy and sink Taiwan to the bottom of pacific than let it be another country, especially this country is under huge influences of USA. Take my words for it, because YOU have NO CLUE how dangerous it is for Miss Gao and the likes to spread the idea of an independent Taiwan. Like I mentioned, CCP will take "one country, two system" and give up control of Taiwan, so it can declare victory and consider the nation is unified. Declaration of Independence means war, even WWIII, if the USA is trying to intervene, because it's written in China's constitution a while back. IN THE CONSTITUTION, GET IT?

  20. For Taiwan, "One country, two system" has different meaning, or path, than that of Hong Kong because Hong Kong is just a city, but Taiwan is a province. The leader can even keep the title "President" and the length of these two systems can be kept indefinitely through negotiation. "One country, two system" is the only way to have the nation unified peacefully, but I think it's becoming clear that the leaders in Taiwan are giving up on this as the older generations are gone by the day.

  21. The interviewer and interviewee are engrossed in an incestous verbal relationship. They both subscribe to the premise that the anti-China people in some Western hegemonic powers have the right to interfere in the Chinese civil war between China and her province of Taiwan. For the US, she would not allow a third country to interfere in the internal political rivalry between the Democrats and the Republican parties, whilst the same Politicians hypocritically think it is acceptable to interfere in China's internal political strife. What these Americans do not fully appreciate is that when push came to shove, the Chinese civilisation would rather choose to fight a war with the USA to fend off the interference in Chinese sovereignty of her civilisational state. Some American scholars in Chinese history and civilisation is cognisant of this, but not those "alt right" Politicians! Be extremely careful to avoid a Third World War. I pray for the wisdom of those American Politicians to realise that the Chinese are very similar to the Americans in being a people who would not put up with yet another century of humiliation. Please think before you let those Americans start WW3.

  22. It's a very difficult situation here with all three parties, namely Taiwan, CCP and the USA. The United States helped China a great deal fighting the Japanese invasion during WWII along side with KMT, then official government of China. KMT also received some aids from the United States during civil war fought during 1945~1948 with the CCP led PLA, but the KMT lost and retreated to Taiwan after millions died in that horrible war. In the end, the United States helped KMT defeated PLA's final attempt to put the KMT to an end for good in the early 50's of last century. The United States wanted to keep the promises to the KMT parties of it's support, the people in Taiwan do not want to be under the CCP's rule, and CCP need to unified the nation. Solution? "One country, two system", wisdom from the second generation leaders of CCP and KMT.

  23. Unlike the USA, China does not try to export its political system, or use economic and military strength to overtly and covertly manipulate, cajole and coerce other nations to follow her form of government so as to promote Americans national interests. And because of that, any form of sovereign governments that does not conform to the American ideology on acceptable governance, which basically works compatibly with Americans national interests would have to be subverted, aka., ripe for regime change. The reality is that these efforts by the Alt-Right Politicians in the USA does not result in any success. From Vietnam to the various wars in the Middle- East, costing Americans thousands of deaths and trillions of wealth, which I submit, causes the Americans to be on the verge of losing her sole superpower status. Such a waste for the civilians, but a bonanza for the military industrial complex that prosper whenever a disproportionate percentage of america's Budget is allocated to maintain their nation's military powers and to fight wars incessantly.

  24. Thief n. Robber Americans like this one goes around the world to stir up conflicts n create wars with lies n faked news under the pretence of Human Rights n Democrasy. USA has pulled out UN'S HUMAN RIGHTS org. US police carrying guns everywhere to shoot any one who does not follow the order as shouts out to it by the police.
    US police has executed brutal forces every year for years n is a million times more brutal than Hong Kong police. Yet Anerican lying news media n lawmakers lied about HK police of Brutality in support of HK rioters n terrorists !!! What a hypocrite nation n people!!!

  25. CONGRATULATIONS for the result of ELECTION in TAIWAN, we had been waiting for it here in the Philippines. FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY is very Important for TAIWAN. CCP of China must not RULE TAIWAN and HONG-KONG..

  26. Nixon, though his envoy Henry Kissinger, sold out Taiwan in order to create a legacy for himself as the President who opened up China. As a condition of receiving the American delegation, the CCP demanded recognition of Taiwan as an integral part of China, which it is not. Now 50 years later the world is being confronted with the consequences. In essence, Nixon made a pact with the devil.

  27. If China attack Taiwan! ?!
    U dont need to worry about the public loses the technology, ccp will be attacked by U.S.A
    Taiwan is an ally now!

  28. The reality is most of countries around the world including America have never recognised Taiwan as an independent country.

  29. I'm confused, why don't have official relationship with Taiwan if those wester countries including America and Japan stand solidarity with democracy and Taiwanese? Especially America almost was the first country in west shutdown its embassy in ROC (Taiwan) .

  30. British and Japanese made their decision in 1972 and American made it in 1979 when Mao was still living in the world. Those idiots from Taiwan and Hong Kong can't realize the fact even it's 2020 today.

  31. PRC might not be the best democracy but Steve is obviously lying. Nobody talks about free democracy. I don't even know if it does even exist. You do have libertarian/liberal democracy though that have right of political freedom. CCP obviously is undermining US Republican Party. The US Republican Party is an existential threat to China. US Republican Party is not US.

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