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DOMENICO MONTANARO: Hey, I’m Domenico Montanaro, senior political editor and correspondent here at NPR. DANIELLE KURTZLEBEN: And I’m Danielle Kurtzleben, I cover the presidential campaign. MONTANARO: Well, we thought we might talk over each other. KURTZLEBEN: Yeah… can I finish? KURTZLEBEN: Yeah… can I finish?
MONTANARO: And not allow anything to be said whatsoever KURTZLEBEN: He’s not letting me finish.
MONTANARO: from the other person, because, because that’s a complete mess. MONTANARO: And that’s kind of what happened at this debate tonight. KURTZLEBEN: It would be a sort of method analysis of the debate, because really tonight’s debate was, it was kind of a mess at times. The candidates talked over each other. They complained about not getting to finish. And a lot of the time, it was just kind of inaudible yelling. MONTANARO: It was definitely not as clarifying as the Nevada debate. In that debate, we clearly had some clear lines of attacks between certain candidates. We had clear lines of, you know, for example, Elizabeth Warren did quite well as far as progressives saw it in that debate. She wasn’t able to capitalize on it because three quarters of the vote had been banked in Nevada with early voting. This time around, just a total muddle. I think there were some people who came with a certain mission, and I think a lot of people their mission was to attack Bernie Sanders. KURTZLEBEN: Right, yes. Because coming out of Nevada, Bernie, where Bernie Sanders had a decisive win. Now — at least nationally, if not in South Carolina — Bernie Sanders is the guy to beat. And the debate kicked off with a question that Bernie Sanders has been facing, which is how are you going to pay for all of these sweeping plans that you have? Can you pay for all of these plans? MONTANARO: Did we figure that out? NORAH O’DONNELL: Can you do the math for the rest of us? BERNIE SANDERS: How many hours do you have? KURTZLEBEN: No, not entirely. We didn’t.
MONTANARO: I mean, you cover policy. KURTZLEBEN: Absolutely. I mean, listen. So Bernie Sanders last week on “60 Minutes” was asked about how can you pay for “Medicare for All”? And he had an answer that seemed to… not waffle, but an answer that didn’t satisfy some of his biggest critics in terms of do you have a set policy list for how all of these things can be paid for? MONTANARO: Listen, it’s a difficult thing when you’re talking about replacing the entire health and health industry, essentially, and replacing it with, you know, a government-run industry, essentially. So, it’s a tough thing to do. Anyway, Vice President Joe Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden, he also clearly came in with a mission. He seemed, to me, to be the most focused on winning South Carolina. He specifically knew that Bernie Sanders and Tom Steyer were the biggest threats toward him. He went after Sanders when he could on everything that he could think of, and he went after Tom Steyer, landed a pretty hard punch when it came to private prisons. JOE BIDEN: Well, my good friend on the end of this platform. He, in fact, bought a system that was a private prison system. After, after he knew that, in fact, what happened was, they hogtied young men in prison here in this state. They, in fact, made sure that in Georgia, they did not have health care for the people who were being held. They, in fact, went on, he said, after he knew that he bought it. And then he said he was proud of his accomplishment. TOM STEYER: …I bought stock in a prison company thinking they’d do a better job. And I investigated and I sold it. BIDEN: You knew…
STEYER: No, no, stop! BIDEN: You knew when you bought it they’d done that. STEYER: I get to answer this question. And in fact, since then, I’ve worked to end the use of private prisons in my home state. And we’ve ended it. MONTANARO: Tom Steyer has spent $21 million in South Carolina. Specifically, he’s trying to target black voters. You’ve seen his numbers creep up, up, up, up. If Biden can keep his numbers down, then he feels like he can squeak out a win. And for his campaign, a win is a win. Live to fight another day. KURTZLEBEN: Right. Now, aside from that, voters also saw for the second time former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg on the stage, perhaps trying to resurrect himself after he took a fair bit of a beating from Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren in the last debate. MONTANARO: Filleted, I think, is a word that I used in my preview when it came to nondisclosure agreements and on how women were treated at his company. Now, Elizabeth Warren
sort of used some of the same hits. KURTZLEBEN: Right. She hammered that again. MONTANARO: Yeah, I’m not sure if that landed quite as strongly because we’d already heard it. MIKE BLOOMBERG: We’ve just got to go on, but I never said it.
ELIZABETH WARREN: What I’ve asked the mayor to do, is to do a release of all people who have discrimination claims… a release of all people who have discrimination claims…
BLOOMBERG: We are doing that, senator. [crowd boos] O’DONNELL: We want to get to the issue… KURTZLEBEN: One other thing I want to say about Elizabeth Warren, though, in this debate is that she also clearly went in trying to at least take something of an aim at Bernie Sanders, who is her… MONTANARO: That was surprising and really fascinating. KURTZLEBEN: Yeah, her big competitor in the quote unquote, progressive lane insofar as there are lanes in this election. But yes, she went in saying, listen, I like some of Bernie Sanders’ policies, I like many of them, but also I can get things done. WARREN: You know, but Bernie and I agree on a lot of things, but I think I would make a better president than Bernie. And the reason for that is that getting a progressive agenda enacted is going to be really hard and it’s going to take someone who digs into the details to make it happen. We need a president who is going to dig in, do the hard work and actually get it done. Progressives have got one shot and we need to spend it with a leader who will get something done. MONTANARO: You know, I think the thing that really stood out to me, if we take a step back from all of this, they talked a little bit about the coronavirus and what’s happening with the stock market and what’s happening overseas, mostly with people who’ve gotten the coronavirus and the fears that are starting to circulate in the United States and in markets across the world. I think it’s a reminder that what really determines elections, especially re-elections of presidents, is that backdrop. Is the economy good? Is the country in a hot war? And those environments can change sometimes with something like this. KURTZLEBEN: Yes, they can change very quickly with any sort of a black swan event. If you’re talking about a massive virus, a natural disaster that people now as opposed to in the past might see as connected to climate change or for example, if the economy starts to tank by November, that could be a huge factor. MONTANARO: I think as a reminder that every time Democrats try to talk about, like, electability, who’s the most electable. Could Bernie Sanders possibly win? Is Joe Biden more electable? Maybe Mike Bloomberg spending all this money, he’d be the most electable one. Here’s the fact: If the economy is at 3.5% unemployment and there aren’t wars where you see death tolls of American troops, you know, over and over again on nightly news, a president is usually the favorite for re-election. It makes him very difficult to beat. If the opposite is true, you can kind of put up almost anybody and there, and they would have a pretty good shot of winning. KURTZLEBEN: Usually, that said, the one thing I want to add here is that Trump, for as low as unemployment is, his approval really isn’t that high. And also Americans are getting more polarized, more entrenched in their parties. This election may give political scientists something new to chew on for years to come. MONTANARO: I think that’s what makes his floor so brittle. KURTZLEBEN: Yeah, that’s fair. MONTANARO: Well, I’m Domenico Montanaro, senior political editor and correspondent here at NPR. KURTZLEBEN: And I’m Danielle Kurtzleben, political reporter. For more analysis, go to the NPR politics podcast and listen there. MONTANARO: And for more, go to

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  1. The Democrats aren't that bad. I mean after all, they're trying as hard as they can to get President Trump re-elected. Trump 2020.

  2. Repeat from yesterday………. Gayle King is a bozo and has no business at a debate. She is why I left CBS News. She's horrible and makes inappropriate remarks daily.

  3. These pathetic, communist,traitorous,scum need to be crushed at the ballot box in November, GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. He will pay by taxing Wall Street speculations and we the people will pay taxes but way less than paying, copayments, coinsurance, deductibles and out of pockets.

  5. Please no Bernie hes another Obama again.. I was able to open back up my pet supply thanks to Mr. Trump tax help and got me back up after Obama shut me down. Now I can afford and my all family is working again and happy. My nephew was always on the street in trouble now hes working and bought a car I never seen him so happy. Love you Presidente Trump

  6. Why so few views and many downvotes, even though google makes this top of search? Guess liberal media sucks now and people get it.

  7. Best evidence for the democratic party's self immolation is right in the debates. You can't beat trump with a bunch of losers.

  8. Well NPR this didn't show much and <great> to inject all your opinions in there and just 'edit' the debate to fit what you say, thought this was independent news, just another bias nonsense

  9. Seats at this debate cost $1750 to $3300 a pop. So you know the "booing and cheering" are from people who wipe their butts with $20 bills. And very transparently, people on Bloomberg's payroll.

  10. Too many moderators, Gayle and Nora had no control.Half of debate was waste of time, watching adults act like spoiled brats

  11. I wonder if the Democratic Bernie supporters are ever going to wake up notice that the DNC is NULLIFYING their VOTES for Bernie and pick the person they want in the number one spot. The DNC puts on these televised Dog and Pony show with Debates and takes away the winner By rigging it so they can cancel out Bernie and all his supporter. And Yes Just like 2016 Bernie will get screwed and then paid off to play nice with another big house and fat check from the DNC

  12. Its impossible to have health care for all, pay off student loan forgiveness, and pay low end workers 15.00….. this will collapse the economy

  13. Is it just me, but the end of this video these to reporting this debate are like hoping for stock market crash and lots of US Death in this country?, wow how far the Democrat part has fallen and to have a clown like blommberg on it.

  14. Bernie is the only candidate that is running on a platform. Everyone else is just attacking each other and throwing out soundbites. If you talk about unity you need to talk about getting behind the only candidate that has won the plurality of voters in this primary.

  15. There is no scenario where I had not rather have the mark of the beast, billions of times over, rather than support American history and what it represents, in terms of the present and the future.. The fact is, what is playing out, Trump and no taxes being collected, is the very core, the fundamental basis of not just Democracy, but Christianity, in general. Even more so, the degree to which he is corrupt, represents the very birthright of the Jew and or Christian. That is why they were Jews or Christians, to start with…

    I have never voted in an election, nor will I ever vote, just as I do not believe in a single Biblical figure in history, including their 'angels'…. or God existing or Heaven. It is not something I would ever fight for, much less die for… IN fact, the allowing of these things to exist, would be like death to me…. I detest everything these people, represent and or believe in, much less have sold themselves for…….

  16. โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿฅฐโ™ก๐Ÿ˜ Ms. Tulsi ๐Ÿฅฐโ™ก๐Ÿ˜โ™ฅ๏ธ should be the President ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ„๐Ÿค” Yang should be the Vice President ๐Ÿ„๐Ÿค๐Ÿ˜Ž that's what any reasonable person on the left and quite a few independents ๐Ÿ˜ฎ and even some republicans ๐Ÿ˜ฎ would actually vote for, you maniacs, and you know it! They're the only two SANE and GROWN and NON SOCIOPATHIC candidates y'all even had at ALL. Plus ๐Ÿ˜ Ms. Tulsi is a beautiful goddess ๐Ÿฅฐ with an IQ of about six hundred;
    Her mind together with Yang would actually get us somewhere. No other candidate on either side of the political garbage has ANY idea of how to solve anything nor do they have any slight inkling of what issues we will be facing in the coming decade!
    Meanwhile when Democrats say that they care about black people or women or people who are emigrating, I get sick. Can they even be serious?! Please stop it, Democrats. Geeze. That one old sociopath even talked about reparations up there- you really think that black people are falling for that, by now? Or how about bootygag pretending to be all hood the other day or how about Ms. Kamala getting caught and still being allowed to run?!
    Democrats need to stop saying that they care about a black man until the Democrats stop locking up everyone black when ever they have any power. They need to stop saying they care about a black man until Democrat Police forces can be kind to black people. The list goes on
    I saw the other one pretending to be a Spanish person too and I highly doubt that the Latino people are that gullible either! If I can notice this stuff as a white then do you think that everyone else cannot tell? Don't be silly. Another thing is Democrats should stop saying that they care about people who are immigrating until Democrats stop harming people who are immigrating
    That's a common issue powerful Democrats always have, too, thinking that "minority" people are dumb – they're not, though. Many people are brainwashed but that's NOT the same as being dumb. My IQ use to be very high and I was brainwashed for most of my life myself, and I'm living proof that any one can #BREAKFREE
    Then the oldest whitest racist guy I have ever seen gets up there and EVEN HE is still in the "race"? They can't even be serious, by now!!
    Then of all things some rich white lady stands there and says that women are judged more harshly than males in 2020.. really? You think that the average woman is sitting at her house believing that horse ____? Well American women (of all of the colors and shapes and sizes) are intelligent and awesome so #NOPE
    We are all an American no matter how many genders you have or where you come from or where you look like we ALL must #UNITETOSTAND – do not E V E R let some Democrat snob tell you that you do not belong or that you can not achieve and attain or that you are not loved here. Do not ever let them tell you that you are "less than". Believe in your fellow Americans and *believe in YOU*! Always!
    โ™ก Also give us a chance, would you, the average white is not so bad. We don't hate you or take from you we are mostly broke dying working people just like everyone else. Another thing is, you have millions of white people who want to be your friend and your ally ๐Ÿค and we proved it by helping massacre white slaver people already
    When you believe the dems about us you are closing the door on SO many opportunities for YOU – Dems never tell you ANY solutions or help you to empower yourself IN ANY way for some reason … think about it ๐Ÿค”

  17. Who else notices how bias NPR is against Bernie Sanders ?
    I literally stopped my monthly donations because itโ€™s truly shameful at how they report on his historical campaign .
    They constantly bring on people who seem to always have something bad to say about Bernie , but not the millions of influential and brilliant people who actually support him .
    They might mention the polls and the huge support , but in a quite unenthusiastic manner and then they never fail to finish off the report with a โ€œbut โ€œ The democrats are scared he canโ€™t beat trump ( which is complete nonsense ) or something about him being a democratic socialist , or a mention of something thatโ€™s completely unnecessary. The truth is nobody has a better chance at beating trump then Bernie and NPR you guys have become everything I despise about media , and a reason in why so many people donโ€™t trust the media nowadays.
    I wonโ€™t be surprised if the executive board at NPR are pleased with this kind of Bias , unfair , and quite frankly dishonest form of journalism
    NPR isnโ€™t just funded by our donations , they are sponsored from all kinds of companies from GEICO to the Bank of America .

  18. Who else notices how bias NPR is against Bernie Sanders ?
    I literally stopped my monthly donations because of how horribly disingenuous the reporting is on this historical Sanders campaign .

  19. Commi-Sanders is the worst choice for President. Black Americans are doing great with Trump as president. Removing industries that are employing Black Americans like Sanders will do, he said it: means poverty for Black Americans like my sons. We are not willing to go to plantations again and TRUMP 2020 is a win that we must ensure.

  20. Watching the "Scramble" the White House is doing live right now. I wouldn't, in all my wildest fantasies, refer to their actions as a "Scramble". Morons.

  21. What a fuckin freak show. What this country could put on that stage would impress the world. And look and this comedy show.

  22. So, socialist Bernie Sanders now wants our black Americans and Mexican Americans to go back to the plantations and raise โ€œweedโ€ instead of tobacco this time. Talk about racism!

  23. For those who wanna know how Bernie will pay for his "Medicare for All" – check out his own campaign youtube. Here's the specific video describing the breakdown:


    Harvard dictionary of Health + dementia /dษชหˆmษ›nสƒษ™/ noun MEDICINE

    Criteria for the diagnosis of dementia include impairment of attention, orientation, memory, judgment, language, motor and spatial skills, and function. He has IT !


  26. Don t worry Democrats you will win. you must fight to leave our borders
    porous and unprotected. Fight the fascist who request id at voting
    booths. The poor that come in we must quickly put on government
    assistance. Becoming the honeypot of the hemisphere the flood will
    continue . They will become a loyal army bought and paid for. You ever
    see a druggie turn on his dealer. Eventually we will reach critical
    mass. we will be able to tax the capitalist into oblivion.. The
    republicans will be whigged. Don t trust the fake news Cuba and
    Venezuela aren't that bad. They do have smaller carbon footprints. We
    will sing as we see the prideful forest of skyscrapers decay before our
    eyes. The future is one party and that party is Democratic.

  27. How do you pay for anything when you're country is bankrupt and in debt to the Private Federal Reserve. I love these clueless talking heads.

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  29. I had rather have the Mark, than to grant rights to classes of citizens, grant tax breaks, grant freedom for criminal behaviors, etc..
    While forcing everyone who Worships God, Christianity, Democracy, etc.. to receive the Mark of the Beast… Not to be confusing, but we are talking immortality vs mortality…. If they want Freedom, Rights, Liberty, etc,… let them do it, being poor and living as poor people, not as Human, Market, or Spiritual Managers…. Let them do it as 'Angels, not Devils'…

    I mean, if you can only be a Politician, by being unconscious all of the time, what good are you to anyone?

    Guess that is how or why, they have a narco in the White House?

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  31. The world needs true peace. Many current and past people and groups of the world have been victim to constant oppression, repression, and other world problems brought on by others and human existence. Hopefully, there will be a day all world problems will be highly reduced and stopped.

  32. Bernie is scared to tell is he would have to triple our taxes. By the way he should be and so should all of you. I'm a chemical worker and if you triple my taxes, you are going to starve or be shot in a food riot.

  33. Sanders looks like The Gringe who tried to steal Christmas … When he puts up both hands, he looks like a gray headed demonic wizard casting a spell … Stay Clear of this guy !!! He makes children Cry … !

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