Some House Races Still Undecided After Midterm Elections | Hardball | MSNBC

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  1. Look at the State Houses…
    it was not a blue wave…
    it was a Tsunami
    watch it burn trumpanzies, all you worked for, all you hoped for, watch it be destroyed… stupid deplorables

  2. if by chance your looking for work. don't accept less than $16 dollars per hour.. these guys got a trillion dollar tax cut we never got our raise.

  3. Blue Tsunami coming in 2020. Beto O'Rourke And Sherrod Brown a solid ticket to thump Trump and eject him from his presidential 💺 !

  4. Islam is a false religion since it denies the death and resurrection Lord Jesus and and His God hood. Ban Islam which is a false Cult and deport all Muslims refugees

  5. 7 of the seats the dems flipped are in Orange County CA where they sweeped the county. Repubs are dead in CA and their next minority leader will be McCarthy a California Repub. A general with no army.

  6. If Mia Love ends up winning I'd think it wouldn't take much to get her to caucus with Democrats. She's already been trashed by Trump and believes he's racist.

  7. So Dems manage to pick up 37 House Seats (so far), 7 Governorships, 4 State Attoneys General, and several State Legislatures. All in all, a job well done. Now we take this momentum to 2020.


  9. You should use a cartogram instead of a map, as the map makes the geographical size overwhelm the population of the district.

  10. Dems have been so demoralized by the Trump presidency… please MSNBC show us how big we won… state by state and even local elections need to be rubbed in Trump's orange face. We need to see the BLUE WAVES that are still happening.

  11. Trumpublican Senators in 2020 will have to look at the losses in the House this year and see if they really want the toxic Trump "embrace". By 2020 the big savings for the middle class will have been proven to be vapor, tariffs, declining GDP and increasing deficits have have tanked the economy. The Mueller and Democratic House investigations will have produced an even more impotent President, who will be facing multiple criminal charges. That's the "embrace" that awaits them in 2020.

  12. The sad thing is, that so much of those seats, blue and red, were gerrymandered in, and the only reason they flipped is because of the blue electorate wave, of 60 million to 38 million… if there had not been gerrymandering, the map would have looked a lot different… That's why the rest of the world looks at the USA and sees inconsistencies in it's political structure. The MSM does not want to mention that though, because it spoils the narrative of a free and open society, and the Greatest Nation on Earth… Sure looks to the rest of the world that it's the Greatest S…T Hole on Earth…

  13. Looking at the Map you see a lot of red, but just remember most of those states don't even have a million people in them whereas CA and NY have over 50 million.

  14. To see Trump lose in 2020, or to be sent off to the asylum, when that day happens, I'm going to break down and cry because it's finally over.

  15. YEA>>>>> More something for nothing. The Socialist Fairy will pick up the tab. ( and put it on your grand kid 's credit card!!!)

  16. The House of Representatives is based on population. The map that Steve used is based on area. It gives a false impression that the United States is predominantly conservative. Use a population map for the House and an area map for the Senate as each state gets 2 Senators regardless of population.

  17. Were the entire 2018 midterm elections rigged by Obama's residual swamp in the FBI and DHS. Why would anyone have voted Democrat this November?
    – Democrats support Antifa's violence!
    – Democrats WILL raise income taxes!
    – Democrats WILL raise property taxes!
    – Democrats WILL raise corporate taxes!
    -Democrats imposed a Trillion-dollar tax on Americans called Obamacare. It collapsed under its own grotesque degeneracy … but they STILL try to bring it back!
    – Democrats DON'T respect God, routiny leaving out any mention in their manifesto!
    – Democrats DON'T respect the FLAG!
    – Democrats DON'T respect the army!
    – Democrats DON'T respect Blacks, for 30 years the KKK was the enforcement arm of the Democrst Party!
    – Democrats DON'T respect borders!
    – Democrats DON'T respect capitalism, only the socialist garbage of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!
    – Democrats are the party of SLAVERY!
    – Democrats are the party of the KKK!
    – Democrats respect illegals more!
    – Democrats want an invasion of illegals from Mexico and Latin Americs to supplant the one million who come legally every year!
    – Democrats ignore Mexico's claim to America's Southwest!
    – Democrats HATE Israel!
    – Democrats encourage and protect the crimes of illegals from Mexico!
    – Democrats WILL NOT stand up to China!
    – Democrats have made a pact with (Russia? China? Mexico, the UN?) to make America poor and ungovernable like Venezuela!
    – Democrats DON'T provide jobs, only plantations like Newark, Chicago, New York and Washington where Blacks can be trained to be dependent on handouts.

  18. i would say that actually looks pretty bad for republicans in the senate when all is said and done, you dont really want to be going into 2020 with a majority of just 3 senate seats when the majority of seats up for reelection in 2020 are gop seats. sure they have the majority now but they probably wont for much longer and now they dont have the house to back them up either. a lot of republicans who are up for reelection in 2020 are looking like they’re going to be in a spot of trouble.

  19. #LIBERALISM arises from weakness and delusion. Liberalism is perpetrated, promulgated and perpetuated by the weak and delusional. Liberalism is weakness that ultimately leads to RUIN.

  20. ALL of the elections are up in the air until the DHS investigation into potential voter fraud is revealed on December 16th. Let's restore integrity to America.

  21. The democrats ended up doing even better than that. They picked up 40 seats in the house and maybe even 41 if they win in nc 9

  22. The LƐft has always been the party of  hatrƐd ; they have always rƐsented well-to-do, privileged people.  Many LƐft wingers vote democrat, only because they love it when they be4t those who, they think, represent nothing but the rich ( C 4 p i t a l s m ) .  And they hate the rich, because rich, powrful people usually enjoy privileges the many do not.  Richer, powrful people enjoy bettr education, bettr healthcare, bettr everything (it has always been like this, and it will always be), while the P00R "CinderƐllas" from "the South" have had to content themselves with much less.  It's not surprising, therefore, to find out that in their sad, rƐsented  little minds, LƐftists construe such state of affairs as "unfair", and then endeavor to convince themselves of the "0bjectivity" of such claims of theirs (à la Christi4nity, which always finds out a way to think of their 0pinions as not merely their own (biased) 0pinions, but as some sort of universal, di vine insight or ultimate truth), despite knowing, on the other hand, that difference (inequality) is the most natural thing in life.  For we're all different, and so, necessarily different in terms of accomplishments (success), talents, or even good fortune, all of which leads, ultimately, to matƐrial differences (there will always be ppl with more stuff and more privileges than the rest; 'There's always a bigger fish', as the saying goes).

    At bottom, most LƐftists do not (nor want to) realize about how subjective, how biased and self-indulgent their own opinion on inequality actually is. They have allowed their grossly exacerbatd sentimentality to act as the ultimate ground upon which to separate fair from unfair, making their notion of justice rather a superficial, short-sighted one (p4in = bad; inequality = p4in, therefore bad, unfair; so, equality = justice, happiness, therefore good), and so, unsurprisingly, we find them deifying equality as the supreme principle and core upon which to build society, which they also expect it to be enforced on people like RIGHT NOW!, unless you wanna mess with their social justice cavemen, their two-year old temper tantrums, and the fayk nƐws, late night clowns' washed-up routines…


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