So Much Winning for Democrats on Election Day 2017: The Daily Show

The night’s marquee race
was in Virginia where Democrat Ralph Northam defeated Republican Ed Gillespie
for governor. And, uh, President Trump
was not taking it well. WOMAN: Traveling in South Korea,
the president, who endorsed Gillespie,
but did not campaign for him, offering this criticism of the
campaign overnight, tweeting, “Ed Gillespie worked hard, but did not embrace me
or what I stand for.” -Goddamn!
-(laughter) Trump does not play games with
how fast he will abandon you. Like, he just quit the guy
out of nowhere. I bet you, one day
when the U.S. economy crashes, Trump’s gonna be like,
“What a loser economy. I’ve never even heard
of America.” (laughter) “I’m from Sweden. Guten Tag.” (laughter) And as much as Trump wants
people to believe Gillespie lost because he didn’t embrace
Trump’s worldview, the truth is, Gillespie did everything
but grab someone by the pussy. Just look… just look
at some Gillespie campaign ads. MAN: Ralph Northam wants
to take down Virginia’s Civil War monuments. Ed Gillespie
will preserve them. I’m for keeping ’em up,
and he’s for taking ’em town. WOMAN: Ralph Northam voted
in favor of sanctuary cities that let dangerous illegal
immigrants back on the street, increasing the threat of MS-13. If I’m elected
Virginia’s governor, I’ll fight to make it legal
for adult individuals to be free to purchase fireworks
like this. And we can celebrate
Independence Day -in true American fashion.
-♪ ♪ (hissing) (laughter) Aah…! (laughter) I mean, you laugh, but that was his most
successful run this year. AUDIENCE MEMBERS:
Oh! Oh! -(applause and cheering)
-(imitating fireworks popping) I love how…
I love how he’s like, “I don’t know why
the government is trying “to restrict us
from these fireworks. Aah!” (laughter) But when you look
at the bigger picture, you know who really won big
in last night’s elections? Karma. Yes, Karma–
the spiritual principle that the universe will reward
good actions and punish bad ones. Uh, sort of like this. Oh. (man mutters) (laughter) (applause, laughter) So, last night… last night, that basically happened
all across America. (laughter) Incumbents were defeated
by the very thing they were being dicks about. For instance, in New Jersey. WOMAN: Ashley Bennett
unseated John Carman as a Freeholder
in Atlantic County. You may remember Carman mocked the Women’s March
in Washington. He wrote on Facebook,
“Will the Women’s March be over -in time for them to cook
dinner?” -(audience groans) Bennett protested his comments
at a meeting, and then decided to run
for his seat, and she won. (cheers and applause) Carman, meet Karma. (laughter) He was worried about women
having time to make dinner, and now Karma has given him
all the time he needs -to make his own dinner.
-(laughter) Enjoy your Hot Pockets, be-itch. (applause) Karma was all over America. In Helena, Montana, the mayor, who did not want
to host refugees in his city, lost his re-election bid
to a Liberian refugee. (applause and cheering) So… enjoy your Hot Pockets,
be-itch. -(laughter) -Sorry. My mom said
I should work on a catchphrase so I’m trying it out. But Karma’s greatest achievement
surely came in last night’s race for the 13th District in the
Virginia House of Delegates. MAN: Danica Roem making history
in Virginia. The 33-year-old
former journalist elected as the nation’s first openly
transgender state lawmaker. She defeats 13-term incumbent Robert Marshall,
who proclaimed himself Virginia’s “chief homophobe.” -(audience groans)
-Wow. Really? Chief homophobe. Not only is that insulting
to gay people, it’s also insulting
to other homophobes. You don’t own the movement, bro. It’s a democracy. And when you
put it all together– the Democratic landslides,
the victories for refugees, trans people, people of color–
it was a horrible night for people like Sean Hannity. Which you can tell
by how much time he spent covering all of the results
on his hour-long show. Sean Hannity next.
Our coverage continues throughout the night. Hey, Sean.
-All right, thanks, Tucker. By the way, those results in
Virginia, New Jersey, New York, by the way,
not states Donald Trump won. Welcome to Hannity.
President Trump is in Seoul. He is in South Korea… -(laughter)
-Five seconds?! Five seconds,
that’s all the time you gave to reporting that news,
five seconds? That’s not enough time to cook
your Hot Pockets, beyatch. (laughter, applause,
whooping, whistling) It’s working, Mom! You know how
Sean Hannity did that? He just threw it out there–
he delivered that line like a guy who spilled
mayonnaise on his pants before he got to work, and now
he just walks in the office like, “Morning, everyone. I know
I’ve got mayonnaise on my pants. “Let’s get to work.
Let’s go on. Let’s move on. Any questions? Not about
the mayonnaise. Let’s move on.”

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  1. My prediction back before Trump got elected was that Trump was a secret Democrat and would destroy the Republican party…Seems like I might have been correct.

  2. Boy, the comments below prove that Trump supporters are both lousy winners and lousy losers. In other words, they're just lousy people.

  3. ive come back to report that i can't stop walking around saying "enjoy your hot pockets biaaaatch" for everything. damn u trevah! u and ur dimples got me again

  4. i love this not sure which part of the voters are not realizing what is going on the rep for trump and others or the dem's for what happen on the 8th. Don't get me wrong the reps seem not to be the people you want in office, but don't people realize that this is just the same cycle? For instance the woman who ran vs man who did not realize the women where not his mom, she won so what now? Will she improve the roads? Better police? Better fire? Or is this just another cycle of election of someone that does not know what is going on? Heck i could be wrong but I have been through this rodeo way to many times.

  5. Just one name epitomizes the Trump party, Roy Moore. Already, Ed Henry, a politician from Alabama jumps into the fray to defend Roy Moore's behavior. Claiming that it is politically motivated. Not to deny these allegations took place, but to point out the timing of the revelations. There several women that have come forward and a multitude of witnesses, but it's, according to Roy Moore backers, nothing to get excited about. It's normal for a 31 year old man to be interested in dating and molesting minor females. I guess pedophilia is normal in Alabama. It is a commonly proven fact that Alabama red necks marry cousins, sisters, etc. So, this doesn't surprise me. What troubles me is the fact they want to put a religious spin on Moore's behavior. How immoral!

  6. Trevor Noah sux. He's not funny, and is blatantly horrible at reading the script. It's like watching someone who is not funny, stumbling through reading how to be funny – live on TV. The timing of his jokes sux, he seems mechanical in everything he says, again, like he's reading the script. Because of his mechanical delivery, I find it hard to believe he has any real clue, as to the implications of the political satire, that he's being fed through the prompter; delivered one boring, awkward, unfunny word at a time. I would find it hard to believe that he writes any of the material for the show. Part of this, is the fact that he's not an American citizen, and has only been in America something like five years. How well could he really grasp all of the neuances of American life, it's history, and it's political sphere. John Stewart, on the other hand, was a lifelong New Yorker, who challenged conservative hosts on their shows, or at open debates. To this day he is fighting for the rights of 9/11 first responders health insurance. Also, the only references Noah seems to use, to corroborate his statements, are other major media outlets, rendering his commentary even more shallow and I'll informed. John Stewart cited actual sources, polls, government data, studies, when breaking shit down for the viewers, while reserving the mainstream media as referential, simply to make fun of it; Trevor uses it to substantiate his claims of truth! Im sure Comedy Central thought replacing Stewart with Noah was the bold move, attempting to keep up with the over – PC minded, perfectly racially diverse, millennial generation. A host so progressive that he had only been in America under five years. And yes, that makes a difference for the role he plays. He reminds me of a really obnoxious child who was never funny – just abnoxious – but who's family only and always told him that he was.
    So, anyway, CC took a nose dive with this idiot. He sux

  7. We're finally showing that America is tired of bigoted Republican bullsh*t, and I pray to every voting American to keep that momentum going through the next Presidential election.

  8. Hahaha! So much winning for Trump and his ignorant supporters. These elections should serve as an example that we should embrace all Americans regardless of their race, gender, religion, roots, etc. They attempted to bring bigotry back, but true Americans rise up and we demonstrated that our nation is greater than that. Great job America!

  9. The Liberalism evolves the Leftism especially in the western countries. And as a japanese I really hate the Democrats Jews. They are full foe of Japan.

  10. It's not even 100% about the democrats winning, it's that QUALIFIED people won over the same old status-quo preserving gas bags.

  11. Imagine you're going to vote and the issue that YOU are concerned about is if he supports lighting …………………FIREWORKS ……………NOT HEALTHCARE …………JOBS ……………ENVIRONMENT………….FIREWORKS !!!!

  12. New Roy Moore revelation, it seems that people that have known him for years are saying that it was common knowledge that as a 30+ year old, Roy Moore preferred to hang out at high schools and the mall trolling for teenagers. Now, he is calling the women that called him on it, liars. Pedophilia is a crime and it don't matter if he got the parents permission to date little girls. There are parents that condone pedophilia, but that does not make it legal. I hear that the age of consent in Alabama is 16, but just because the inbred red necks of that state want it that way, it is still morally wrong. This practice is just as bad, if not worse, as polygamy and marrying little girls. Roy Moore is a sexual predator just like Trump.

  13. "That was his most successful run this year."
    Holy bejeebus!
    That one needs a gold "Jon's Hall of Fame" plaque.
    Gillespie ran, but now all he has is the runs.

  14. OK wait just that i understand. Those little fireworks are ilegall but people can buy assault rifles and sniper rifles with more than 1.5 km precision. OOhh americans what is just wrong with you.

  15. Don't you guys hate it when you are playing The Sims, you tell your sim to go somewhere and they take the long route because they can't walk passed a couch that is a 2 feet from the wall?

  16. FORGET TAX CUTS, we have enough!!! Concentrate on TAX REFORM!!! It is EASY!! Just follow the law: Gross income should be considered to be the total income from all sources (dividends, stock market trading, selling property and goods or services, salaries, wages, etc.) as provided by the Revenue Act of 1913 [Pub Law No 16, § 22(a)] and confirmed by AMENDMENT XVI of the Constitution for the United States of America (look it up!). NO MORE SPECIAL EXEMPTIONS for any reason. No more corporations that pay no taxes on billions in profit, NO MORE LOOPHOLES! **** To arrive at an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), only the following items should be deductible: inheritances of $5 million or less, interest on the mortgage of a primary residence, medical expenses (including insurance premiums), education expenses for children up to age 25 and $2,500.00 annual deduction per child under 18 years. Businesses can also deduct for raw materials, cost of goods to be sold, payroll and health care related costs. Taxes could start at one percent on AGI(s) above $15,000 (singles) and $20,000 (businesses and families) respectively and could increase at a sliding scale until a rate of 25 percent has been reached for an AGI of $250,000 or more. (Yep, that's a TOP RATE of just 25%!!! – remember it is on EVERYTHING, no more loopholes!!!). Individual states can devise a similar plan for state taxes. Tax reform done! BUT NOT EVER IF YOU ONLY WANT TO CUT TAXES FOR THE RICH!!!

  17. The Democrats were able to win state and local elections because the INDEPENDENT voters came out behind their rocks and voted Democrat. Democrats, like Republicans, only control 35% of the American voters. the Other 30% of American voters are INDEPENDENT and, unlike Democrats and Republicans, they DO NOT vote in party lines… they vote outside party lines and they vote on how they feel. Right now, Independent voters Dislike Trump… in 2016, they Dislike (hate) Hillary Clinton. Who even caters to the Independent voters in this Country… will win elections. Right now, Independents are going with the Democrats.

  18. The Daily Show, another DEMOCRAT propaganda machine

  19. The Denocrats won a few things, but they will continue to lose because they are isolating voters. Democrats are all about supporting transgender people, illegal immigrants, and refugees. What about everyday Americans? Until they get a clue, moderates like myself will continue to look for a solution. Republicans are obsessed with forcing their religion on everyone and bannung abortion. There is not a good choice anymore.

  20. Hannity spends only five seconds covering news that makes Republicans look bad yet people say that CNN and WaPo are fake news.

  21. Democrats getting their grove back from the evil Republicans. I already knew trump was going to drag the Republican party to the point were no one will want to vote them.

  22. "I'm for keepin' em up, & he's for takin' em down." Sounds more like a debate over outdoor Christmas lights after January.

  23. for who proud being a democrat, i advise you to look at yourself from outside world, especially third world; look at what your beloved politicians like obama with hilary did to those countries as if there is a remarkable difference between trump supporters or obama lovers for them

  24. Hannity is the most one sided reporter ever. Basically Fox news deepthroats and kisses the deepest parts of Trumps ass EVERY DAY

  25. You guys finally understand karma. Some people don't like it because they think it's this mystical thing and don't like it because they think it is insulting to people who have misfortune, but actually, it's kind of scientific. To every action there is an equal an opposite reaction (that does not necessarily happen right away).

    If you're yelling at someone while walking the street, that is karma if you hit the lamppost. Karma is taking responsibility for your actions and the things that happen to you because of it. If you don't yell at people while walking down the street and instead walk calmly, then you won't hit the lamppost, and if you do hit it because you trip that can be coincidence.

    Some people don't understand karma and give it a bad name, which is why it's good to see it being used in a correct context.

  26. Carman, meet Karma. Either i am too stoned or that was absolutely funny as fuuuckkk!!!!!
    Wow, Hannity, wow, sore loser much?

  27. damn white men losing to black woman and transgender men this is laughable on so many levels republicans 👎👎.that fycking hannity pussy was 🙊 classic. these republicans are a joke does it feel once that molester is out of office then all you children of the so called right(again laughable) can ho fuck yourselves 😘😘

  28. RIP IT DOWN. Niggas tired of driving down Monument Avenue seen all these racist ass statues glorifying motherfuckers

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