Should BERNIE SANDERS Run for President Again? – 2020 Election

Should Bernie Sanders Run for President Again?
– 2020 Election Bernie Sanders has an approval rating of 63
percent according to a morning consult poll, making him the most popular politician in
the Senate. According to a Harvard Harris poll, Bernie is also the most popular major
politician who currently holds office, ranking just behind Barack Obama and Joe Biden. He
also stands a strong chance of beating Donald Trump in a general election. When asked by
Public Policy Polling, “If the candidates for President next time were Democrat Bernie
Sanders and Republican Donald Trump, who would you vote for?” 55% of respondents said Sanders,
with just 39% choosing Donald Trump. Aside from positive polling, Sanders is also
a seasoned politician, having served in congress since 1991, and as a Senator since 2007. He
is the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, and was Chair of the Veterans Affairs
Committee. He even has experience as an executive, having served as mayor of Burlington throughout
the nineteen eighties. During his 2016 run for president, Bernie
drew some of the largest crowd sizes of any candidate in the race, and gave Hillary Clinton
an unexpectedly challenging run for her money. Despite losing the nomination, his views would
have tremendous influence on the party platform, and since that time, he’s continued to be
the most visible leader of America’s progressive movement. Still, in the face of his qualifications,
there are serious challenges to Bernie’s viability as a presidential candidate for 2020. In this
video, I will assess and rebut what I take to be the ten biggest objections to his candidacy,
as I explore the question: Why shouldn’t he run? — Three of the most common concerns about Bernie
Sanders are that he’s old, he’s white, and he’s a man. These concerns are very often
combined, as in, Bernie Sanders is an old white man. I addressed all three of these
challenges in my last video, so you can check that out if you want to hear my thoughts on
that. I won’t rehash the same arguments here, but I do want to start off this video by talking
about two issues that run along similar lines. First, let’s talk about the issue of his support
amongst women and people of color. 1. Not supported by Women or People of Color Women are half the country, and since the
political realignment of the parties, the Democrats have relied on votes from minority
groups of all stripes to win election. It is true that Hilary Clinton enjoyed more support
amongst women and people of color than Sanders did back in 2016, but that doesn’t actually
mean to much. First, his base of support in these demographics may have changed since
then. And second, his support among these demographics vs Clinton is not particularly
interesting. She’s not likely to run against him in the primaries, and, at any rate, to
establish himself as a viable candidate, what Bernie really needs to do is show that he
would be a viable candidate in the General Election. So, what really matters is Sanders’ current
support amongst women and minorities relative to that of Donald Trump. Now, I’m sure this will shock you, but Trump
does not have very strong approval ratings here. According to Gallup, his job approval
among women is about a third. With Blacks, it’s 10%. Hispanics 22%. Non whites overall,
it’s 19% currently. Sanders not only has stronger approval ratings
than Trump among women. He actually has stronger support among women than men. According to
a Harvard Harris survey, Sanders enjoys a 58% approval rating among women, and a 55
percent approval rating among men. A Public Policy Polling poll did a head to head match
up of Sanders versus Trump. While the poll found Sanders would beat Trump among men,
55 percent to 44. Among women, Sanders is favoured 60 to 35 percent. Clearly, Sanders enjoys enough support among
women to beat Trump, so what about minorities? According to the same Public Policy Polling
Poll in a head to head match up against Trump, Sanders has a small deficit among white voters.
Trump leads him among whites by three percent. Among hispanic voters, Sanders leads Trump
68 to 24. With the black vote, he leads him 92 to 6. With other races, he leads 76 to
13. So, clearly, the myth that Sanders does not
have enough support amongst women and minorities is just that: a myth. So, let’s turn, very
briefly, to the concern that he is too old to run for president. 2. He’s too old. I discussed this topic at length in my last
video, so I’ll be be brief. But essentially, Bernie’s age is only a real concern if you
believe that it will somehow prevent him from being able to discharge his duties as president
because of physical or mental health issues, or in the event that he passes away while
in office. But I just don’t see why this should mean he ought not to run. If for any reason he is unable to continue
serving in the middle of a term, his vice president would, of course, take over his
duties as president. So, to the extent that the concern is valid, we should take Bernie’s
choice running mate seriously. His age doesn’t really mean he shouldn’t run. It only puts
more pressure on his choice for VP. As one of you guys actually mentioned in the
comments section, it’d be a good idea for Bernie to pick a running mate early. I totally
agree. But, that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t run, it just changes some of the dynamics
surround how he should run. Now, let’s turn to a concern that at least
one person thinks is very important… 3. He’s not a democrat. In her book, What Happened, Hillary Clinton
wrote: “He isn’t a Democrat—that’s not a smear,
that’s what he says…I am proud to be a Democrat and I wish Bernie were too.” But she’s actually not the only person to
criticize him along these lines. Former DNC Chairman Don Fowler has called upon Bernie
to join the party, and told Politico, “The Democratic Party has treated Senator
Sanders exceptionally well. We collectively let him run in our primaries when he declared
he wasn’t a Democrat—I count that as a great favor, and an opportunity almost no one else
has ever received.” Let me just quickly explain why that is a
ridiculous comment. The idea that the Democrats letting him run in their primaries was a favor
is about as asinine as it gets. Had the dems not allowed him to do so, he would have had
no choice but to run as an independent in the General Election. Had that been the case,
Mrs. Clinton would not have enjoyed his endorsement. Instead, she’d have lost some portion of her
votes to her more progressive challenger. Very likely, she would not have been able
to claim the consolation prize of a popular vote victory. Without a strong challenger,
she would have enjoyed far less press coverage during the primary season. Because he did
run as a Democrat, the party was able to control the context of his run. They were able to
schedule debates, and announce superdelegate votes prior to them actually being cast, which
gave Clinton the appearance of victory long before it was sealed. One might argue this
was a self-fulfilling prophesy, perpetuated in part by the favorable mainstream media
bias enjoyed by the party. But, that’s just my opinion. Please share your thoughts in
the comments below. When it comes to the actual concern that Bernie
is not officially a member of the party, I am fairly convinced that no one really cares
outside of beltway insiders. Bernie doesn’t have a D next to his name. But, he caucuses
with the party. His ideas are embedded in the party’s platform. And he is certainly
more consistently progressive in his policy preferences than establishment Democrats like
Hillary Clinton. Fundamentally, the value of political parties
is that party labels can help to identify if a politician represents a voter’s policy
preferences. But what really matters is what the label represents, not the label itself.
The democratic party is supposed to be the party of liberals and progressives. The party
that fights for workers, women, minorities, the poor and the middle class. There’s no
question that that’s who Sanders fights for. If anything, he’s seen a too progressive for
Americans. So, let’s actually dig into that concern, that Bernie’s ideology is out of
whack with the average American. 4. His ideology is out of whack with the average
American Now, for the sake of brevity, let’s just focus
in on a couple of issues. If you go to Bernie Sanders dot com, he identifies
his top issue as reducing income and wealth inequality. His first solution involves very
specific tax proposals, on which I could not find reasonable polling. But his second point
is one that became a signature policy position for him in the 2016 primary campaign: increasing
the federal minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. There is good contemporaneous polling
on that issue. Pew Research Center asked the question, “would
you favor or oppose an increase in the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $15 an
hour?” 58 percent of respondents favored it, with
just 41 percent opposing. That’s a strong majority of Americans agreeing with the most
left-wing Senator in the country on his top campaign issue’s signature proposal. But, income inequality is not a top concern
for voters. According to a 2018 Harvard Harris Poll, the issue ranks in 14th place. The top
concern for voters? Health Care. Bernie, of course supports the policy of Medicare
For All. It was part of his platform in 2016, and he introduced a Medicare for All bill
in 2017. Reuters conducted a poll asking respondents if they would support of oppose a policy of
medicare for all. Overall, 70.1% of respondents favored the policy, with just 20.6 percent
opposing. Even a slim majority of Republicans, 59.1% support the proposal. So, Bernie Sanders may be extremely far to
the left when it comes to Washington politicians, but on his top issue, and the issue that matters
most to Americans, he appears to advocate for what the people want. But the fact that Washington insiders don’t
agree with him could come with an issue in it’s own right. One might argue that as President,
Bernie wouldn’t be able to get anything done because his views are too extreme for Washington 5. Can’t get anything done because his views
are extreme for Washington If that argument holds, we might find that
Bernie has proposed bills, but they would all be rejected immediately and dismissed
as fringe ideas. Most bills, in fact, tend to get held up in committee, and never make
it to the floor for consideration. If he’s too radical to get stuff done, he certainly
would never have been able to get bills out of committee. Now, the last time the Democratic party controlled
the Senate was during the 113th congress, from January of 2013 to January of 2015. So,
let’s see if the Washington outsider managed to get even a single bill to the floor. Well, as it so happens, here, Bernie got 12
bills out of committee, putting him in a three-way tie for 10th place out of all Senators for
productivity. Among those who got no bills out of committee is the non-controversial
Washington insider, Cory Booker. To be fair, it was his first term, and he
didn’t join the Senate until October of 2013. So, it’s not really fair to say it’s 12 to
0 here. Since Bernie got an average of one bill out roughly every two months, let’s deduct
his ten month advantage by bringing his score down by 5 bills. Would you look at that? He’s
still leading, 7-0. Anyway, point made. The fact that Sanders
tends to favor policies that agree with the American people has not alienated him so much
in Washington that he can’t get anything done. So, let’s move on to another more superficial
but nevertheless potentially consequential issue, that is the label of Socialist. 6. People are scared of Socialism To be clear, Socialism is a complicated term
with extremely divergent connotations. The “socialism” in the USSR is clearly very
different from the “socialism” of Scandinavia, the latter of which is what Sanders identifies
with. The Senator is always careful to clarify that he is a Democratic Socialist. But, a
brief glance though the comments section on this very youtube channel demonstrates that
not all Americans appreciate the distinction. So, let’s forget about.
Is Socialism a non-starter for Americans? Well, not according to the famous Republican
pollster Frank Luntz. In a 2016 article in the Hill, Luntz said of young peoples’ attitudes
about socialism, “We have lost. It’s not like we are losing,
we have lost that generation. And I don’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican, independent,
none of the above. The fact that 58 percent [of millenials] say socialism is a better
form of economics, that is the damage of academia.” In case you were unclear of his tone, Luntz
was not hoping to find this result. He’s a thoroughly connected establishment Republican,
and no fan of Bernie Sanders. In fact he said in the same article, “Bernie Sanders is so old, it takes him
an hour and a half to watch ’60 Minutes.’…He is so old, the only time he doesn’t have to
pee is when he’s peeing.” Classy. Luntz was not wrong about young people
preferring Socialism. In a 2018 poll from gallup, 51% of 18-29 year olds were found
to have a positive view of socialism, whereas only 45% had a positive view of capitalism. And it’s not just the young. While Republicans
support capitalism strongly over socialism, 71 to 16%. 57% Democrats and Democratic leaners
have a positive view of socialism, and only 47% have a positive view of capitalism. Even Fox News found a general increase in
positive views toward socialism. They framed the question this way: Do you think it would
be a good thing or a bad thing for United States to move away from capitalism and more
toward socialism? 51% of respondents said it was a bad thing,
a sharp decline since they asked the same question in 2012. 36% said it was a good thing,
a sharp increase from the roughly 20% that thought so in 2012. So, while Socialism is still, overall less
popular than capitalism, the reverse is true amongst young people and democrats. And, it’s
popularity is only increasing. So, it’s extremely doubtful that Socialism fear mongering would
actually be able to take down Bernie Sanders. Ever more so when we consider that the right
wing often attempted to smear Obama as a socialist, and today, he remains the most popular politician
in the country. Still, as a socialist, a progressive, a leftist,
his policies will undoubtedly face the question the mainstream media never asks about costs
for say, mass surveillance, or the military. That question is, of course, 7. How are you going to pay for it? Thankfully, Sanders tends to always include
how he will fund his policies. I could show you clips of him defending his tax proposals,
but let’s have a little fun. In a segment attacking Bernie Sanders’ free college tuition
proposal, here’s how Fox presented Bernie’s answer. Now I was actually able to track down a study
on the specific issue of imposing a financial transaction tax. Here’s what they found: For both likely voters and surge voters, support
for a Financial Transaction Tax clearly outpaces opposition. Among likely voters, 42% support
instituting a small sales tax of a few cents per hundred dollars on Wall Street financial
transactions, including the purchase of derivatives, stocks, bonds, or other financial assets,
compared to 36% who oppose it. Among surge voters, the FTT is even more popular, with
53% supporting it and just 30% oppose it. Okay, so this was published by Lake Research
Partners and Chesapeake Beach Consulting. Not exactly well known pollsters. And the
survey was limited to battleground districts. So, let’s find a more generic poll from a
more reputable polling group. When asked by Pew whether tax rates should
be raised or lowered on large businesses and corporations, the majority of respondents,
52% said they should be raised, as opposed to just 24% who favored lowering taxes on
these groups. Still just 24% believe in lowering taxes for households earning over a quarter
million dollars a year, while 43% favor a tax increase. So, not only does Bernie have plans for how
to fund his social programs, his general approach to funding—tax the rich—appears to be
popular amongst Americans. But what if, despite the popularity of his programs, and how he
would fund them, the growing popularity of socialism, and his own high ratings in polls,
moderates just won’t vote for him. 8. Moderates won’t vote for him The thinking here is aligned with standard
establishment political strategy. Why support a progressive, who is popular and embraces
popular policies, when we could push to the middle, and scoop up those independent voters? This is exactly the kind of thinking Democrats
embraced when they nominated Hilary Clinton. It’s also exactly not the kind of thinking
the Republicans embraced by listening to their grassroots and nominating Trump, a rather
extreme and opinionated candidate. I’m happy to say that I was here back then,
patiently explaining why this theory doesn’t make sense ahead of time. So, let me roll
a clip from an old video, and as a side note, please enjoy how crappy I was at editing back
then. But could that strategy of pushing people
to the polls actually be more powerful than winning over independents? Well, yes. There have been a lot of polls suggesting
an increase in independents over the past couple decades. Gallup placed the total number
of independents at 42% in a 2016 study. That would be huge, until you realize that independents
aren’t actually so independent. 16% of Gallup’s respondents were independents who leaned toward
Democrats. Another 16% were independents who leaned Republican. That means just 10% of
Americans are actually independents who are actually sitting right in the middle, or are
genuinely confused about which side they’re on. But, whether or not you agree with my math,
just look at recent presidential electoral history. Can you think of a strong candidate
who ran on a campaign of bold ideas who lost to calm, compromise-driven moderate? But, now that I mention calm, let’s address
the issue that Bernie is just too nice to win. 9. Too nice. Sure enough in his race against Clinton, there
were a couple times where he let her off the hook, particularly when it came to her emails! So would he be likewise soft on Trump? Well,
I would argue that there were good reasons why he was soft on Clinton. He probably did
want to not attack the front runner too aggressively, as he knew if she won, he would go on to endorse
her and hope for her victory. For better or worse he probably also felt pressure ingratiate
himself to the more moderate democrats. They supported her at the time, and for him to
win the primary and go on to win the general, he would need them to feel comfortable supporting
him. In fact, you could say Clinton struggled in the general election in part because she
was ineffective at winning over Bernie’s supporters. But when it comes to going after Trump, Bernie
doesn’t tend to hold back. Still, you may think that 10. The DNC will stop him, so why bother? For Clintonites, the 2016 DNC email leak has
become a key excuse for Hillary’s general election loss, but what these emails largely
reveal are the attitudes and actions of party insiders that may have assisted her primary
election victory. Certainly, they confirm what many Sanders supporters had long suspected,
than the party’s stated neutrality was a lie. Among the emails came revelations like, DNC
CFO Brad Marshall suggesting that they should have someone from the media ask Sanders if
he is an atheist prior to the West Virginia primary. DNC National Press Secretary Mark
Paustenbach suggested using an incident to promote the “narrative for a story, which
is that Bernie never had his act together, this campaign was a mess.” Debbie Wasserman
Schultz herself insulted Bernie’s campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, calling him a “damn
liar” and “particularly scummy.” She said of Bernie himself “he isn’t going to
be President.” And after Mika Brzezinski accused the DNC of bias against the Sanders
campaign, Schultz emailed Chuck Todd to say that such coverage “must stop” and she
ordered the DNC’s communications director to call MSNBC president Phil Griffin to demand
an apology from Brzezinski. So is the DNC biased against Bernie? Yes.
But a lot has changed since 2016. Wasserman Schultz is gone. The current acting DNC Chair
is Tom Perez, who did a unity tour with Sanders, and has the solid progressive Keith Ellison
as his deputy. The DNC’s preferences may be less monolithic than they were last time around.
Super delegates can no longer vote in the first round, meaning party insiders likely
votes are far less likely to be included in the mainstream media’s reported vote tallies.
Unlike in 2016, Bernie Sanders has great name recognition. So, the DNC would not be able
to employ a strategy of avoiding debates, for example, to keep his visibility low.
Finally, with the DNC’s bias confirmed by the 2016 email leak, voters are now well aware
the potential problem, and will be more on guard to insider shenanigans. Even with these changes, Sanders should expect
resistance from the establishment of the Democratic Party. But, the reality is that this is not
a unique problem for Bernie Sanders. Powerful people have a tendency to protect the social,
economic and political structures that preserve their power. So, almost by definition, an
agent of systemic change meet resistance from powerful people. Anyone running for office
who seriously advocates making changes that would benefit the powerless, should expect
the powerful to fight them tooth and nail. And just one way to derail a candidate would
be a laundry list of arguments under the heading… Why shouldn’t he run?

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  1. Does the thought of sanders as president not scare anyone else? Pushing the american system farther out on the political spectrum than we have ever gone before in terms of social aid. I find myself close to the center of the spectrum slightly leaning right. I agree with a pendulum swing as needed on the spectrum but i find the thought of pushing us into untreaded waters terrifying

  2. No. He should be Tulsi's running mate. Tulsi has better chance than him at attracting republicans who don't really like Trump but hate "socialists" like Bernie

  3. I would vote for Sanders if he is the candidate, but not happily. He is quite simply too old to be President. This is no longer an old man's job. (and as I am an active 76 I have some understanding of the limitations brought about by age.) I feel the same about Joe Biden. The country and the world needs a younger person in the White House.

  4. Obviously YES!!! I'm so sick of the press automatically assuming every election that Joe Biden is going to run. Hey Press JOE BIDEN WILL NEVER RUN FOR PRESIDENT! Even if he did he wouldn't beat Bernie. When was the last time you saw a Joe Biden bumper sticker? When was the last time you saw a Bernie 2016 sticker? They are still on peoples cars in 2019 everywhere you see them. None of the other Dem candidates have a chance. Why even bother talking about them? Its gonna be a Sanders/Warren ticket. Now that Hillary's out of the way. Sanders will win it.

  5. If people look at Bernie’s policy and how it would be implemented, people who realize what a crock he’s selling to the American people, Democratic Socialism is the same as regular socialism with a new name. The Prime Minister of Denmark (A country Bernie has often said is socialist) came out saying that his country was not socialist. Socialism is the antithesis of freedom, period. Does anyone remember when Bernie said bread lines were a good thing? Because that is what he wants in America, socialism has not worked anywhere else in the world, it won’t work here, unlike the Scandinavian countries who can afford their social programs we don’t have other countries willing to foot our military budget. Bernie and his base show just how ignorant, most young Americans are and how selfish they have become as well. It saddens me to know when I go to college I will have to engage with people so morally and intellectually decrepit.

  6. I think I'd vote for Bernie again…..but I really don't think he can win……especially after Trump………….People really want something familiar, safe, and reasonable…for a while……the total opposite of Trump…..Bernie will really shake things up, but no one knows how his policies would really look in reality…..I do trust that they would be well thought out and implemented….

  7. Sweden Isnt doing too good in many things, Denmark has problems with housing like Sweden, Norway is doing pretty good though. The thing is that no economic ideology is perfect, but thing Republicans like about Capitalism is that it does not involve a more powerful government, and it succeeds with a basic natural human trait which is greed.

  8. old white man is only used by out of touch CNN reporters. Ironically though those same reporters who use that title to belittle him root for joe biden…

  9. Nope. Too old. Just bring in some other Communist who will lose. You're not going to turn the US into Venezuela, sorry.

  10. Sanders is a Social Democrat like FDR, even though he calls himself a Democratic Socialist. Democratic Socialists (and Socialists) are more aggrieved over Sanders' self-identification than everyone else (except for Fox News 'pundits').
    IMO, the primary reason young people don't freak out over the word 'Socialism' is that after the 'Reagan Revolution', when marginal tax rates were slashed to the bone and numerous anti-monopoly laws were not enforced or overturned altogether, the country has steadily slid towards an plutocratic society of ever increasing income inequality exacerbated by monopolization of the mainstream media, and made exponentially worse by two rulings by the Supreme Court (Citizens United and another recent ruling.. Heller?) which has accelerated the trend of politicians voting for the interests of their wealthy donors and ignoring everyone else.. i.e. the pendulum has swung so far away from representative democracy, many people see the need for someone like Sanders to push the Overton Window where it was 50+ years ago (and where it is in almost every other industrialized country now). Unfortunately, there is no one else like Sanders. There are a few who are paying lip service to his policy proposals, but they all have a long history of being neoliberal centrists that make their talking points come across as inauthentic (with the possible exception of Warren on domestic policy and Tulsi Gabbard in regard to foreign affairs).
    BTW, Sanders declared yesterday and raised 5.9 MILLION in the first 24 hours of his campaign!

  11. The situation is clear: If Pelosi is the nominee, she does have a small advantage over Trump. If Warren wins, she will have the presidency with arund 75-80%. BUT: If Sanders is the nominee, he will fingerflick Mr. Trump out of existence and rip him completely apart! He has got almost 100% voters from the Hispaniolas, around 80% of Asians and even White Males for over 50%. So basically, EVERY age group and EVERY ethnies is on Bernie´s side.So I am glad he is running!

  12. Nobody seems to have noticed that this man is very old ? and his politics are even more left wing than Hillary Clintons ?( who managed to lose to Trump) Most people I imagine would rather not vote for Trump – but if the Dem's but up a ageing Marxist he will have a second term

  13. I have wondered if Bernie and Clinton (aka Wasserman-schultz) had a handshake deal…..why didn't Bernie bring up the Marc and Denise Rich thing, for example?

  14. Your focus on the word "Socialism" underscores your misunderstanding of the issue. The correct term is "Marxism" and avoidance of that term by using different variations of "Socialism" and "Communism" and "Democracy" are dishonest. Bernie's use of the term "Democratic Socialism" makes him a non-starter (in a general election). I realize that you are one of the very hopeful Bernie supporters and I appreciate your enthusiasm, but you are a bit naive on just how damaging the S-word will prove to be.

  15. People's view on "Capitalism" is immaterial since there is no such thing (despite the popularity of the term). If you were to take a poll across the country regarding whether voters favor sound economics, you'd realize a favorability rating of about 99.9%. Bernie advances poor economics because progressives can normally be counted on to support legislation that gives them "free stuff." It will not win in the end but it certainly does well to develop a cult following.

  16. Sanders is a Socialist. Specificlly a Democratic Socialist. Democratic Socialism shares the term Socialism, a word that some people incorrectly find to be scary. I want to set the record straight & I want to explain why Socialism isn't the scary Boogeyman term that the Political Right & even some on the "Political Left" have been making it out to be lately.

    Some go as far to say that Sanders wants to expand our Government large enough to control every aspect of our private lives. I am going to dispel the over the top ridiculous notation that Sanders is aiming to take control of everybody's lives, he's simply looking to take the popular programs that we already have implemented & expand them while making them stronger & more efficient to favor the poor & middle class.

    To help pay for these programs Sanders wants the millionaires, billionaires, as well as the individuals on Wall Street whose reckless & illegal behavior destroyed our economy in the first place to pay their fair share in taxes. What I have noticed with this current election is that so many people seem to get Socialism & Communism confused with one another.

    Socialism isn't a horrible idea when implemented properly. Socialism is working fantastically in other countries that have implemented it such as Norway, Sweden, & Denmark for example. If you go down the line on individual programs you can see those countries beat us in almost every category including among others healthcare, education, or lower crime rates. In fact, the most recent study showed Finland was ranked number one in The World Happiness Report. The study takes a variety of factors into account, (Among Other Things) It looked into people's health & access to healthcare, family relations,  job security, as well as social factors like political freedom & Government corruption.

    I have personally taken the liberty of looking into the different definitions of Socialism & the definition recognizable by most people is, "Any of various economic & political theories advocating collective or Governmental ownership & administration of the means of production & distribution of goods or services." So based on that definition you can find right here in the U.S. that some of our most cost effective, efficient, & popular programs are pure Socialism, such as The Roads/Highways, Public Libraries, The Post Office, Public Schools, Public Parks, The Sewer System, The Fire Department, The Police Department, State & Snow Removal, Town / State-Run Beaches, Unemployment Insurance, Social Security, etc… etc… If the people who say they hate Socialism so much really dislike it as much as they claim, I recommend they stop using all of these programs immediately!

    Socialism is nothing more than a good or service owned & or provided by a collective or Government. It's true you can have Authoritarian Socialism, you can also have Corporate Socialism, but the more popular brand of Socialism within the U.S. is Democratic Socialism (Like Bernie, AOC, or Cynthia Nixon.

    Socialist policies that the majority of the American people are in favor of would be both Democracy & Socialism because it would be both the collective & the Government. I say this because our Government is run by the collective (When It's Not Hijacked By Corporate Corruption), America is a Government by & for the people. So when 70% of Americans want Medicare-For-All, 60% of Americans want Tuition Free Public College & Universities, 72% of Americans want to expand Social Security I say it is unethical to deny them those things.

    Also don't forget our last Socialist President who is arguably one of the best presidents we've ever had was so vehemently popular they had to invent term limits because he just kept getting elected over & over again. The one thing FDR did that modern day Progressives & Liberals condemn him for is the one thing that modern day Republicans praise him for. The current Republican President Donald Trump has flirted with the idea of bringing back internment camps for an entire religious group in a country that has put so much emphasis on making part of its foundation to include freedom of religion.

    On the other hand real Progressives, Liberals, & Socialist support FDR for his Socialist Left Wing ideals such as being against the corruptive influence of big business & money in politics. FDR was able to implement Social Security, but what would have been FDR's greatest achievement was his second Bill Of Rights which included the right of Employment, food, clothing & leisure, via enough income to support them, farmers right to a fair income, freedom from unfair competition & monopolies, housing, medical care, Social Security, & education.

    So I'll leave you with this… The next time someone tells you that Socialism is an attempt for the Government to grow out of control & take over every aspect of your life, disregard the over the top ridiculousness of that type of rhetoric because It's nothing more than an incorrect regurgitated Political Right Wing talking point not tethered to any form of reality. My name is Joshua Hill & I am a Progressive Liberal Socialist because I am always aiming to be a better open minded person who advocates for the betterment of mankind. So now you have to ask yourself… what kind of person are YOU?

  17. When you look at Sanders' approval rating within his own state he's at 80%, which is more than ANY other Senator in the entire country. In fact there was a poll that came out a while ago that showed Sanders was the most popular politician in the entire country. According to the poll, Sanders was at a higher approval rating than ANY politician in the ENTIRE COUNTRY, at 61%. Sanders has very low disapproval rating as well, which was only 32%. Then after that poll ANOTHER poll came out showing Sanders is currently STILL the most popular politician in the country with an even higher approval rating as before, at 75%.

    Those are just a few examples, but literally EVERY poll consistently continues to show Bernie Sanders to be the most popular politician with the overwhelming majority of the American people! Not the most popular with a small group, not the most popular compared to Hillary Clinton, but the most popular with the majority of the entire country & the most popular compared to literally every other politician in the entire country. It's clear who the American people support.

    The only polls to not have Bernie as number one (Unlike The Ones I Mentioned) are not scientifically conducted. When you look into the polls that show Joe Biden is above Bernie Sanders you find they do the poll with registered Democrats through land lines which gives them the disproportionate opinion of more Conservative elderly Democrats. Which is the Minority not the Majority.

    If Independents, Millennial Democrats, etc… we're more included in these most recent polls Bernie would still be more popular. The flaws in the polling methodology is done on purpose specifically to fish for a specific outcome that heavily favors an Establishment bias.

    During the 2016 election, every match up poll had Sanders beating Trump by 10% – 15%, & one specific poll I remember after that came out had Sanders up by 20%. It seemed the longer the primaries went on & the more people learned about Sanders the more popular he became. Don't forget Sanders was the only candidate throughout the entire 2016 election with positive favorability ratings, while both Trump & Hillary broke records for unfavorability ratings (At Record Lows Of Between NEGATIVE 58% & 60%).

    The most recent favorability data (From Even MSNBC) shows Bernie Sanders currently has a 75% approval rating, & only a 14% disapproval rating. For Bernie's 2020 campaign he raised nearly 6 million dollars in just 24 hours from individual small dollar donations at an average donation of only 27 dollars. Also Bernie's policy platform is overwhelmingly popular with the American people, 57% want to break up the big banks, 58% want a $15 minimum wage, 60% want tuition free public colleges & universities, 64% want to legalize marijuana, 70% want Medicare-For-All, 72% want to expand Social Security, etc… etc…

    Sources Below-

  18. The 2016 election definitely was rigged. Although Despite the rigging of the 2016 Primary, Bernie Sanders along with significant grassroots support was able to almost overcome a rigged Primary with 47%-48% of the vote. If there is anything that individuals in recent times such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have shown us, it's that even when the Democratic Establishment does everything it can to rig a primary election against a principled Populist-Left Progressive candidate, even those obstacles can be defied.

    The 2016 Democratic Primary was rigged in a way that with enough overwhelming grassroots effort could be been won. It's a difficult up hill battle to overcome these obstacles, but not impossible. I've heard some people making the claim that winning a rigged primary is impossible because the Democratic Establishment just chooses their candidate & makes it so. Although the Democratic Primary wasn't rigged in a sense that the machines were hacked or that the votes were all shifted to the Establishment candidate. There was reported purging of votes, & unconsensual change of party affiliation. Although that only it happened in a few select places, & even that can be overcame with overwhelming votes in one direction.

    The things we know that were done to rig the Democratic Primary against Sanders (Because Of Wikileaks & Confirmed By Donna Brazile's Book) things such as the DNC propping up Trump in the Republican Primary because they believed he would be an easier candidate to run against (How Did That Work Out?). Donna Brazile gave Hillary debate questions before debates so Hillary could have the advantage of practicing & preemptively coming up with the best sounding answers ahead of time (Which Is Cheating). The DNC limited the number of Democratic Primary debates & put the few they did hold on days when people would be less likely to tune in, because as the data shows, the more people who hear Bernie's message the more people like him, & the more people who hear Hillary's "message" the more people despise her. The DNC attempted to Atheist shame Sanders in more religious areas (Despite The Fact That He Is Jewish Not Atheist, & Not That Atheism Should Be Shamed In The First Place). Also the Establishment media included the undemocratic Super Delegate polling data with the actual Delegate count as if the Super Delegates had already voted (Even Though Super Delegates Don't Actually Vote Until The End Of The Primary).

    Brazile herself spoke about how she would cuss out Bernie Supporters. Debbie Wasserman Schultz scolded the media including Morning Joe on MSNBC by basically threatening to go over their head & getting them fired for going to hard on Hillary. People in the media literally said there purpose was to "kneecap" Bernie.

    It's also worth noting that the data showed the more people who voted, the better Sanders performed in an election. That is why the DNC did everything in their power to prevent as many people from voting as possible. The number of polling places were reduced, which made it so not as many people got to vote, but who got the blamed for people not getting to vote because of reduced polling places? Well, voting official Helen Purcell had this to say about who is at fault, "The voters, for getting in line, [or] maybe us for not having as many polling places as we usually have." But then she doubled down blaming the voters stating, "They’re not to blame for standing in line, [but] they went to the polling places." You can't say you don't blame the voters & then continue on to explain how it really is their fault for showing up. The Democratic Establishment celebrated undemocratic Closed Primaries & Super Closed Primaries. The reason they celebrated Closed Primaries is because Sanders is able to easily win in Open Primaries as Independents will come out to vote (A Good Example Of This Is Michigan Where Bernie Was Behind Hillary Over 20% In The Polls, Yet Sanders Had An Upset Victory, 50% – 48%).

    The hours of polling places were changed making it harder for voters to find time to get to their polling place. For example in my home state of New York the polling places that heavily supported Sanders were shortened from 6:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M. to 12:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. (Including My Own Polling Place) compared to the areas that supported Hillary more which kept their 6:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M. hours. (I Was Lucky Enough At The Time That My Work Schedule Freed Me Up To Vote That Day, Many Others Were Probably Not So Lucky). I believe attempting to suppress the vote is why Bill Clinton even went as far to personally block the line at the polls, he even went into the polling place & illegally campaigned for Hillary by telling people to, "Pull The Lever For Hillary Clinton."

    The fact of the matter is the Establishment Democrats would rather lose to someone like Trump than win with someone like Sanders, so let's not give them the satisfaction! The unfortunate truth is the Establishment Democrat's policy positions are far more aligned with Trump than Sanders. This is the reason why I am currently putting my support towards anti-Establishment Democrats (Like Bernie Sanders) & or Justice Democrats in order to do a hostile takeover of the Democratic Party so that we can fix the broken system (Including Implementing Ranked Choice Voting To make It Easier For Third Parties To Break Through). It's much harder to overturn the results of a landslide.

  19. Calling Bernie not a Democrat isn't a malicious comment at all. It is a regretful statement of facts. If he embraced the Democratic party he might have done better than he did in 2016. Bernie wants to run against the Democrats, under their flag, in their house. But when the time came to fight for Hillary he did a half hearted job that was insincere and too little too late.When Hillary lost to Obama she supported him valiantly and put her resources to work to help him win the general election. Hillary and Obama actually reconciled because they were both Democrats and they supported each other. Hillary wanted Bernie to be proud of being a Democrat because that would mean he is acting less like an enemy and more like an ally.

  20. The best Bernie can do is find a town with a population of one and run for sheriff, it's the only way to get 50% of the vote.

  21. (11:13) The "damage of academia" is the crushing debt that students take on to finance their educations for jobs that are unavailable when they graduate. Students take all the risk while the financial institutions risks nothing because their returns are guaranteed.
    Millennials know they are getting screwed. That's why 58% favor socialism over capitalism. 
    – BTW, Frank Luntz looks suspiciously like Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movie franchise. "Get in my belly!"

  22. Thank you, you have made me reconsider my choice for Democratic primary election from Joe Biden to Bernie Sanders.
    After going on and reading his polices on increased taxes on incomes over 400,000$, education 70 billion each year paying for it in very small taxes on trading, lowering military spending and his middle approach to gun control.
    I am independent centrist

    Finding the website was very difficult on google, they don’t support him

  23. Outstanding video for Bernie supporters and Democrats to see! The video presenter does a great job of cutting through the myths and BS and anti-Bernie propaganda, and provides the viewer with facts, evidence, poll results, and excellent analysis. The video producer has a good narrator voice, good pacing, very good use of poll data and graphics and excellent rebuttal points (his argument). Well done! Keep up the good work! Subscribed and will share this video widely.

  24. I have to disagree with you. The only reason Bernie refused to discuss the emails is because they had nothing to do with the policies she campaigned on. Bernie attacks Trump as a pathological liar based on the policies Trump ran on and how Trump did not keep those policy promises

  25. Bernie Sanders father was Polish. I'm a full blooded Polish-American. I'm proud of my Polish heritage.

  26. Im from Finland and we do not have socialism. Im tired of hearing that. You cant start a business and make profit. A lot of people buy their healthcare from the private sector. We are a capitalist country with extensive welfare programs. I wish people would stop calling it socialism. It only drives people away.

  27. Bernie Sanders looks like Adolf Hitler. Just color his hair dark and add the little square mustache and you got yourself another Hitler . Lol. Hitler Stalin and Mussolini were left wing liberals so is Bernie Sanders. Bernie adopted the fascist Marxist idiology. If you translate Hitler's speech of 1930's or Joseph Stalin's speeches , it's like listening to Bernie today. These r all lies, propaganda . You want to destroy American economy, you want to pay 70% income tax , free college , free heath care, lol. You know what they say in Poland. For free you can get a sore throat. Canada has free healthcare. Lol. Last year I took my mom to an energy at the hospital. After 10 hours of waiting in a waiting room we were taken to see a Dr. Dr. Came and left after one min. Canadian free healthcare and the Dr 's are probably the worst on the planet . No body gives a shit about you, if you live or you die . There r no consequences for malpractice what's so ever. Canadian population is around 33 million and it's failing big time. Norway population is 5 million and it's failing big time. Denmark's population is 3 million and its free heath care is garbage . Imagine an empire like America with a population of 330 milion. Free healthcare not only would destroy American economy but it would destroy American people way of living . Bernie says he will tax the rich , tax the owners of factories , corporations, industries . Well , you can try it but as soon as you do, they will pack up their factories and leave elsewhere . So now you don't have the rich to tax . So Bernie will tax the middle class, the working class . Well Bernie, if the factories leave there will not be any employment, no money to grab . None from the rich nor from the middle class. And that's how socialism fails .

  28. Skandinavia is NOT socialist! This guy has no idea what he is talking about. Which skandinavian country is solcialist? Tell me please.

  29. If Bernie does the same thing as President that he has done in Congress, then expect 4 years of nothing but talk.

  30. No, he should not run for president. He is just like trump. He will destroy more of america. He will want to build the wall just like trump did. He will want to do away with all services that are very important to people like myself

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