Sexual harassment: What do the polls say? | IN 60 SECONDS

What do polls tell us about sexual
harassment? When women are asked whether they have ever experienced harassment,
polls give us responses ranging from a low of 42 percent in one poll to a high
of 60 percent in another. Fewer, around 30 percent of women in recent polls, say
that they have been sexually harassed at work. There is positive news in a new
survey: A large majority think their workplaces take the issue very seriously.
That’s important because around two-thirds believe that recent
allegations against high profile men indicate a widespread problem in society,
and not isolated incidences. For the most part, men and women agree on what
constitutes harassment, though in most cases men are less likely to call a
behavior harassment than women are. Lewd, aggressive, or threatening behavior is
clearly seen as harassment; flirtatious actions less so. When an issue catches
fire like this one has, it’s important to take care in interpreting early poll
results, but the polls released thus far present a fairly consistent picture of
attitudes about harassment. What do you think about recent news stories about
sexual harassment? Are they isolated incidents, or are they more widespread?
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  1. When you define being made to feel uncomfortable as harassment then everyone has been harassed. I have only seen things that rise to harassment a few times in my life. Rather than an epidemic of harassment I think we have an epidemic of immaturity.

  2. women likes it = flirt; women don't like it = harassment – solution: only interact with women at work when there are witnesses about or preferably do not interact with them at all (which I'm sure will be harassment soon also)

  3. Many women count harmless incidences as sexual harassment, and some women even lie because being a victim gives them attention. These polls are entirely meaningless.

  4. A little factoid ignored by this kind of feminism: People lie a lot on surveys. this has been researched itself using more clever methods than surveys.

    Google: "5 Reasons Why Survey Respondents Don’t Tell the Truth", or "Do people lie in surveys?"

  5. Since the definition of sexual harassment has been so distorted it is no longer possible to have an honest poll. Most feminists don't actually define it as an actual physical or verbal action, but rather how they felt or their perception and it now falls under the guidelines of sexual harassment. "I feel like he always undressing me with his eyes". "He was looking at my breasts" <—- sexual harassment. Yet these same women engage in the same behaviors they deem to be sexual harassment, towards men.

  6. The only consistent thing in these polls is the exclusion of men as victims and women as perpetrators, as well as definitions that include a lot of stuff that isn't harassment by any reasonable definition (non-repeating incidents that are ended immediately when the target verbally expresses disinterest that involve no physical contact, as well as consensual encounters that are reinterpreted post-factum).

  7. How will we ever know the numbers are correct when what one sees as sexual harassment another will see as flirting? If there is a problem it is time to shift some of the blame onto women. Why let it go on for so long? Heres a thought, when the guy slaps your ass at the office and you dont want him to or like it instead of batting your eyes in the moment or ignoring it and then trying to get him fired in 20 years, how about express how you feel then. I have a feeling a lot of these situations are getting blown out of proportion and simple communication IN THE MOMENT is crucial to stopping unwanted sexual advances/harrassment. I have never had a problem with men. I know how to set boundaries and stick up for myself and I dont put myself in dangerous situations.

  8. I am an old man and have not had a women in 40 years. If my eyes follow a woman in skin tight pants and boobs hanging halfway out. Is that sexual harassment and on whose side?

  9. Boorish and vulgar behaviors are rude and often counterproductive. Groping and rape are illegal and carry severe punishments. The truth that many "modern" women seem to now deny, is the simple fact that we are sexual beings. It's how we reproduce. In a nutshell, the standard operating procedure is "men seek women for physical relationships (sex), and women seek men for protection and provisioning (and a bit of sex)". I know that many women will find this reality "shocking" and somehow "degrading", but maybe that explains why so many "modern" women are so disoriented, unhappy, and just plain bitchy.

  10. Harassment survivors?.. that term sucks.. harassment doesn't kill anyone.. when you act like dead for 20 years, you should be punished for every woman who suffered because of your silence just as hard..

  11. Well since there are women that think that shaking her hand is sexual assault, can one really trust these polls? Ask a woman out? sexual harassment. Say, "Hi," to her on the street? Sexual harassment.

    Paid $5 million for sex and a role in a movie? sexual harassment.

    bunch of whiney bitches if you ask me.

  12. What is or is not harassment in the work place heavily depends on the relative power of the two people in question. Flirting with a person at the same level or above you is generally not harassment, while flirting with someone whom you can fire generally is seen as more likely to be harassment. This is because rejecting the advancements for someone above you in a company can lead to professional retaliation or even in no professional retaliation occurs, people can think they are being punished for rejecting their bosses flirtations, even when they aren't.

  13. A lot of the problem with polls is that the answers tend to be very subjective. For example, some researchers polled some overweight people about their eating and exercise habits. But they also observed their subjects' eating and exercise habits. They found that overweight people tended to over report the amount of exercise they actually did, and under report the amount of food they actually ate. Due to today's widespread hysteria over sexual harassment, it is likely that subjects over reported the amount of sexual harassment that they had actually been subjected to. In a video that was made some time ago on cat calling, the video showed an attractive woman being cat called left and right as if that was her experience every minute of the day every day everywhere she went. But that was actually an illusion produced by careful editing to show only the cat calling. In actuality she walked around for a long time with nothing happening, but that was edited out for the feminists' agenda to just show the cat calling. And there was a video made of an attractive man walking around being approached by women too. But that video was not made by feminists because it didn't support feminists' agenda. Perhaps instead of depending on polls researchers should depend more on objective observations of what actually happens in society.

  14. Polls aren't accurate, and the people who take time to answer them are the same dummies that get tricked by telemarketers.

  15. She didn't make any conclusions based on the polls, she only stated what they were. I would have thought the followers of a channel like this would be able to think a bit more critically…

  16. It's a power dynamic which is bad for both men and women,
     thats why reasonable people are scared to even participate in a discussion with such a ungrounded basis

  17. The polls are nonsense women will answer based on feelings and instincts.They only show what women feel is harassment , without determining each individual woman's critical ability and definition on what harassment is.Correct data does not come from subjective opinions.And do not forget FEMALE COGNITIVE DISSONANCE and HYBRISTOPHILIA , what women call harassment is based on the attractiveness of the acting male not his actions , same action that can be deemed harassment coming from an non attractive male might be considered "hot" by an attractive male.The stereotype of women liking the bad boy, the criminal, the violent man is based on truth and a common preference among women.Ffs the most famous "erotic book" actually female porn for women is "fifty sades of grey" which honestly named is "fifty shades of BDSM" or "fifty shade of rape".

  18. You wont notice its working until its time for it to work. If you are having a little trouble buy this stuff. Prolargentsize will make u feel like a man again.

  19. Remember the feminist creed that harassment is about power, and I would concur. When a male boss is harassing a female employee, and that female complains to Human Resources, and the female manager at HR helps cover up the harassment, now we have an example of a female harassing a female, not with sex, but with power.

  20. women: dont you dare and so much as look at us or even speak to us! we choose when and to what degree you shal, communicate to us, when and to what degree we are to be attractive to you, and we determine how we interpret these attentions on a selectively subjective ongoing basis. unless clearly expressed (in verbal or written form, in the presence of witnesses or legal counsel) we do not want any of your attentions, you will however remain poised to treat us as we wish to be treated.

    women in their next breath: dont you dare treat us differently to men though

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