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  1. When Elizabeth Warren said that we should impeach trump because it is a point of principal and the right thing to do, she has my vote. She can take trump on and win. Madame president!

  2. She’ll never be our parties nomination, thank god. She lied about her heritage and cheated minorities , that makes her a racist.
    Bernie 2020

  3. Say whatever you will, Sen. Warren is strongest intellectually on policy and the issues… Here she showed personal experience like so many she is asking to vote for her… Easy to imagine Pres. Warren.

  4. She would be the last person deserving trust after her stunt on Native American claim. Trump is right about her.
    Princess Pocahontas should sit down and shut up.

  5. :20 Fear? Stupid question. It's common sense for citizens to support a candidate who they think is best for the job. Not out of fear, race or gender. What a stupid way of presenting a question.

  6. I'm really, really feeling Senator Warren right now. I was holding out for Kamala Harris and Julian Castro, but I must admit, Warren got my attention. I want a woman to win. Sorry I'm over old white men. I'm so over it. Those are my top 3 right now Harris, Castro, and Warren. But in the end my pick for president will be based on facts, record, debates, reparations (BLACK AGENDA) and most important tell it like it is, speak truth to power. The other candidates well…at this point any toad is better than the orange clown right about now. Let the debates began! If only Stacey Abrams was…let me stop, one can dream.

  7. Looked at Elizabeth Warren's positions and I highly approve of them. I'm just looking around more to see what kind of person she is 🙂

  8. Please everyone here shoulda seriously look into Andrew yang and his policies. He has an actual idea and a future for the U.S.

  9. So disgusting watching this woman pander… if you really cared about us #shethepeople you would have done something for Bernie in 2016… Para los latinos, no deben de escuchar a esta mentirosa… ella solo no mas quiere a las mujeres blancas… vota por Bernie 2020 para toda la gente…

  10. Most of us carry memories of times like Elisabeth Warren when it was important that people's values were "real". It's easy to allow people to distract you and your family from the basics. Food, shelter, utilities, clothing and education was basic during the Great Depression. It was basic again when the country was recovering from WW2. Now, once again, our country is still recovering from a significant recession. Trump's daddy started giving him a quarter million dollars a year from the time he was three years old, so he doesn't comprehend why everyday people might need the "social safety net" that America devised after the Great Depression. He has been working hard to dismantle this country's social services as well as undermine many of it's multinational manufacturing locations. He's spent a lifetime paying illegals to make beds and cut grass, not to make a living wage. It's easy for him to throw a few rolls of paper towel at hurricane victims and consider his job complete. As we know the "real" answer requires a much more comprehensive approach. It can be as simple as honoring a contract that you've signed. It can be passing a minimum wage law that will actually allow the majority of people to live above the poverty line. It's time for us to identify those politicians who see their office as a means to make or extort money. Those are the ones that need to go. We need the "real" American patriots to work for us. We already have some super-heroes. We can always use more.

  11. Elizabeth Warren has my vote for President of the United States and this country of ours needs more then ever a woman President and I strongly feel she would do an excellent job.

  12. God I wish people would take her seriously… she's the best option that we have. No one else has a plan for average Americans anywhere near the scope of Elizabeth Warren. Most of the candidates have pretty words and feelings. She has the policy and the go-getter attitude. The wealth tax. Ending lobbying as we know it. Universal Childcare. We don't just need to invest more in our children- we need to invest EVERYTHING in them. She's saying that's exactly what we will do. She has my vote and dollars (when I can give them).

  13. Uh, Joy, the country DID elect a woman, in a landslide, and an historically unpopular woman at that!

  14. Warren is by far the best person to become the new President of The United States. Answers questions with solutions that will work. Straight up lady. To be respected..

  15. Guys she is not going to win. No matter how many goodies she promises to give you and make the evil rich pay for. She certainly keeps her own money. She is way down in the polls. Thank God.

  16. Do wack a do wack a do wack a do , the only reason anyone would vote for this nut would be , like her , they are in denial , and full of hate

  17. For a person who exploit minority rights to get ahead and then to apologise for her inadvertent ignorance of her false heritage and proudly announced her 1/1024 DNA results comes across as an oxymoronic ignorant deceiver of Pocahontas proportion.

  18. So you are booing because I´m a white male? That´s racist. These "Females" are weaker and have lower IQ than 90% of white males. Go back to your kitchen.

  19. EXPOSED.. Warren endorsed Suzy Orman's scam (see The APPROVED CARD) because Orman endorsed Warren ….a true demodog

  20. Sen. Warren is right. There was a time, not really all that long ago, when if you had a job, you could live okay, pay the necessities and maybe even put a dollar or two in savings. Those days ended with the Reagan presidency and have never ever come close to coming back. But the rich have never had it better.

  21. Please Democrats: stop judging based on the content of our
    character and instead focus on racial divide, class warfare,
    intersectional politics, who we bump uglies with and
    whether or not our uglies tend to swing when we walk. 😃

  22. Elizabeth Warren is my girl. She would destroy Trump on policy. I think she would make a great president. She's got my vote!

  23. Every Dem running must be asked: When you become president of the United States of America how long until you declare war on Russia for meddling in our elections? We must attack we must have retribution!!!

  24. Watch the establishment throw some support behind Warren propping her up on social media sites like Reddit while simultaneously smearing Bernie and trying to downplay his support as to try to cut into the progressive base and split the vote away from Bernie. They're literally trying everything they can to stop Bernie. It's so blatant.

  25. The good news is under a President Warren EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE FREE! The bad news is to receive it we all have to stand in line until we drop dead.

  26. I admit I've been one of those Democrats who've fallen for those white Male candidates, because they feel like a safer option. But Sen. Warren has plans after plans. And her plans are all for growing the middle and for fighting for the downtrodden. She's a far superior candidate than her Male counterparts.

  27. Not one president has tackled the consciselly independent documentation of 911. None of you the Senate, Congress, House, will step up to the plate. Almost 18 years of a bunch of cowards how refuse to acknowledge the data. This is a subjective appraoch proving a subjective government. We need objective capable of holding itself accountable. We get Trump throwing suppenas out the window like they don't exist.
    Come back when you can handle reality.

  28. The democratic party has done all it can to destroy the black family unit. Democrat programs love to keep black women dependent. That is the best way to ensure votes. Thanks LBJ.

  29. Her decision to impeach came after a vision quest in the desert involving eating a short stack of peyote cactus buttons. Unfortunately, constitutional impeachment rules trouble and confuse this squaw and her tribe's take on "impeachment" involves using the stone-sharpened blade of a hatchet to "impeach" the pale face's scalp from their head. 😬

  30. To everyone here bemoaning Senator Warren is not being taken seriously, and especially the Trumptrolls calling her names…you’re seeing her make her case to the real core of the Democratic Party right here. We are taking her seriously. Her message is authentic and her policies are driving the decisions other candidates are making. We’re keeping her in this election, and seeing her through until she takes the White House. To the little brothers of fear … including those in the WH … you can’t change the tide rolling toward you. Your time in power is nearly done.

  31. I learned more through owning a business than my 2 VERY EXPENSIVE degrees. My two degrees cost $410,016. NYU cost $71,754 a year or $287,016 for 4 years. William and Mary Law School cost $41,000 a year (out of state) or $123,000 for a 3 year J.D. I now work in digital marketing where the most talented person I know doesn't have a degree. He only has drive.

  32. squaw warren is a blue clown nose socialists – were is her rainbow colored dunce cap !!! rom full of dunce caps !!

  33. Here you go. Negroes and negresses with a white messiah complex greeting ready to vote again. It don’t matter who they put in office black man, white man, black woman, or black man our black neighborhoods will look the same. Prisons will always be full of black men and we will always represent an impoverished social class in this country. Before love a good inspirational speech they get to hear it every four years and the results will be the smae

  34. 50+ unconstitutional electors voted for trump , after the rnc and dnc picked the candidates charging $Billions .
    and you still think your vote counts .
    you must believe Washington chopped down a cherry tree ?

  35. Thanks, Lizzie! I vote for the people I believe in and it would never be you! I believe that responsibility for your choices, I believe that women and people of color are not weak children who need to be saved by a bunch of know it alls who know nothing. I believe that the best way to move up in the world is to work AND follow the rules and the laws of the land. I know for a fact that life is not fair and there are no guarantees and only fools fall for a politician who makes pie in the sky promises of the Government can be all and do all. Anyone whose highest goal is a minimum wage job is a doofus and anyone who tells them raising the minimum wage will fix their problems is being deceitful or stupid.

  36. This is a good question! I had the same fear last election with Hilary but Warren really is something fierce

  37. When will the pollsters call me!…..hey, if any pollster calls me and I’m not home….tell them I want Liz Warren for Prez!

  38. Trump got 41% of the female vote in 2016.
    "In light of this last election, I'm concerned about us as women and how we think. What is going on in our heads where we let that happen, you know?" – Michelle Obama

  39. Americans do not go into a battle without fear but do what they have to do. American justice is not where people are guilty until they prove themselves innocent. In American justice the presumption is for innocence and the government must prove guilt. POTUS 45 wants to assume Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, blacks, Jews, Muslims are guilty of something, anything. He is dead wrong.

  40. A month ago I was between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, I leaned more towards Bernie because he got me involved in the political system. Although Warren always appealed to be because she is without a doubt an intellectual woman, but she LOST MY VOTE. Above all, what I admired was her GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN, because it meant that everything she said, every plan she put out there and her track record of fighting against wall street was solidified. She was beholden to the People and not "BIG Money" and she had my vote for that reason. After doing my research, as we all should (I don't trust the media) Warren will be taking PAC MONEY in the GENERAL ELECTION. I'm sadden and disappointed and now she has lost my TRUST, VOTE and CONTRIBUTION. I hope she backtracks on this, until then I can no longer support her.

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