Senator Elizabeth Warren Leads 2020 Field In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. I hope this Man Jeffrey Goldberg feels really stupid watching this clip!!
    WTH is he on about with the whole double standard 'Trump' vs 'Biden' getting away with misspeaking?
    Why do people with sense what to replace someone who speaks without much thought for another person that speaks thoughtlessly???
    You better go and prepare for life for the 3rd time without Biden becoming the US president. He will never be batman his position was that of wingman robin but that is not likely to happen again with the foolishness that comes out of his mouth.

  2. Biden's hands are dirty in Ukraine. He told the previous President of Ukraine that if they did not get rid of the Prosecutor looking at his son and the company he was working for $1 billion dollars of USA aid will be withheld. Worse than anything Trump is doing.

  3. Yeah Joe Biden's son was clearing 50 grand a month in the Ukriane follow the money. I remember a poll in 2016 that had Hillary all but moved in to the White House

  4. Elizabeth Warren held a rally yesterday and 25 old people showed up…….As soon as MSNBC and CNN declares a Democratic candidate the front runner that candidate starts getting smaller and smaller crowds at their rallies….It happened to Joe Blank and now it's happening to the Albino Injun…Can anybody explain this strange phenomenon …

  5. Hopefully her rise eventually makes this a race between Warren, Bernie, and Yang! An all around good outcome for progressives and populists.

  6. Google #AndrewYang because they won't do it for you. He is the only other candidate going up. Notice how they leave him off that one.

  7. Elizabeth Warren raised all this money from wealthy donors when she was running for the Senate. She then transferred that money- $10 Million
    to her Presidential campaign. Then she went to denounce wealthy donors for the Primaries but if she wins the nomination, she will accept PAC
    and dark money. She is not interested in the common people.

  8. By election night majority of Americans will be burned out on the “cult of personality” characters (this is the entire dem field of candidates).
    America will be sick and tired of division and drama and fringe politics.
    American will be wishing for an Eisenhower type leader: Sober, serious, patriotic, leader, gets shot down, forward thinking, a problem solver, pragmatic, practical, realist about things, have gravitas…
    Biden Bernie Warren would all be terrible presidents. They lack the character stature and gravitas to earn back world respect. America needs to get real and sober about the world we are in today and get off The Who’s more on the fringe (Dems: who’s more fringe progressive/GOP: who’s more white nationalist regressive)…

  9. If you are a progressive then I ask you to watch this video and choose to vote for Bernie and not Elizabeth Warren.

    Very Clear & Simple Reasons To Vote Bernie Over Warren


  11. Soon Trump will dissolve Congress and rule alone! He wont put up with them much longer. Through a "double dissolution" initiated in the Senate he can become a sovereign leader. It all depends on a handful of Republicans now to give him unlimited power. Google it…

  12. Yang is a Manchurian Candidate, invented to FLUCK UP the general psyche.
    His "fans" follow the Right/Russian method: flood the market with lies..

  13. Really?
    Why don’t we just announce Trump as the 2020 winner right now?
    The Democrats really need a good candidate and not these unelectable losers.

  14. Elizabeth Warren did a videocast from her home with a golliwog in clear sight. She's old school trying to be SJW and woke, but the cracks are revealing a racist old Democrat who will pretend to be anyone to gain power.

  15. Somebody run outta $$ to pay the shills by the look of the comment section here.

    Oh that's right, these comments must be Russian trolls huh?

  16. That’s their best??? A lying fake Indian woman??? What about her morals? She lied about her ancestry to get into college! She must lie about everything. And quite frankly her nonsense about erasing student debt is an insult to all the people that honored theirs commitments and paid theirs off!!!

  17. Sorry to say it – but I think this, unfortunately, is the end of the trail for Joe Biden. I would be very happy, however, to Elizabeth Warren make it to the White House.

  18. So now the Democrats front-runner is an old white lady who's been masquerading around as a Native American for the past 50 years? LMAO 😂😂😂 Hilarious!

  19. Warren is looking more & more like Hillary everyday. Maybe the Dems think if they couldn't get the Krakken-they'll settle for Godzilla.

  20. If she thinks Hilary is going to let her be the" first woman president", she got another think coming.That job belongs to her I don't think she has forgotten how Warren was reluctant to nominate her.Pres.Trump will have a field day with her,she will be happy to go back to being "Pocahontas".

  21. Sorry, I just have to say it. As someone who isn't American looking in, I have no clue why Warren isn't supremely popular with most people except the super rich and greedy? Any other western country would be proud to have her take the lead, it is astounding to me how scared, small minded and insular some Americans can be when it comes to electing leaders. It's concerning actually. She's a good woman who isn't perfect, but will most likely do her best, do it with honour and do it to the law, at least.

  22. Warren is taking the dark money….The Family union organization is affiliated to Warren's daughter…Lets see Joe talk about that scandal….NOT…..

  23. See how dim witted these voter are!! Even if Hunter did do something suspect, Biden is still the best candidate over Trump. Hands down!!

  24. The comment section on all of these videos are flooded with people praising Andrew Yang, as well as social media and he is even higher than Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg in polling. He is growing, fast. Like him or not, that's completely up to your discretion. Everyone has an opinion. I, for one, support Yang. However, for MSNBC to completely ignore his existence is childish and moronic. Regardless if they agree with his policies or not, they still should at least acknowledge him. He is running for president of the United States. Its disrespectful to the highest regard for them to never mention his name and make a joke out of it whenever his name accidentally slips from the mouth of one of their reporters.

  25. Lol okay so your new corporate candidate is Warren, we get it 🙂

    Bernie is going to win and there's nothing that your lies will do to stop us.


  26. Whoever gets the democRAT nomination will not defeat TRUMP in 2020. These people are worthless.
    The same polls that said TRUM would never win– think about it–

  27. OF course talk about it the first time it happens to Warren, the establishment's new darling, go out of your way to ignore it when Sanders is #1

  28. you will get the pleasure of losing to trump in a landslide in 2020? especially, after the ukrainian incident that blew up in their face. pocohantas? Sleepy joe? crazy bernie? always on my knees harris? hahahaha! #KAG2020Landslide.

  29. The corrupt cheating leaders of DNC will fix this whole primary, which is a farce and choose Joe Biden. Just like last time. The super delegates are going to choose Joe Biden. Your vote doesn’t count in DNC primary elections. Corrupt Joe Biden is the perfect candidate for the DNC.

  30. Very  good  that  all  Republicans  keep  in  step  with  Trump  and  the  Justice  Department's  decisions  about  the  phone-call  to  Ukraine  and  about  redacting  and  modifying  all  information  to  the  public.  It  shows  that  Republicans  agree ,  that  it  is  all right  for  an  American  president  to  keep  his  population  unacquainted  like  a  herd  of  sheep  and  to  ask  a  foreign  country  for  help   to  win  his  next   election.  Namely  by  asking  the  foreign  president  to  provide  dirty  information  about  Trump's  probable  adversaries   or  their  families.   In  Denmark  any  prime-minister  ( statsminister )  who  behaved  like  that , would  be  referred  to  the  court  for  the  trial  of  high  crimes  ( Rigsretten )  by  an  unanimous  parliament:  socialists ,  democrats , conservatives , farmers-party.   It  appears  to  me  that  the  criteria  for  being  Republican  are:  –  being  rich –  being  armed  – not  being  taxed.

  31. Do people really believe Warren can bring out millions of new, young voters and inspire people of color to vote for her?

    Sorry, bad idea. For the sake of RBG run Bernie Sanders as the Democrat nominee

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