Sen. Ron Johnson Accuses Democrats and the Media of Doing Vladimir Putin’s Work for Him

Today on ‘This Week with George Stephanopoulos’
fill-in host Martha Raddatz was interviewing Senator Ron Johnson when Johnson said what
we’ve all been thinking about the Democrats and the media: “Listen. After 2016, we’re doing Putin’s
work for him. Democrats and the media, you’re carrying the water for this false Russia hoax.” “Look at the disruption. Look at how distracted
we all are based on a completely false narrative of Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia,”
Johnson added. “There are serious questions about some actors with the DNC working with
people in Ukraine.” “There are many unanswered questions. They
are legitimate questions. I’m trying to get to the bottom of those things so the American
public knows if there was wrongdoing,” Johnson said. Johnson is not the only one to make this suggestion. Recently Fox Business News host Trish Regan
claimed Democrats had effectively become Putin’s pawns, and she made some excellent points. “It’s really disgusting. I mean, I just
— I think that they’re fundamentally cutting at the core of who we are as a country. And,
you know, you think about Vladimir Putin and talk about Russian interference in the election,
I guarantee you Vladimir Putin did not care who won,” she said. Regan then added “All he wanted to do was
divide and conquer and make us, you know, basically start fighting with ourselves, which
is exactly what we’re doing.” And so, the Democrats, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi,
the rest of them have practically become Putin’s pawns.” “They are doing Putin’s work, and the
mainstream media by the way, a lot then in there too, they are doing the work for Putin,
for him.” We agree with both Senator Johnson and Trish
Regan. The Democrats and the media have certainly
become Putin’s pawns. In their race to cripple a successful American
president and divide the Democrats and the media wildly exceeded Putin’s expectations. Democrats always accuse Republicans of the
very things they themselves are guilty of to deflect attention.

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