Scooby-Doo Unmasks A Democratic Candidate

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  1. Democratic Party candidates – 25

    It’s more than number of students I had in my class in high school.

  2. Make fun of whoever you want, I just want whoever gives me the most free things to win.

  3. And he got away with it too, because of those meddling kids interrupting him telling his name!

  4. Like ZOINKS they’re all generic and look the same. Jinkies! The monster is the same person. #accurate #childhoodmemories

  5. This American system of electing opposition candidates is ridiculous. In most democratic nations the parties decide internally who is their candidate, and then unite behind him or her. In America you do it all in public for far too long, meaning leadership candidates spend a year ripping the shit out of each other before they even get to stand against a sitting president. No wonder most presidents get a second term.

  6. Unmasked Democrat: You thought it was John Delaney, Jay Inslee, John Hickenlooper, Tim Ryan, Micheal Bennet, Seth Moulton, Joe Sestak, Tom Steyer, or Steve Bullock but it was me, The Late Show LIVE With Stephan Colbert!

  7. Uh…. If they are making fun of the fact that a lot of the candidates are generic middle aged white men, then I hope they don't look at their own show's host 😀

  8. You can't really blame the gang on this one, after busting the millionth old millionaire looking to tear down the orphanage by making it appear haunted, their detective skills have atrophied.

  9. I know he's not running, but why do I keep thinking that, as the credits roll, the cop was about to say "Steve Buscemi" when he got cut off…

  10. It’s old mister Trump the caretaker! He was dressing as a monster and putting fake skeletons in his competitors closets to distract investigators from the abandoned strip club!

  11. OHH the crap child oriented videos that instantly appeared in my suggestions after clicking on this video… THIS was a mistake. Thankfully you can delete your history.

  12. Ok, all you unrecognizable white guys with interchangeable opinions – DROP OUT!!!!! Nobody can even remember your name, much less your unique political selling point. You are a waste of time and wouldn't convince anyone to get out and vote. Choosing one of you would mean to hand Donnie another term on a silver platter. Now hush, DROP OUT! QUICKLY!!

  13. Democrats shooting themselves in the foot. Because it's not like we're in a national emergency with an idiot traitor president or anything.

  14. Ah Scooby Doo… that show was so cool, because everytime there was a church with a ghoul or a ghost in a school, they looked beneath the mask. And what was inside? The frikkin' janitor or the dude who ran the waterslide, because throughout history, every mystery, ever solved, has turned out to be… NOT magic! – Paraphrased from Tim Minchin's Storm (in which the main (fictional) character reminds me of that one New Age Dem candidate lady).

  15. Thank you. This needs to be said. If you're polling below 5% you need to stop. I know people have invested in you and you dont want to let them down but its ridiculous at this point. The R crowd running in 2016 was so large we ended up with the person making headlines for all the wrong reasons. I personally think trump doesn't want a second term and he's sabotaging himself.

  16. There should be awards for key sycophants like Moscow Mitch, given in pubic ceremonies. Like: the “Grand Enabler” medal, for consistent pattern of ignoring, rationalizing, and furthering attacks on the rule of law and democratic institutions under Liar Trump. Moscow Mitch would be a strong contender. On the media side, Hannity of course. And you can never count out the Trump base as a whole – the millions who enable his most horrendous behavior, everyday.

  17. Ugh, that was terrible. Just spend the extra $5 and get Matthew Lillard to do the Shaggy voice properly, yeah?

  18. Damn, scooby-doo's throwing off the algorithm.  Of the 17 other videos displayed to the right, 12 of them are for toys and songs geared towards babies and toddlers, and all of those have titles that are in some combination of Arabic,  Indonesian, Korean, &/or English.

  19. 👨🏻‍🦳👴🏻👨🏼‍🦳👴🏻”Too many middle aged generic white guys!” Shaggy always knows what’s up

  20. The white Stephen Colbert tells us there are too many white, generic guys running.
    Oh, the irony and stupidity of leftist comedians.

  21. The alternate version was, “Its old man Epstein!”
    “And I’d have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those kids I meddled with!”

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