Schiff on election interference: ‘There can be no claim of ignorance this time’

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    Despite  Joe  Biden  Extortions / Threats  / Blackmail and Shakedown of Ukraine and ZERO’s  knowledge and subsequent  admission the Dims march on ???? 

    This  left leadership /management  style that flaunts bias / exparta /discrimination and cover ups  does not  comport / acquit with democracy and thus dangerous ? 

    This  house meeting on the Whistle blower was  a nothing burger  

    because   the information gleaned  was 

    "here say"  information  2nd hand 

    and to act  on" here say"  information 

    says its   contrived 

    Looks like the  DON was correct again ??

    Shifty  tried his best to get Joe McGuire DNI  to  trap him self  but  McGuire  had nothing to do with it -this shows the   desperation of the left  where Democracy is  Harassment

  2. It’s important to protect our constitutional rights and no one is above the law. Not even Democratic candidates! I believe we as Americans should hear all the facts and not spin this. It’s about how our President conducts himself and nothing more.

  3. The whistleblower wasn't even in the room quit spinning your agenda corrupt shiff the president of Ukraine said it was not a bad call you know this shiff u just pushing your political bias

  4. Adam shitf and non claim of ignorance is a bit of a oxymoron. This douchebag couldn’t be honest if begged him. If he didn’t live in California he wouldn’t get a job at Burger King

  5. Whoever runs Washington Post, you should walk off a cliff into oblivion. The idea Adam Schiff is a serious person should make all of you to want to commit suicide.

  6. how can anyone feel sorry for maguire when he tried to hide for the president thats why he went first to the president because i am i sure the president told him come to him first about anything that that has do to with him maguire just as crooked god you guys a so dump or just cannot see the bad in their own white people but when it come to any body else hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!trouble you guys know he control anyone that agree with him isn"t that what cohen says that anyone who gets caught with president they will find themselves in his web and thats maguire any one else

  7. Yes, Trump broke another law and needs to be impeached. That said, Biden is also a corrupt and you spun your way around that. Both Trump and Biden should be in prison and all of you, spinners on both sides of the aisle need to be voted out.

  8. Just another never-ending episode of Democrat POLITICAL THEATER for the gullible public's "shock value". After their previous one-after-the-other failed coup attempts, the CONSTANT pattern is blatantly obvious. Simply fabricate and accuse the president of what THEY THEMSELVES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN DOING ALL ALONG. ……………..It's their classic go-to playbook tactic called "projection". One day very soon, this disgusting pile of "schiff" and his merry band of corrupt co-conspirator demagogues will experience TRUE JUSTICE! Until that happens this country doesn't stand a chance.

  9. Electing your own choice for president will never again be sufficient. If we can beat the millions of deceased and illegal alien voters at the polls and elect another non establishment non swamp creature president in the future, he or she will not be allowed to govern without investigations, attacks by Democrats and the entire MSM, and impeachment attempts. We will need to do something much stronger than simply voting.

  10. Was it not Biden witholding funds for the Ukraine when he was Vice President? Why is Schiff referring to President Trump ? Is Schiff confused or just looking for another angle to defend his previous claims that he has ALL the evidence. Pathetic display of arrogance too.

  11. I have a question though, why did trump want the Ukranians to go after Crowdstrike? If you don't know who they are look them up. Long story short they provide cyber defence for the US and played a major part in identifying what the Russians did and how they did it. I ask again, why would you want a major cyber defence company that protects you investigated?

  12. Nothing happened and Biden is the one who committed the very crime they are accusing Trump of doing 😀
    Where are those Russian documents proving collusion Schiffy ?!

  13. It's so sad that out elected officials are so lost. Morally and intellectually. Ever notice that all dems always look away and down when they talk.

  14. How can an individual be so dishonest? This person is either mentally deranged or someone has something on him so threatening that he will say and do anything they demand of him.

  15. Schiff is a nebish…and a nerd…and a flat out deceptive and erroneous elected official….his lunch money is forked over by LA/Hollywood Democrats and their ties to mass media outlets.

  16. i watch this and videos and the likes for almost 3 years now trying to disgrace donald and its becoming more and more in the light who is out to rule the world and the steps they will go through to get there. thank god for donald trump. how the hell did we allow anti freedom into our political system man , beyond belief.

  17. Trump just can't win an election without the help of a foreign country, the day after Mueller testifies he calls UKR President, ask for a favor, with his personal attorney, and AG to follow up, then hides the record of that call on a secure system. That is FOR SURE one of the most patriotic use of his powers.. What a joke of a president

  18. The good news is that Schiff has personally seen evidence of collusion and he'll expose that any minute now… any minute…. any minute. Ah coming soon.
    I expected a lot more from the whistle blower but it looks like little more than the phone transcripts. Oops.
    Schiff is a punk.

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