Sanders seizes lead in Iowa, New Hampshire polls

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  1. Iowan here. Cutting the cord (fox included) really helps with not having to be bombarded by crap. That doesnt fix the mail though..

  2. Love Bernie, but Americans need to “Think Harder” let talk “Futurenomics”. $15 per hour minimum wage vs $1000 a Month UBI: Yes both plan is likely to increase some prices. But Minimum wage would be a permanent increase in the cost of production, causing “cost push” inflation, and more unemployment as Employers automate jobs away and hire less. While $1000 a month may also cause price increase “demand pull”in short run. But producers will rush in and increase supply reducing prices back to equilibrium level, employing more people to fill demand, plus automation, Artificial Intelligence will produce good & services at lower cost of production, robots working 24/7 no breaks hence lower prices. What’s good about $15 an hour minimum wage if you don’t have a job? Then there is the
    Federal Jobs Guarantee, paying people to sharpen pencils, is a waste of talent, time and money if the job is guaranteed; both are same old broke backward mentality programs. The rich don’t work for money, money work for them. Plus, “it take money to make money” $1000 a month UBI is powerful, this is residual income for life. As a real estate investor you need at least a $200,000+ investment on the average to generate $1000 a month T-net after all expenses. Think harder AMERICA. How does the average American generate an extra $1000 a month free and clear? We can’t afford not to do this Now! Andrew Yang is only one with real solutions for the 21st century, a future of automation and a joblessness society displacing human value. UBI empowers people to pursue passion, ingenuity and meaningful careers. Socialism empowers big wasteful, inefficient Government that disincentivized people and the work, China woke up to that historical fact. We need “A New Way Forward” Andrew Yang for President” he has the the right futuristic solutions for America and the world.

  3. Its Gulag Bernie by a head over Creepy Joe…what a pair….They are the Party of choice…..for Criminals…the fact that one of these Morally Bankrupt clowns could be setting in the WH makes me nauseous..🤢🤮

  4. Andrew Yang is bringing out people that haven't voted in years let alone participated in these polls. He has the support of republicans as well. Why? Because his plans are realistic and not based on one party's ideas. Elon Musk even endorses him and that's saying something.

  5. Excellent, bernie is such a wacko communist/socialist that if he gets the nod from the DNC President Trump is sure to win in 2020, but regardless of the polls the dnc is already planning to nominate Biden unfortunately.

  6. Sanders has staunch supporters on the left. But he isn't winning the independent vote. For Trump, Bernie would be the easiest challenger to beat. Boring Klobuchar will be way tougher to beat.

  7. All these Democrats and Republicans that are against our president they were baptized by Satan in the swamp God help him

  8. I don't understand how democrats, the party that fought for slavery, can maintain the majority of African-American voters. It doesn't make sense.

  9. People in Venezuela encourage us not to listen to Bernie, all free stuff and how will they pay for it, higher taxes. Next……..

  10. “Hire a good taster” what is she suggesting? To me it seems to suggest that someone may try to poison him due to his running away with the nomination. Maybe I’m reading too much into it but why else would someone need a food taster?

  11. I may be wrong, but I don't think Bernie is involved in criminal or immoral activity. He seems to be another Jimmy Carter a good man but too weak. If Bernie should somehow win, I don't believe he could stop the movement towards draining the swamp.

  12. I like Bernie as an honest guy I'd never vote for him but at least he tells it how he sees it and his story is the same

  13. Sanders Hillary, Schumer,  Pelosi, and their crooked democrat perverts are going to punk you again boy. It looks like you would learn you socialist P.O.S.

  14. Tanks FOX and news just as great is a majority of Americans hate Trump!

    Hooray! God Bless U.S. every one. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  15. Most voters are more afraid of the radical change sanders would attempt than what they know of what Trump does.
    Sanders would virtually guarantee Trump wins in November. Bernie is a dangerous nutjob. Just look at him.

  16. The last 4 candidates that won Iowa and New Hampshire won the nomination! Looking at the polls and the Trend Bernie Sanders is very likely to be the nominee!

  17. I've seen Andrew Yang's campaign ads on TV; but he is never mentioned on the polls.
    Based solely on the candidates TV ads; Andrew Yang is the only one who is not running on hatred for Trump. Could that be the key to getting covered by the news?

  18. Who in their right mind would vote for Biden or Warren over Bernie? It's like what do these voters want? More status quote "nothing ever changes" BS politics? These people are really out of their minds, voting for another establishment candidate, rather than Bernie, who will actually make a difference, because he actually serves the people.

  19. Democrats have lost their party to socialist.

    The 1st anti corruption Democrat will rip to the top of the list. Mark my words. Oh well!!!

  20. Because voters realize he got set up last time in the debate. And like with Trump no matter what side you're on right or left. American People understand a MSM bashing. They get it and don't like it.

  21. The democratic establishment makes it very clear they don't want Bernie. Fox defends Bernie knowing that if he loses, they make the republican party look like the good guys in the eyes of Bernie voters while the democratic party comes off looking crooked as hell. That's my theory, anyway.

  22. Wow I agree with Fox News. Bernie is an independent he could run on his own really! Anyone know if he can do this? Not sure myself but it would be good if he did.

  23. Communism/socialism is a HUGE CON JOB SCAM! The only people who benefit from "redistributing the wealth" are the "redistributors". The bulk of the wealth goes into the pockets of the "redistributors".
    Communism/socialism creates the super wealthy "redistributors" who CONTROL THE WEALTH, and the masses of the people, who become IMPOVERISHED and ENSLAVED to those who CONTROL THE WEALTH.
    Only the con artists and the ignorant fools want communism/socialism.
    Bernie Sanders's popularity reveals that there are a lot of ignorant fools in the USA, ready to be fleeced (economically plundered, controlled and enslaved) by the con artists.
    In other words, communism/socialism is a sure fire method of PLUNDER and ENSLAVEMENT of the masses of the people. The Satanic POWER-ELITE con artists love communism/socialism.


  25. I want Bernie to be the nominee… I can watch our great President decimate him! And show the world how evil and hypocritical Sanders really is

  26. Yes lets make this election about the values of the Socialist Democrats and the Capitalist GOP. Let's get this issue settled in 2020.

  27. Bernie has one hell of a ground game. His volunteers have knocked on over 500,00 doors. That's how you win a state like Iowa.

  28. There is a positive result on the IMPEACHMENT, a start to DRAIN the SWAMP with Joe Biden hahaha.
    ANYWAY SANDERS will not WIN over TRUMP.😂😂😂

  29. As a bernie supporter I was trying to figure out why fox has been giving neutral coverage to Bernie and I think I got it. They want dems to rig thr primary to use that to suppress progressives in 2020. If they cheat Bernie they will basically insure a trump victory.

  30. A Socialist! Oh, my goodness. This country is going to go down the drain if Socialists take over the government. Too many people don't know that Socialism takes control of EVERYTHING. Will the United States go the way of Venezuela? I won't live to see it, but my heart aches for my children and grandchildren! God Wins in the end, but how long before that happens?

  31. It’s weird how these obnoxious Fox News people make fun of Bernie and call him a commie, yet they are still fairer to him than CNN and MSNBC

  32. Bernie or Trump because I dislike our democratic establishment!! Bernie is truly an independent. His only side is the side of the American every day worker.

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