Russia isn’t the only threat to 2020 U.S. Elections

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  1. WORLD WIDE no question
    Payable to
    United Nations
    Go fund me
    5 4 3 2 1 …. Not done and don't embarrass humiliation

  2. Boohoo I’m a democrat and I didn’t win a fair election; time to call impeachment for no reason and be nothing but the embarrassment and downfall of America!

    Fuckin Democrats.. might as well change the name of the party to either demoCRAPS or Loonies. Those are fitting names for like morons and jackasses.

  3. The USA is collapsing before the eyes of the world….These are not normal events, and trump is only the tip of this titanic situation. No matter the words, discussions, big threats made to work on this…its only getting more evident. As an example….FB won't stop running specific ads that are sending dis information out there, and that is only one format/platform that is altering the American landscape. The entire Republican party protects the most corrupt man in America..your President…the USA has been compromised…BIGLY…it's still going on. Evidence is not important to this government, it simply does not accept the reality of the fall of the republic. All of this has been going on for more than 3 years…trump is too stupid to have done it himself…This is a crossroad period in history for the USA..

  4. Yeah the threat is the US citizens, who votes Trump. Right?

    Coz you dont like it now citizens of the USA are criminals!
    How dare they vote against your propaganda!


  6. Trump's so easily manipulated. Flatter him, throw a few bucks his way (and be pro-Russia) and he'll do what ever you want, what nefarious leader WOULDN'T want him as the US President?

  7. Ooooo. Russian boogey man! 😂. You fools at WAPO really don’t know that the Russians and America have been meddling in each other’s elections since the Cold War? Give us a break.

  8. You STILL going on about Russian collusion? lolol!
    You are beginning to sound like Hillary now, who is starting to accusing everyone of being groomed by Russians…

    Russian collusion?
    – Dumbest left wing lie I ever heard.
    Even here in Scandinavia we find that one hilarious, considering that NO ONE thought that Trump would win. Not even Trump…and even less so the Russians.

    You don´t think Putin would have put his bet on someone a little bit more certain to win?

  9. The US is the biggest flip flop in history…
    "Putin is worse than Hitler!"
    "Russia is our enemy!"
    "We must weaken Russia!"
    Yet at the same time.
    "We must seek cooperation with Russia."

  10. More sanctions? As a Russian citizen thats music to my ears. Forces more of our business to be independent and wakes up all the morons who still believe in the Wests "good intentions

  11. COME ON, this news outlet has already been exposed as saying “There is no Russiagate”, in an undercover sting years ago!!! Why are you not reporting that Amazon will be storing ALL voter data for the 2020 elections? Why not also report how an angry ex employee of Amazon has already hacked their systems and had access to thousands of capital one credit card information! Why not regulate Facebook and Google more, instead of regulating a false narrative, a diversion of truth? Or is this just propaganda! Oh wait…..doesn’t the Amazon mogul ALSO own Wash post?! Never mind your job is probably at stake and I would be surprised if this post wasn’t taken down. Whatever, this russiagate is getting old! US has other issues like Rapegate, Human traffickinggate, Racialprofiling gate, Governmental corruption gate, Hatedbythe worldgate, Bombs of massive liesgate, Homelessgate, Massmurdergate, Massincarceration gate, Teenage suicidegate, History Demonizationgate, Propagandagate, Monopolization gate, Economic failuregate…..and on and on and on!! Pick one for crying out loud it would be much more relevant and believable perspective! This isn’t the 1940s people, let it go, all ready. Well I guess if you have people still believing this crap…sell your story. Great job.

  12. If Russia is SSSOOO interested in the election WHY are they continuing to drop the dollar currency? AND WHY are so many other countries doing the same? That alone will destabilize the country when the fiat dollar is devalued and nobody in the world will want to do any business with it. Putin is already light years ahead of destroying the country by supplying oil and making trade deals with EVERY country but Us corporate America due to sanctions and bullying behavior of government. He doesn’t need the election to influence anything……the centuries of greed of amerika and mismanagement of power is what will be the fall of the nation.

  13. Amazing! Would you ever believe that less than 100 000$ spent by Russia on Facebook could have any impact when balanced with 100million$ spent by the candidates? Would you not think that erasing any limit on the donations gives a huge undemocrtic weight to big corporations? Which s the most angerous for 'american democracy'? Pathological BS in Congress.

  14. Neo-Liberals trying to remove trump and yet has been on a losing streak since 2016. Its gonna get worse for them during trumps 2nd term.

  15. We can’t let foreign nations interfere in our politics. Trump won or least got a boost in 2016 thanks to Russian interference. Makes sense, Russia is trying to divide us and make us weak but we must stand together strong to defend the best country on Earth. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Can’t repeat this in 2020

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