Ruling party unveils election pledges ahead of April 13 poll

We start with the countdown to Korea’s April
13th general election… With just over four weeks remaining before
the nation heads to the polls,… the ruling Saenuri Party has announced its five election
pledges. Unveiling them at a meeting on Monday morning,
party chairman Kim Moo-sung said the ruling party would work harder to narrow the gap
between the rich and poor. The party also pledges to create more jobs
through government-led deregulation, create effective policies to support the younger
generations and foster talent, complete the government’s labor market reforms and tackle
Korea’s chronically-low birth rate by establishing more daycare centers.
On the other side,… the main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea appears resigned to
the fact that its proposal to merge with the minor opposition People’s Party ahead of the
election is unrealistic. The founder and co-leader of the People’s
Party, Ahn Cheol-soo,.. remains sternly opposed to any alliance.

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