Republicans Take Lead in 2014 Election Polls

the government shut down significantly
shifted 2014 polling towards democrats because overwhelmingly
americans knew the shutdown was the responsibility of republicans many
republicans love the shutdown they want to shut down they were predicting an and calling for a shutdown for years but
now we actually see a shift in the other
direction in part because if the Obamacare stumbles getting started media i’d as written up the recent polls
than the the CNN 0 RC Paul back in October showed democrats defeating republicans in canada generic 2014 ballot 5242 by eight points now the latest CNN
poll shows Republicans taking the lead over
democrats 49 240 for this is a 13 points swing even worse for Democrats the survey
found that voters loyal to the party in power in the senate are less enthusiastic than average about even boating in 2014
only 22 percent of Democrats are describing themselves as extremely or very enthusiastic I think it might actually be time to become more concerned for democrats
democrats have a history I love blowing midterm elections look
think back Lewis the 2010 midterms where in the lead-up to the passage the Affordable Care Act
the Obama administration and Democrats more broadly did an absolutely laughable job terrible
job at explaining the benefits of the
Affordable Care Act that really explaining why this is a victory and they suffered because it and now
that we’re just days from 2014 these polls start to matter one caveat
Louis before I let you comment on this a couple up democratic commenters I
don’t know what we would call them analysts have said that national polls
on 2014 are oversampling republicans we don’t
have specific evidence that that they’re simply some Democrats were suggesting
that we don’t know that may be the case Louis what are your
thoughts about his numbers well it it’s an early pollen you know I
don’t really like balls so I’m not going to a I’m not going to
just roll the accept this but I will say that if these numbers are true I think
it’s it’s pretty shocking I think it shows
that assuming Republicans are not being oversampled
that are a lot of people supporting Republicans don’t care that they did absolutely nothing I ever
just obstructionists arm or think it’s a good
thing or don’t even know to be perfectly
honest there’s one other possibility when it comes to the
numbers which is how much does that there’s a generic
ballot Paul translate individual voters because I can imagine Louis if you poll people broadly they say we
are way less in favor of Democrats then we are
republicans broadly speaking because I’ve these four issues but when it comes down
to election day they still will look at the Democratic
candidate and the republican candidate and say hey listen even if nationally I’m less in favor of
Democrats right now given the two choices I have I’m still
going to vote for the democrat and that’s something that the poll can’t
really tell us right on those a lobbyist polls can tell
us that certainly impact factor in it so early I i wouldnt put too much into this what
I can guarantee you is that Democrats need to get moving now
on Obamacare PR well as we get into 2014 in people start
actually getting the coverage that they signed up for through health care dot
cover the state exchanges they they can’t do the 2010 election job and expect to hold on to the senate it’s
just they they need to do better

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  1. something seems very odd about that poll the website thing would definitely not swing the polls that much. just something seems odd

  2. I know i wont be voting unless there are 3rd party candidates on the ballot. I will just skip it. There was no chance of me ever voting GOP, but i cannot vote for democrats either any longer. I couldnt pinch my nose closed tight enough to get past the stench of either of these 2 parties at this point.

  3. Trying to explain why polls are wrong is a bad position to be in.

    I hope Democrats get their shit together, or, more likely, the Republicans do something else to fuck up in the meantime. 

  4. This seems dubious that poll suggests Americans have impaired long term memory (at least not long enough to remember the Bush years) with that said republicans should be kept out of the white house for DECADES and other parties should also be introduced!

  5. Fuck the scum bag Dems. Single payer and the end of NAFTA would have killed the Cons. We get the sellout Obama, healthcare only Wall Street and the insurance companies could love and the TPP.

    Its all against the working guy.

  6. I wish people would stop looking at this as a Democrat vs Republican election. It's should be about replacing the current crop of elected representatives with people who are not corrupted by corporate money – and who take our constitution seriously.

  7. This actually is not surprising. Sadly, people have short memory's and the shutdown is not even on people's minds any longer . Now it is just Obama Care, Obama Care, Obama Care. Do not get me wrong, it IS a VERY important subject, to be sure. But I can almost say most will base their vote on THAT alone, and forget about all the shit republicans pulled over the last couple years. Then take in the fact that history shows that the opposing party of the President almost always gets the votes for midterms elections and the fact that Democrats have a history of voting in lower numbers in the midterms and there you have it. Republican takeover. I am not usually one that falls for doom and gloom propaganda, but I am actually worried this time. If it was JUST the establishment Republicans, it would be annoying, but ok. I can deal with that. But it is the branch of far right radicals that have taken over the party that has me worried. They are crazy. Simple. And the problem with crazy is you do not KNOW what will happen. I REALLY hope that all the signs pointing to the Republican winning are wrong. But I am someone that try's to base logic on the evidence in front of me. And it does not look good. Sadly the "evidence" seems to point to a very bumpy and unknowable future. And for once, I truly wish I am wrong.

  8. Democrats beat Republicans in polls. "Blah blah blah, people are waking up, Republican party is imploding, people are sick of right-winger fringe nonsense destroying the country"
    Republicans beat Democrats in polls. "Blah blah blah, no conclusive statements, there's probably something wrong with the way the polls were done"

    Not that I think either party is worth a shit, or worth my vote for that matter, but do you guys ever get sick of being obviously biased hypocrites?

  9. I don't know I've never known one person vote on a poll so don't know how reliable they are and I sure hope this one is wrong ha 

  10. Remember when the republicans were saying that Democrats were being oversampled and we said that they that they were in a bubble? lets not get in our own bubble.

  11. i'm not surprised by this, most of my co-workers, family, and neighbors are creationists, anti-union/worker, think people on social programs are moochers and lazy, (despite most of them getting some sort of gov't check) most are closet racist or unaware of their racism, are homophobic, and think voting for republicans will improve their lives…  now this isn't a endorsement of corporate democrats but most of the people i know are pretty fucking stupid about politics. 

  12. Rest In peace United States. When you let the Republicans destroy the country you deserve It for not standing up and massing a Rebellion. I hope that one day the Britain gets to re-conquer North America.

  13. If the Democrats let the Republicans win the next election after all the incredible BS they have pulled then the Dems deserve to lose.

  14. If Obama would have been more vocal like Alan Grayson they would have won in 2010. To me Obama has been a big disappointment. If he continues not saying or doing anything about the GOP he may lose this next election for the Dems.

  15. I find this ridiculous, considering the obamacare rollout mess was being perpetrated by republican legislatures in the states by either not implimenting certain points of the law or by flat-out denying the website from being used.

  16. Don't put much stock in what these polls say yet.  It's far too early.  I'll be interested to see what Nate Silver has to say about the subject a couple of weeks before the election.  The election will depend quite a lot on how things have gone with Obamacare by that time.

  17. Democrats can't win because they can't run on their record.  They only win buy saying slogans as in "hope and change," "pay their fair share," "equality for all," (when everyone has equal rights) "war on women," and so on.  The democrats take over, crap hits the fan and go back to republicans.  Look at Carter, he was a mess then republicans slowly took over.  Now with Obamacare being a mess and the economy still being bad democrats are going to lose. All those college students who voted for Obama are graduating to a jobless market, they won't listen to those slogans anymore and vote for the other guy, the republicans.

  18. democrats rate more favourably than republicans as the majority of humanity's values align with democrat principles. good riddance republicans:> 

  19. This is definitely cause for concern, and so much of it is the fault of the democrats who have a history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Early polls are not indicative of electoral results. But democrats definitely need to fight harder.

  20. Democrats might bounce back around February though now with all the people signing on to the affordable care act plans.

  21. I am simply not stupid enough to understand the average American. The leaders have nothing but contempt for the average american and having heard this I fear, I feel, they may have a point. Right wing politics has fucked up EVERYTHING so Americans are electing to go further RIGHT? Look Obama is a right wing toady to power, but there are a few left leaning individuals in the democratic party there are NO lefties in the GOP.

  22. a lot of christian preachers say "vote for satan before voting for a democrat"…so they vote republican. odd, no?

  23. It's way wayyyy to early to even think about this stuff yet that's #1 #2 when they bring up the gov shutdown during these upcoming election videos they'll show whether these republicans allowed the shutdown to happen. It's public knowledge and that's pretty much all it will take to shift people away from those who supported it.

  24. The Dems losing the senate wouldn't be such a bad thing except that the opposing party the (Repubs) Has been totally taken over by zealotous, sociopathic jackasses. Aka: (The Teabaggers) and a take over means cruel and savage cuts to the middle and lower classes plus, giving the scumbags on the religious right even more power to shove their vile dominionist agenda on us.

    So for the sake of and sanity of the nation Dems get your fucking shit together already!!!

  25. They are riding on the ACA rollout coat tails. Things will change as the system improves, people are signed up and the barrage of daily misinformation ends. Even so, it's really scary that there are so many politically ignorant people getting their info from sources like Fox rather than doing their own leg work. America can't afford to go backward. We know what Republican economics and civil issues have done. We know dirtier politics have never been played. We can't wait for the next generation to end tea party mentality which they surely will not stand for.

  26. It's too early to tell. If the GOP manage to get a candidate in office, the US is double-fucked. If another Dem gets in, maybe just slightly fucked. Do they have any credible candidate right now?

  27. Democrats: "Vote for us, because we're at least not AS bad by comparison!"

    Boy, this country is so screwed it's not even funny!

  28. If we are going to quote polling on policies to buttress our side of every issue (war, Entitlements, drugs, Public Option, taxing the rich, Social Security, gun background checks, Afghanistan, etc.), we have to be prepared to accept the polling that goes against us.  It is very possible that the public has turned against Democrats (as they should), and it is very possible that they will once again turn against Republicans in a few months (as they should), and we'll want to point to those polls.  It is disingenuous to only put stock into the polls that you happen to like.  On balance, the polls favor Liberalism far more than they don't, and we should embrace this, even when some polls are inconvenient.

  29. How is this possible?  How can the American people be this mother fucking stupid?  Especially women, they are the ones I blame the most.

  30. Soo we have the most unpopular Congress in history, and now they are thinking of voting even more of those Tea Party obstructionists into office?

    That's just fucking super.

  31. Good If Americans want to further sink their country into the toilet so be it vote republican. The rest of with world will watch and laugh as they head back to the 30's and destroy the middle class further. Obama was garbage but he was up against an entire party that openly said on video they would do everything they can to stop Obama from doing anything at all no matter how bad the country suffered. 

  32. I'm a life long liberal Democrat and I will not vote for my Democratic Congressman, Patrick Murphy, in November.  He has decided to support amnesty for illegal aliens and a massive infusion of 33 million legal immigrants over the next decade.  There are 20 plus million Americans who want full time jobs but can't find one.  At the same time President Obama and Democrats including my Congressman allow 7 plus million illegal aliens to hold full time, payroll jobs in Labor Department job categories with a majority of American worker and high unemployment rates. Why on earth does America need to further flood an already flooded labor market? I would have to be a fool to vote anyone who wants to further hurt American workers and their families.  I never thought I'd vote for a Republican, but if Republicans block  this crazy amnesty and 30 million more legal immigrants, they have my vote.

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