Republicans Launch Super PAC To Defeat Trump And His ‘Craven’ Loyalists | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. This is a great and badly needed project that honest ,good old fashioned Republicans need to put together to literally destroy Trump and his Russian cult. Rick Wilson described the situation perfectly when he stated that Congressional Republicans are a Cult dedicated to a mad man. It couldn’t be simpler or truer. Rick Wilson and his associates will be considerately National Heroes when Trump and his craven supporters are defeated. This is a vitally important juncture in our nation’s history, as important as in 1776. Either you support America, it’s Constitution and Democracy, or you prepare for America to be taken over by Putin and the Kremlin , just as Trump and his family and his Administration have been. Trump and his family are blatant Traitors and Russian agents. It is plain to see.

  2. He called it a "temporary moment, a blip". I have to disagree, the republicans have been on this road a long time, Trump is merely a symptom of the disease that rots the GOP. I applaud his actions but it more than too little, way to late.

  3. I did hear about this group; an ad popped up on Twitter which I clicked on and I donated. I am not Republican I'm definitely on Bernie's side but I got to tell you I will support them because I believe they at least want to have integrity and the rule of law. Even if Republicans win I could at least rest assured they won't do wretched things that are detrimental to OUR country!! This gives me hope.

  4. This is the 1st Real action in taking back our country. Republicans in the Senate will drag out this trial for months. Our country will lose face in the eyes of the world and even if an impeachment is sucure the G.O.P would need another candidate to back if they hope of winning back the majority. By distancing politics away from Trump and his cronies republicans can true to build back their fractured reputation in some people's eyes. That fact that Kelly Ann Conway husband is one of the founders of this SuperPac should tell you everything you need to know about what the party truly thinks of our current president.

  5. I effin love it …#the Lincoln project…finally. thank you, thank you thank you . Let's give this some the respect it deserves….

  6. Way back in 2016…what seems like eons ago I kept saying and telling some of my friends I don't think Trump is Presidential material didn't even know him or anything about him it was just a gut felling I had and to be honest didn't know why I had that feeling that won't quit but I just did and now I know "the rest of the story"!

  7. I do hope you will consider reading this reply since you seem to be seriously interested in the future of your country. I know it is extremely long. I have been advised that no one will really read it. To be clear, I do not live in North America. I live in a country that has been under communist/Marxist-socialist ideological control for the past fourteen years. I have seen firsthand how an extreme fascist government comes to power and operates. Regarding my comments on YouTube videos, I do not converse with any of my countrymen nor any of my family concerning the political events in the U.S.A. And, even though your government significantly influences events in my country, as it does in virtually all countries, practically no one here cares much about the impeachment undertakings involving President Trump and the complaints against his staff and faithful, if obsequious, Republican partisans. All of my information on the situation there comes from the Internet, including YouTube videos and only three Online Newspapers: ProPublica, Snopes and Associated Press. I have no endorsement for any political party – neither Republicans, Democrats or any of the other nearly 60 registered political parties in the United States.

    I have taken an outsider´s interest in your politics because I am concerned that the “I AM RACE” (a spiritual anagram for AMERICA) is faltering in its role as the greatest expression of political and social freedom on earth. That responsibility began with the "The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America and the subsequent Constitution of the United States." Those original documents, and some of the amendments to the latter, in my opinion, represent the most humanitarian and unbiased social decrees yet to appear in the annals of human history. “WE THE PEOPLE” has to be the most powerful introduction yet written to any statement concerning the laws of earth´s governments. That said, I am adamantly opposed to extreme fascism, while indeed recognizing that any country with laws, is in some form fascist. Fascism, as I define it, is a system of administrative control over a country´s subjects expressed in degrees from nominal to extreme. I do not relate it to a “type” of government.

    Some governmental policies and laws are socially beneficial and humanitarian while others are not. I am in support of some of the ideology inherent in communism, for example, yet contra to communist fascism, which I see as the enemy of cultural expression, spiritual evolution and individual freedom and thinking. I am in support of some of the ideology behind capitalism, yet contra to unfair market strategies, false advertising and corrupt business practices and exploitation that lead to the harm or suffering of any people. I am especially concerned that currently, all of humanity is controlled by only 0.2 percent of the populace, otherwise known as politicians. And, of that number, there are only a handful of extremely powerful individuals whose agenda seems to be the control of the entire world.

    In my country, we elected a president who advertised for coalition and unification among the many ethnic groups and myriad social interests in the nation. He wanted to make the country great and free from corrupt politicians. I personally voted in favor of the president and I wholeheartedly supported his platform. I enjoyed thinking of living in a racially-free and fair-to-everyone country. In short time, he nationalized all of our natural resources, expunged foreign businesses and imposed unheard of tariffs and taxes on intrusive commodities. Statistically, the economic status of the country grew as did the minimum wage and employee benefits. But people were out of jobs because businesses could not afford to hire them. Rich politicians and their consociates got richer. The poor stayed poor. And, the Middle Class began disappearing, mostly merging with the poor. Does any of this sound familiar?

    The president and vice-president surrounded themselves exclusively with supporters of their own communist/socialist political party. They replaced the supreme justices in the country with like-minded implants of their own who invariably ruled in the party´s favor regarding any controversial legal matters. They claimed that false journalism was dividing the country. That led to creating policies against any reporting that criticized their office or politics. They closed certain radio and television stations that broadcast opposing political ideas or exposed corruption and malfeasance among their party members. Journalists began disappearing; some were imprisoned and some just disappeared. Even cartoonists were jailed for drawing humorous depictions of political leaders. They prohibited certain books from being printed and promoted their own publications that justified their fascist control and their hatred of foreign imperialism and traitorous citizens. Fueled with fanatical nationalism and even racism, they called for the extermination of anti-government protesters and generally announced that those opposed to their regime should leave the country. The president met personally with Vladimir Putin and over a long, friendly relationship made secret plans relating to the exploitation of our natural resources and the establishment of Russian business ventures in the country. Plans were made for the construction of at least one Russian Nuclear plant. Does any of this sound familiar?

    Early in his presidency, our elected leader hinted that becoming a dictator might be the necessary course to follow in making the country great. Then, following two terms of office, the legal limit, as it is in the U.S.A., the party held a special, unconventional referendum asking the general public if it wished to reinstate the president for an additional term of control. The greater majority of people voted against the proposition. Nevertheless, the president convinced his Supreme Court to overturn the wishes of “We the People” and the president stayed in office for a third term with the idea of remaining indefinitely. At that point he became the dictator he had hinted at becoming. Through deception and blatant lies, the president and his fanatic vice-president, maintained national and international support by falsely promoting concerns and policies for environmental and human rights. Does any of this sound familiar? There is not room to describe the dozens of other similarities your government and mine have shared since the inauguration of President Trump.

    We held new elections following his illegitimate running and again defeated the dictator president and his party by popular vote. But they again rejected the will of “We the People” and remained in office. That was too much to accept without seditious protests. Serious and deadly consequences transpired. Currently, my country stands in the throes of incipient civil war. The president and vice-president escaped the country, seeking asylum with a known corrupt government but not before cleaning out one of the countries’ biggest banks and leaving huge caches of Russian weapons for use by their faithful supporters. The two threaten to return to the country and regain power, which, if attempted, will certainly result in an indescribable blood bath.

    There are two main differences between your government and mine: One is, that your country claims to be democratically capitalist and mine claims to be democratically socialist. Yet, despite the semantics, they are both heavily influenced by Russian-inspired communist fascism, which is oriented toward complete control of their citizens through one-sided propaganda campaigns, restricting “The People´s” self-evident freedoms, aggressively subjugating the populace through powerful laws and silencing any opposing human expressions. The second main difference is, that in my country the presidency was controlled by an executive who followed his own prejudicial political predilection; whereas, in your country, the executive is a temperamental, eminently influential individual with obvious high narcissism disorder and possible dementia, which, from my point of view, is much more dangerous for you and for the planet.

    I believe the Russians are gaining support for their fascist interests throughout the world while, at the same time, your president is detaching himself from the true democratic countries on earth. Try to remember that fascist communism proposes that ANYTHING is justified in order to gain control – lies, deception, murder, theft, detainment, genocide, et al. I hope you never have to experience that control first-hand.

    Thank you for reading to the end.

  8. Finally a light at a dark hour. As Americans we must be on guard against any fanatical group or groups that proclaim themselves the sole possessors of truth that should not be questioned. Groups that demonize the innocent and group them alongside the criminal where they cannot defend themselves. Maybe and hopefully our honorable Republican brothers and sisters, our fellow Americans will help unite our country . People need models, man of high morals and courage to identify and destroy true evil with-in and with-out to maintain a strong vibrant America free of hypocrisy. God help us all…

  9. Got a trump ad wtf this guy is trying to rile up the most toxic supporters ever 😛 hope it hurts his cause want to see everyone who wants him as president to burn. Most of all Israel heathens, putting him on the same page as GOD, idiots.

  10. I voted for Reagan x 2, HW, W x 2 and am thoroughly disgusted by these anarchists, who have dragged our GOP into the mud and with zero shame. We have but two choices, and the wrong one sends this country into decades of turmoil.

  11. Hope that they can rescue the old party,we really do need a workable two party system,what we have now is sure not working,like Pogo said “we have seen the enemy and he is us “

  12. I am not a Republican but this is one movement I can and will support. I want Trump out and I want our country back both nationally and internationally.

    This group could easily turn into a bipartisan group that defeats the president. If a Republican president is elected as a result, I am fine with it as long as Trump and his sick people are removed.

    That would include that awful embarrassment of a lady Kelly Ann Conway. Along with Moscow Mitch and spineless Graham!

  13. That’s right guys the New World Order on its way with the Dems past leaders and Nancy Pelosi who is Catholic and the Pope is I pushing the new world order and Republicans who also want the new order. BOOM democracy GONE. The anti christ is on his way. Get ready for the worst ride of your lives.

  14. Mad respect, even if they don't win, one would hope they get enough votes to cleanse the government of shady repubs

  15. I am happy to empower him. Fock the new ways. The new ways are destroying this nation. It's you people that are the traitors, enhancing our destruction.

  16. Republican here vowing to vote for a dem just to get our corrupt Oompa Loompa out of office. Put up a Republican opponent and I’ll vote for him or her in the primary.

  17. When I heard this, I was thrilled and immediately donated to The Lincoln Project, Rick Wilson's PAC that is dedicated to defeating not only Trump but his Congressional supporters. Steve Schmidt, George Conway, and others have all joined together in this effort, all authentic conservatives whom I have grown to admire over the years. I am also very grateful that Christianity Today has published an editorial calling for Trump's removal from office. I fervently hope the impeachment trial in the Senate will focus Americans as never before on the imperative need to defeat this president. His base definitely has apparent cracks that are becoming more obvious every day, and "all the king's horses and all the king's men cannot put Humpty Dumpty together again." Decent people on all sides of the political spectrum need to unite to provide thoughtful, honest, and effective efforts to heal our divisions, which Trump continues to inflame on a daily basis. Thank you Rick, Steve, and George for providing us with a means to join with you in your critical endeavor. Keep us informed of your progress and ways we can help. Thanks, William in Los Angeles

  18. It's a start. Appreciate Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson et al. This Coppertone bozo has got to go… along with his craven enablers. "Never sign an omnibus like 2018 again"? Oh do tell. Phonies. The Mulvaney cretin is on par with Paul Wolfowitz in the annals of perfidy. Tantamount to the devil himself. Republicans.. take back your party and soul.

  19. Oh here it comes…they weren’t real republicans and never trumpers right? The minute one disagrees with this man behavior people burn that bridge and remain ignorant. May want to be careful…not too many bridges left… painting yourself in a corner…

  20. I see Rick Wilson has taken more of my name calling & used it to write another book! Well Scummy Repukes you all are money hungry so you better start sharing with me & twitter before we come after u

  21. Because you have been in politics for more than hundred years combined you must be contacted and you are part of the swamp.

  22. I hope these are not the few Republicans that have come to their senses. Maybe this will open the gates. The problem that I see is the religious element that discounts Trumps actions as ok because he plays them saying he supports them when he could care less. Trump will say and do anything and some people can’t recognize that.

  23. Thanks to Christianity today for speaking out against the scum in the white house /i don't only want him removed from office i want him off the planet ! Every republican needs to be impeached!

  24. If I don't eggs.then just because you make them a different way doesn't mean I'm going to eat the eggs. Conservative any thing has been tarnished by trump and evangelicals .and the word patriot is even more unstable .any of those words reminds me of this administration and their lies.

  25. —– > Corruption by any other Super-Pac would still be a smelly stink. The problem is not just Trump, it's the GOP platform itself.

  26. YAY! About time!! Now if Bloomberg would put his money up for something besides his who they might have a chance! Too many Ego maniacs in politics and way too many people ready to enable them!! Anyone would be better than Trump!!

  27. They should name is the RINO Benedict Arnold Pact. They disgrace the name of Lincoln by naming it after him. #KeepAmericaGreat

  28. I think this are another Swamp Group have been influence, are recruited, or have been purchase by evil to do harm the President. They don't care if they are destroying good just to make money on their books. Their intentions will be expose by the Lord for His anointed was being attacked by evil. As the Lord said any plan to harm His chosen one will fail and the harm will backfire on them. This produced by NBC I guess you know who are they servicing ???

  29. Looks like there is hope. We have been living in a Bizzaro world. Republicans convincing millions of people the up is down, black is white, wrong is right. I watch and listen to these Trump rallies and am astonished at the stupidity displayed. Violence combating reality. After all is said the Trump and his Trump etts try to say that what you just heard, you did not hear. How dumb does Trump think we are. The majority of Americans are not hicks and rubes. He has got to go and once out of office PROSECUTED.

  30. I think all of you does not know that you are reading MSBC. MSNC & CNN , Are sure you with this ?? The President is the chosen one and the Lord will protect Him, defend Him and will guide Him against evil who want to destroy Him and this country. And He was chosen to clean this country, those who are destroying this country and His people. Even a year before the 2016 Election He was already proclaim winner together this 2020 election. For Nobody can do the this job except Him and He will led the Divine Clean Up Plan of this country.
    Why and How do you think He won the 2016 Election?? He was alone everyone does not like Him , Even the GOP does not support Him and they sided with Hillary. All of the Medias are supporting them even up to now the left media are deeply supporting them. The clean up also take down the fake news media and two of them will be close permanently for manipulating the mind of the people by fake news and lies. Remember this you might be surprise and will be disappointed for the Lord has proclaim Him and will lead the removal of Swamp and their supporters.

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