Republican Strategists Using Their Methods To Defeat The Republican President | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. I miss what the Republican Party use to stand for pre Putins stronghold on the current Prez. I am so happy this is happening and will support this.

  2. WHY DID THEY CALL IT "LINCOLN PROJECT," to start CIVIL WAR AGAIN ?, TRAITORS, you need to look at ….18 USC 2385…. Trump has been framed for 3 years solid, and your 'talk' is just more sedition, HR1111 is what the DEMS DO NOT WANT YOU TO SEE. They've already sold us out !

  3. Someone has already hacked the Lincoln Project website. When I first went on the site, no problem. Now, there are major McCafee warnings about the safety of the site. How sad.

  4. The conversation no one is having is that the problem ISN'T Trump; the problem is Trump supporters. America has a problem with our fellow American's, because Trump wouldn't be Trump without 90% approval in the Republican Party.

  5. I kinda wanna cry listening to Wilson. There are some decent right wingers left out there that are willing to speak up in (hopefully) meaningful ways…

  6. The Republican party got what they wanted from him (more money for the disgustingly wealthy). Now they want to wash each other. Blood is to hard to wash off.

  7. Fake News. Republicans are united. These are never Trumpers. I wish the media would stop being so sensationalist all the time. Always trying SOOO Hard!

  8. Im liberal and i would vote these guys in just to save democracy and decency, even though a we would disagree with a lot, our main goals are the same.

  9. trump killing and torturing children separating them from their families an parents! keeping them on cages like dangerous animals!! outing them on caches!!Impingement urgently !!! BEFORE HE COMPLETELY DESTROY OUR COUNTRY!!—Hours before the historic Trump impeachment vote in Congress, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman joins Ari Melber to talk about the Times’ stinging editorial titled “Impeach,” which outlines a “simple and damning” case against Trump. Melber reports on how top newspapers are supporting impeachment, a journalistic development that shows grave concerns about Trump’s fitness for office – and a departure from Clinton’s impeachment, where newspapers condemned Bill Clinton’s conduct, but largely opposed the impeachment. Aired on 12/23/19.

  10. It sounds very good The lincoln Project ! This comes from a group who also are Republicans but want to show the voters that Donald Trump is a fake and is only interested in himself and has not done anything for his voters and the voters who had not voted for him.The bunch of GOP’s who are as nasty as he is are not going to impeach him because they have no interest in doing that.
    Hope the Lincoln Project will succeed ! Because this president is very dangerous and is stripping away Democracy in the US.
    It must become a really big group this Lincoln Project ! Otherwise they do not stand a change.Again I seriously hope that they will succeed ! Because at the moment there is a Hitler in the making.

  11. Donald Trump has to go I don't care who gets voted in Republican or Democrat just as long as there there's no Donald Trump Donald Trump needs to be voted out are completely impeached and removed so he can be indicted and served his time he deserves before it gets much older

  12. This is what false dichotomy creates. There's TWO political parties in a country of 300m people… There are countries (like Finland) that have mere 5 million people and have multi party system where no single party can create a government on their own and we have tens of parties because there's dozens of viewpoints and policies represented in our population… No single political party or two can cater to them all or represent even 5 million people.. how can TWO represent 300m+?

  13. Republicans are AGAINST the American people, at least against the mass of people who are not sitting there discussing issues on million dollar pay checks.

  14. I have absolutely no faith in Romney. He wouldn't convict Trump, he would vote for Trump, he will support Trump. He is holding onto the hope the Trump will give him a position.

  15. So where have these clowns been for the last three years while Donald Trump has been running rampant in the Republican Party?

  16. people who support Donald Trump, I hate black people more than they love America. That's the bottom line stop trying to make it something else, white people hate black people and refused to give anything back other than hate. REALTALK

  17. Old republicanas use to be very nice people polite educate géneros …. But new republicanas are very corrupt & durty …. Recuperate you're dignity taking the traitor criminal Trump & family !!!!!!!

  18. In Trumps second term I expect he' cheese burgers and play golf. He might even enrich himself buy selling political influence. Stuff like that

  19. Well we now know what changed…They got paid to now offend him to the end; but they themselves will be the collateral damage in all of this 😳…No spines, no character, no integrity, & sadly Un-American 🤔!!!

  20. “You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”- Abe Lincoln

  21. When your body got gangrene you have to cut it off. Good luck 🍀 there’s a lot of people like him, it is not only Trump, there’s a whole bunch of racist people behind this all.

  22. I tell people all the time, I have no issue with republicans, it’s maggots I can’t stand and that includes maggot politicians too

  23. Compare and contrast Trump's first speech at CIA headquarters with Obama's—Obama is the real Patriot, Trump sounds like he is selling Trump, it is very disrepectful to our Nation

  24. It's not good enough just to get rid of Don the con. We've got to get rid of Moscow Mitch, and all there comrades in the House and Senate.

    Don the con has been stepping up his game. He was afraid he would be impeached, so he was getting the work that he was hired for done as soon as he could. Destroying our state department, and staining the reputation of the United States to the rest of the world. He wants Putin to get his money's worth. Russia doesn't have a military that can compete with ours, but Putin thinks they can effectively compete with our damaged state department. Thus ruling the world.

    This observation was made two years ago by Keith Olbermann in a series He did for GQ, and Don the con hasn't deviated from this course an inch. Of course that's just my observation for the last few years. It's hard to believe that the GOP hasn't just been sitting back, and watching this the whole time with full realization. Unfortunately what Trump's really been doing can be chalked up to him just being a moron, rather than a saboteur.

    The real sad thing to me is, as has been pointed out over and over again by the Republicon representatives that there are 63 million people out there in america who believe in their heart of hearts that Don the con is a far far better person than they are.

  25. Schiff, Clinton & 8 democratic Senators illegally received 350 million in foreign campaign funds. 8 arrest

    5 Pentagon officials step down last week. On November 3rd we will help trump drain the swamp completely

    Historic victories over the world trade organization. A record breaking 74 billion won by trump.

    Dems order police take guns from citizens in Virginia, they refuse. Dems order National Guard to arrest police & they refuse

    5 Pentagon officials step down last week. On November 3rd we will help trump drain the swamp completely

    Dems leaders have lost significant power & should very concerned about who will protect them once we defeat the deep state.

    140,000 indicted, 7,000 resignations, 185 fed judges, death penalty reinstated. Can you see trumps plan

    If you want WW3, concentration camps and organ harvesting centers vote democrat.

    If you liked the Clinton Death Count, Uranium One, Deleted Top Secret emails vote democrat

    If you like strong terror groups, School shootings & massive corruption vote democrat

  26. This country is no longer being run by the Deep State it's being run by wealthy cut throat businessmen abusing a system put in order by educated GANGSTERS with morals & aspirations they wanted to share with the common folk, some how some way we the people lost control of our own faith and stopped being human and more like sheep & cattle .

  27. I thought it was misguided to ask these guys how they are going to compete with "kitchen table" economic issues. they arent competing with that. they are just another piece of ammunition against Trump. they dont have to defeat him on their own. everybody who still cares and has some sanity needs to pile on!

  28. But will you vote for his Impeachment? Grow some balls you ball-less group of Idiots!! Not one set of Balls in the Entire GOP!! Need to elect more Females at least they have BALLS.

  29. I believe that a democracy needs to have two parties, thus the need for a Republican party. But that party to have any respectability must divorce itself from Trump and the Congressional sycophants who protect and enable him.

  30. Time to stomp out Trumpism and return the GOP to the principles they once stood for. We Democrats need a loyal opposition to keep us honest.

  31. These people remind me of the conservatives of old. I've always said that Trump's cult are dangerous radicals, not conservatives. A conservative would never threaten civil war, which is the definition of treason.


  33. Russia and China want trump to remain as president because the whole country is in turmoil. Trump can never unite a European coalition against Russia (assuming he'd even want to) and he can't unite an Asian coalition against China. So they win.

  34. are they actually saying they will vote for Bernie over trump – Donny won't and I don't believe they will either   Bernie 2020

  35. It's about time somebody have a place for non-racists, non-white supremacists to go, where they can still participate in the republic party.

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