Rep. Ratcliffe: This is why Dems are gunning for an impeachment vote

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  1. I would never vote for another Democrat. I used to vote independent. Now it's clear these idiots only care about their Deep State buddys.

  2. The Dems have been sitting on the Wall, and they've been sitting on USMCA. You talk about obstruction … and political obstruction at that.

  3. So we are just suppose to forget Strozk and Lisa Pages text messages. Typical Socialist mentality, believe my lying lies and don’t believe your truthful eyes. If the socialists win any elections in 2020 then those who voted for them then they are truly anti-American.

  4. The problem is not enough collusion or linkage between two halves of our government! They can’t even act cordial towards each other in the senate, how can we trust they give a crap about the nation’s people?

  5. Fox is '' going to go through some things '' soon, no place in a Democracy for propaganda. New legislation will confront the Fox '' opinion'' anomaly.

  6. The IG report was an investigation? It wasn't to make conclusions? Absurd. It did draw a conclusion, which invalidated the whole report. It concluded there was no bias! No wonder Barr was upset. Are the Republicans upset! No, they are elated because it makes them look good. Where is the justice for the American people? What a ridiculous waste of time and money.

  7. They can do this to the president just think what they can do to be American citizens especially when they hold all the power. We need to taking our power back we pay them they don't pay us we have to actually work an account for what we do or we will get fired.They change their laws for their agendas and takeovers they already come in and take your home land working on the gun if they decide to they want it all socialism. We have no chance when the president can't even get legal advice. Democrats think they hold all the cards they cover-ups on top of no accountabilityno answering for crimes that have been committed if Hillary would have been the president?

  8. Pelosi and Schiff And Nadler have made a joke out of congress.and must be removed..and tried for treason.and hopefully executed..

  9. Great reporting, Ratcliffe. How insane and blind can Dems & Media be? Can they FAIL TO SEE that they're losing the respect and votes all across America? They follow, like sheep, a POSITIVELY PROVEN LIAR ALL THE WAY to the slaughter…I hope there a few Dems with enough respect and backbone for themselves and their district voters to stand up and vote "No Way!"

  10. Do you expect the Demon-Commies to be truthful about the IG Report? Please! I almost think the left has been intentionally blinded to reality and truth.

  11. They haven't lost any support in this everybody is screaming and praying for him to be impeached for Christmas because that would be a huge gift for America and then we need to work on Mitch McConnell and everybody else that helped and aided in this including discussing Fox News has position in the whole thing. You have a lot to account for yourselves


  13. This Will Haunt the American People. THESE SAME ACTIONS, If not "CALLED IN," will Be The Guide Lines for Americans in the FUTURE. Hold your Sons Before they Take Him AWAY. FOR WHAT? "WHATEVER THEY SAY!"

  14. We know the President is a liar, but that is what he does! He is a salesman! We have to rally around his lies if we want to beat these Democrats!

  15. They're impeaching the president so that they can hide their secrets….it's not because they're mad cuz he won it's not because of any other reason than they have a lot to hide…. Get it straight!!!! I'm so tired of hearing you people say that they're mad about him winning the election 😡

  16. oooppps
    trump accidently called Carter Page's brokerage offices inside the Kremlin and hired him to be the 2016 chairman of the "Trump Election Campaign Committee of Moscow"

    think of all the times you accidently called the Kremlin and hired Carter Page as chairman of your Election Campaign Committee of Moscow

  17. Kick the can. Horowitz is a exclamation point on the foul perversion of the Democratic party. Funny how we never actually hear the law from him, always editorial. Kinda like Muller and the msm

  18. Boy is that good sweet corn! Best "HARVEST"ever. Hope the rain from the storm ,Don't ruin my silage! Trump 2020! Make some hush puppies too….

  19. "We did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias or improper motivation influenced the FBI's decision to seek FISA authority on Carter Page." – The IG Report does NOT say that it didn't exist, it simply states that they didn't "Find" it. Apparently, they were either lied to or chose to turn a blind eye to all the glaringly biased comments made by those that never wanted Trump to be POTUS. The goings-on between Lisa P and Peter S and Andrew M amongst others is being chalked up to "everybody has their own personal political opinions" but he believes that the "intention" (same excuse Comey made about Hillary) of comments were not malicious – basically, they were blowing off steam? I believe he tried to be fair in his report but he too is not exempt from his personal opinions and the fact that they may skew the way he looks at things. He did point out the horrendous management of the FBI from the top on down. Funny how the Dems kept wanting to question him on off-topic subjects and he was pretty good about not speaking on them.

  20. to hell with this corrupt government neither secede from this government or let thde Russians have this corrupt government and the us country

  21. It’s a race….Will the democrats be able to get rid of Trump, Barr and Durham before they get indicted or will Trump, Barr and Durham be able to indict the democrats before they get rid of Trump, Bar and Durham!

  22. Strozk and fisa judge Contreras are buddies. Jim Jordan asked rod Rosenstein this question ina previous hearing and rod agreed. Why didn’t the republicans bring this today?

  23. Pelosi had undocumented workers given legal status written into the revised USMCA. Do not pass it with that clause included. No rewards for law breakers.

  24. 1) Like Trump or not this "impeachment" is a process so bad, so perverse, that even millennials recognize the sham of this clown car coup.  The Democrats are toast (for the next decade).2) Thinking, reasoning people without a partisan axe to grind clearly see that Horowitz left a great trail of crumbs… I congratulate him and his team.

  25. ONE thing is certain and crystal clear, Corruption in the FBI CIA NSA NASA THEY ALL HAVE ONE AGENDA DEEP STATE LIE TO US ALWAYS THAT'S WHY WE HAVE BETWEEN 8–12 TRILLION DOLLARS MISSING , AND NOBODY WILL ADDRESS IT, COMPLETELY UN ACCOUNTED FOR, trump we counting on you for this one. STILL DON'T BELIEVE WE HAVE A SPACE FORCE, THINK AGAIN, THEY KEEP IT TO THEMSELVES , BUT WE PAY FOR IT, SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT CLINTONS CALL US sheepeople, look at skunk works in s. california start their , built space crafts antigravity for the defence dept 1000 of them, but we don't get to use tech. just he rich. BOB LAZAR ALL TRUE

  26. Throw a net over all of them and send them to Guantanamo Bay for selling plutonium to the Russians you have all of them and one net what's the problem what's the holdup get it done

  27. They have me rotten with mrsa. I have spread the mrsa to thousands . On the 19th the dog is going to the Derm. He’s infested too. And I expect humanity !!!!!

  28. If I don’t get treated for mrsa and the dog. Or if the dog is not placed to sleep o am telling the American people where I live so they can all show up and smell the dog so we can all
    Find out who’s delusional and who’s not !!!

  29. The entire impeachment sham goes to show that the Democrats will stoop to any level that they feel the need to to gain power and stop the corruption exposure, .I get the feeling that these people are all in at every turn , someone must be close to an open wound, these folks do this crap with a straight face, however i have seen days where i thought Adam Schiff was going to start laughing at his own speech, it was unbelievable even to him, the master of lies. I think that each of these Democrats took kick- backs or pay offs from someone that wants power and they are holding proof of this over their heads, because they try way to hard, their only evidence for impeachment is opinion, nothing else just their opinion, i promise you this much they will not get away with this , a lot of new homes have been purchased by Democrats, multi- million dollar homes, last time i checked they don't make that kind of money

  30. Schumer is once again lying to the American people. He is serving a plate of half truths and other outright lies. He failed to disclose that the demoRat mothership, the DNC, and Hillary Clinton paid for a fake document, the Steele Dossier, to get a FISA Warrant. And then they lied further by altering an email to file for additional FISA Warrant's. How is that not proof this was a hack job…?

  31. Here is one more thing they are not talking about they said Trump would undo what Obama's plans for the country??we know we're the Dems are going right comrade

  32. This entire scam is based on the fact that it is their OPINION
    President Donald Trump IS DANGEROUS FOR THE COUNTRY
    Well, we just found out there was absolutely criminal goings on
    during the so called investigation of President Trump. Schumer
    must not have read the entire report, or even from page one on.
    These people are so lazy they read a summary , at best. The FBI
    CIA, and Obama DOJ, have all lost a lot of credibility here. Heads
    will role, but as always they will be low level sacrificial lambs ie
    Ollie North

  33. Democrats lie with complete and utter ease, and they get away with it every time. Who behind the scenes is engineering this sinister behavior? Maybe now the Republicans can refuse to support any legislation the wretched Dems bring forward. But we know the Republicans won't do that because they care about the people. The duplicitous Dems only care when it suits them to care.

  34. All the smoke and mirrors, all the double talk, all the so-called witnesses, all the hate and foolishness and the Democrats have nothing.

  35. This DEMOCRATES still think we are stupid now they are putting the bills thru prescriptions on and on so they look like they are doing something for us Americans instead of for 3 years trying to impeach and voted to go ahead an vote and pass to Senate for vote on false charges so to look good, We saw how corrupt they are and liers and if they do this to our president that we chose to clean people like them they will
    Do it to us. To many of us change to Republicans will never vote DEMOCRATE ever they are destroying America with this false impeachment. They still are accusing an innocent man he did the right thing that is why we want him not them,,


  36. If this so called "impeachment" doesn't show how corrupt the demonizing democrats have become, then perhaps a witch hunt will:. I'm willing to testify, last full moon I saw Trump flying on a broom, waving a magic wand, turning red States blue.


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