Red vs. Blue PSA: Voting Fever | Rooster Teeth

Is it November sixth yet, God… Just a few more minutes, Grif. Then we can play all the Halo 4 we want. Uh, hey, Sarge. What in the devil are you boys doin’ here? You told me you needed to take a sick day on November sixth. That’s today! Huh? Oh right- uh hghm hghm hghm coughing h-hm, u-h-h-hm. Uh, just needed to get some fresh air, Sarge. It’s thirty degrees below freezing. Wow, really? I had no idea. Uh-huh, whoo! Maybe you should go home. And, you know, get some bedrest. What? Good point. If anything’s gonna kill you it’s me! Not some girly little bacteria. Simmons, what the hell are you doing? Don’t worry Grif, after I beat the campaign you can be my player 2 in Spartan Ops. You’ll never get away with this you son of a- Hey, Tiny Cham, get yer keester in the jeepster. Hhh, you’re right Simmons, I should come clean. What? What? You got me Sarge, Simmons is the real sick one. I just drug him outta bed so that he and I could be the first few people to vote for President. You mean this is the line to vote? …Yes? That’s- that’s not true. It isn’t? Grif’s the sick one, it was my idea to come out here and vote. Clearly the fever’s gone to his head. What!? Since when did you two start to care so much about voting? I’ve always cared about voting. Is that so. Absolutely. Prove it. You’ve got to be kidding me This is all your fault. I’m not hearing entertaining and informative lyrics. Awesome, Halo 4, this is the best! Achoo. Hm. Hblb. Hmm, sounds like that cold of yours is getting worse. Maybe you should head home, Private. What’re you gonna do? Are you kidding me? I’m gonna go play Halo 4! I bought it while you two were singing that stupid song. You took our spot in line!? We stood in the snow for seven hours! Nah, I had it preordered. Picked up my forest armor skin and arctic battle weapon skin too. The Blues don’t stand a chance. See you back at the base, suckers. Heh heh. Ah, ahahachoo. Well, I guess it’s a good thing we took a sick day, huh Grif? Oh God… I sneezed all over my visor!

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