Record numbers vote in Hong Kong’s elections

People in Hong Kong voted in record
numbers on Sunday in district election seen as a barometer of support for city
leader Carrie Lam following six months of at times violent protests this is our
duty to vote as well yeah a little under 1.5 million people voted in the last
such elections four years ago but on sunday government data showed that
number was surpassed at lunchtime with nine hours of voting still to go an
unprecedented 4.1 million people are enrolled to vote more than half the
total population and they’re picking from a record pool of 1104 candidates
for 452 seats on the city’s relatively calm streets some voters said the high
turnout could only boost the pro-democracy movement which has some
young candidates battling for once uncontested seats dominated by
pro-beijing candidates the most important thing the government has to do
is to address the concerns and the opinions of people that are raised by
the majority of the public now which is something that the government has not
been doing since June under Hong Kong’s electoral system 117 district
councillors will sit on the committee that selects Hong Kong’s chief executive
meaning a big win for those aligned with the anti-government protests could
translate into more power to pick the city’s next leader the Beijing backed
incumbent Lam who is widely seen as out of touch cast her vote in front of the
cameras I hereby pledge that the Hong Kong SAR government will continue to
fully support the work of the District Council’s provide more resources and
listen more attentively to the views and opinions expressed by the district
council members on behalf of the local population first results are expected to
trickle in at around midnight indicating weather anger over China’s perceived
meddling in Hong Kong’s freedoms will translate into a victory for anti
Beijing protesters at the ballot boxes

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  1. "…. on behalf of the local population ." . There is only one population that the electorate is responsible for, and that is the population of Hong Kong, you stupid bitch ! No wonder the people are pissed off

  2. The way she says "Local population" absolutely kills me. They are not just the "local pop"…. They are "THE PEOPLE", your only people who through them, give you any strength you have or ever will have.

  3. those young rioters look like terrorists, acts like terrorists. You act violent, you receive violence. Hong Kong needs to be protected from terrorists like you.

  4. I love the youth who are willing to fight get for their freedom! Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the pro democracy movement. The courage and heart ♥️ is ebullient .
    She should have said, listen to the people. Period.

  5. HK should appeal to the ICC.
    Many people from around the world are seeing the incongruities of China setting a bad example as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. The greatest threat to the Chinese people has always been the Chinese government.

    Ps. Where are the missing professors?

  6. Either Hong Kong is part of China or Hong Kong is ruled by China, no other possibilities except the way of Hawaii. Total genocide and final repatriation.

  7. For Those who voted for the Communist Party, you had no idea what the communist will do you. Soon, you will hope you rather die then living under the control of the Evil Communist.

  8. Why Hong Kong has received extraordinary attention from the US? Those who believe that this is because they really care about people in Hong Kong will believe that Elvis is alive and rocking somewhere in Memphis, Tennessee. All that “concern” has nothing to do with freedom and democracy, and everything to do with their desire to use Hong Kong in every which way to destabilise China and contain its rise.

    There is such a huge contrast between Macau residents and Hong Kong residents. Macau residents do not harp only on two systems, as residents in Hong Kong do, but embrace one country in word and deed as well. They have no qualms about singing the Chinese national anthem and speaking Mandarin. They do not accept the tourist dollars of mainland visitors in one breath and in the very next, spit on them as locusts as many of the Hongkongers do.

    The Hongkongers seem to have an outright rejection of the reality that Hong Kong was, is and always will be part of China. Given the Hongkongers' hostile attitude toward China, it is hardly surprising that any perceived change to the status quo, even if it is manifestly in Hong Kong’s interest, will be seen as a threat to “one country, two systems”, a stealthy erosion of freedom. This is exactly what Carrie Lam’s administration ran into when it tried to do the right thing for Hong Kong and introduce the extradition bill to fulfil its international obligations.

    In Hong Kong an electoral college system for political representation is in place and the freedoms that Hong Kong residents already enjoy are the envy of people around the world, but stil they fight for freedom and democracy and spit on the mainland Chinese as locusts and beat them up. I think Hong Kong is an example of a sick society.


  10. Satan wins Gabriel looses _Traitors win Patriots loose _Colony wins Fatherland looses
    You can see how smart thể Chinese could be…

  11. I live in both cities..the main difference is that there is no freedom in Singapore and people cannot express freely their opinions.but their choices.go hk

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