Reasons for Being a Moderate Democrat |#Hart2020

– Many people bucket
individuals that run for office. Left, right, liberal,
moderate, conservative. And then you have the
alt-right, the alt-left, and then you start to kind
of have a middle ground. And every single issue,
there’s thousands of them, people like to bucket into left and right. So when describing myself
as a moderate liberal, I’ll go through 10 quick examples and give you a perspective on why I deem myself a moderate liberal. So the first is that
family values is one of my top priorities as a human. So you can judge that as you may, but it really resonates with how I’m able to spiritually grow throughout each day. I’m a believer in the Second Amendment. I believe that lowering the national debt should be a focus of the
United States government. I’m a financial conservative. Believe in strong defense funding. I believe a carbon tax is unrealistic. I believe there should be
less government intervention. We should have a strong
immigration policy. We should determine who enters our country and have full knowledge, be transparent. We want the brightest. I believe we should be energy independent. And I share my faith as a Presbyterian. So unfortunately, the world works in which everything is quantified
and everything is bucketed. So if you look as these
10 examples of where I am, sometimes I’m more on the right side, in terms of a stronger defense budget. Sometimes, I’m more on
the left, in the sense that I’m an environmentalist. But I believe that a
carbon tax is unrealistic because I would like to attack the problem more aggressively, with stimuli, so it’s more of a financial focus, where we could be paying down our debt by being energy independent, and a leader in storage of renewable energy. I also talk about my faith,
even though I believe that every religion has
equality for each man and woman. But on the left side, you
have a lot of atheists. On the right side …
on the alt-right side, they’ll actually use Biblical references to offset any type of negligence on the destruction of our planet that’s currently happening. So I care about realistic things, humans, our planet, the economics allowing everybody to flourish in America. Moderate liberal, Hart Cunningham, 2020.

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  1. No thanks, I'm a moderate Democrat but i believe that there should be a strict gun control legislation because as we've seen it with our Western allies, UK and Australia they've introduced strict gun control legislation back in 1996 and no more mass shootings have ever happened. I also believe in free college because education is a RIGHT. The thing we have in common is a strong defense funding and i believe in a strong interventionist foreign policy.

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