Ramaleela Movie Scenes W/Subtitles | Dileep Wins The Election | Dileep and Prayaga’s Plan Revealed

Hail Ramanunni! Hail Ramanunni! Our dearest Ramanunni! “Inside the vibrant heart…” Things are so complicated that we
cannot say who is in Ayikkara’s heart. The workers of both fronts
and Columbian Club members, are extremely excited and hopeful. We can’t say now if CDP which Ramanunni
left, will try to safeguard their position, or whether NSP would try to
win back the seat they lost. Ayikkara, to the
polling booth today. After detailed
political discussions, the awakened minds of Ayikkara, is recording there votes
in the polling booth. Various polling booths have been
experiencing huge rush since morning. The election commission has arranged
tight security at the polling booths. Ignoring the ailments of age, to register their votes… In the by-election at
Ayikkara constituency, Independent Candidate,
Advocate KR Ramanunni, has won by 11,891 votes against his
opposite candidate, CDP’s Ragini Raghavan. The total number of votes counted
136,913. Mainstream political parties” Ramanunni who was an MLA of
CDP, was expelled from the party, and resigned his post
from the assembly; following which a by-election
was announced in Ayikkara. In the first round, Nallippadi Panchayat
gave Ramanunni a lead of 1416 votes. Your friend Ajayan doesn’t
have any doubt, right? No. Even if we had told him, there
wouldn’t be any problem. No! It is enough if we both know
this secret. Even if I did this to prove
my innocence Do you see that, how I won without the
support of any party? How should I thank you? Hey! Don’t be formal! Should everything
be formal, Helena? Live with me. Son… In your dreams! You better live with me. In this world, only you know
that I was also part of this game. If I let you go, it’s
a huge risk, dear. Such a huge punishment
for helping you out? This won’t work out. We are sure to fight
and separate. I’ll see to it that you
don’t part ways with me! It’s my necessity, right? That’s a reason to have
a drink in the morning. Unnimara… I mean, Ramanunni! What is all this? She did it. She secretly shot everything
that we did here & sent it on air. And what? Realizing that I’m innocent, the people made me
win the election. Did you win in election? Oh God! – Did my abuses get telecast?
– Yes. Thanks a lot! Keep it up! My political career is decided! Long Live Ramanunni! Long Live Ramanunni! Hail our leader! Do you claim that voters
have proved their allegiance? Which front have you
decided to join hereafter? I’ll explain everything in detail. Anyway, the truth was proved.
That itself is a great fortune. Thanks a lot! That this ‘Hot Pursuit’ was doing a Hide
& Shoot and showing it to the people? When did you come to know
about it? They themselves declared it after
the election results came out. Anyway, me and TC are lucky
that things ended in a good way. – Right, TC?
– Yes. Even though I got a TC
from NSP, I’m also happy. I will be with Ramanunni hereafter. Thanks, to the
people and the media. Then to the ‘Hot Pursuit’. Hail leader Ramanunni! Hail the leader of Ayikkara! I can’t do it any more. To cook and to wash clothes, you must find someone else. Is it because you are a
defeated candidate? Get lost!

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