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  1. I would like to make a formal complaint you said masturbate on the CK Louis video. I was very offended I feel hurt I'm very vulnerable. A formal apology hopefully is forthcoming from CBC. Depending on my emotional state I may or may not take this further.

  2. U don’t have to work w trump he’ll call u & ask to do him a favour anyway🤭
    When comes dealings w another country especially the country w thousands of yrs of continuing history that’s important to understand its culture. The more understanding, the better, the possibilities on the ground for cooperation in other fields. It’s hard to imagine that economic will govern base on only relations, this will leading to no-whereas, but through understanding the culture that u have a strive for many other things……………

  3. lol…..if Canadians have to watch the bought and paid for CBC to determine where "their party stands" on foreign OR domestic policies, they should do their country a favor and STAY HOME on election day!

  4. Jagmeet Singh would simply pass questions on foreign affairs and anything else within the Federal jurisdiction to Canada’s Premieres, especially to Premieres Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, and François Legault.

  5. Nobody wants a civil war, but an attempted coup on a democratically elected president is certainly a justifiable excuse for fighting one, and in case memories need refreshing, the Republicans are presently undefeated in the history of Civil wars.

    MAX BERNIER is the leader we need
    Vote PPC ! Lets go Canada!
    If you want honesty, sanity & common sense vote PPC !
    Put an end to all this madness, vote PPC.

  7. Your expert kept repeating that she had no idea of the NDP positions on anything.
    The questions may have been excellent, but the answers were lacking.

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