Putin’s re-election 2018 | IN 60 SECONDS

Vladimir Putin’s re-election is certain.
Don’t waste your time looking at his carefully-scripted but sterile campaign
for clues to Russia’s future. Instead, look at the $327 billion dollar defense modernization program that Putin signed in Sochi on
November 27th after a non-stop, four day session with Russia’s top military brass.
This in a country where personal incomes have been going down for four years,
growing poverty is a key problem, and social protests are up 56 percent. But
that’s exactly the point: Russia is effectively at war. When he
signed the defense modernization program, Putin called on all Russian enterprises –
private or state – to be ready to switch to military production “in a time of need” as
he put it in order to, again a quote, “efficiently neutralize” external threats.
The message is clear: Putin is a wartime president, and wartime
presidents are not to be replaced so long as the war is going on. And Putin,
his propaganda machine, and his generals will make sure that it is, and gets
hotter by the day. So what do you think will happen in Russia after Vladimir Putin’s re-election in March 2018? Let us know in your comments. Also, let us know
what other topics you’d like our scholars to cover in 60 seconds, and be
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  1. Good video. Id like to see a video on how the 2 main political parties of the US constantly push to maintain the millitary industrial complex?!?

  2. Totally double standards. If there are warmonger presidents, Americans are the worst. Just check out the number of wars being initiated by the US. (with false flag pretexts).
    This message was so descriptive of the American situation that it was laughable.
    But the American Ego is so big that the mainstream media oversees the tyrannic foreign policies of the US government and the lack of real concern for the well-being of the majority of its people.

  3. Now that is completely wrong. And that's why.
    Whom is Russia at war with?
    Ukraine? Russia can easily take it in one day once there's a real war.
    ISIS? Russian air forces are, Russia isn't.
    Europe? Ha-ha, funny joke.
    The USA? Then all your presidents ever since 1939 have been wartime presidents too.

    Putin is a president for only three reasons.
    1. He was a much better leader than Boris Yeltsin and proved that he can do good for the country for many years.
    2. There is no influential and charismatic person in Russia that can outshine Putin.
    3. Putin loves power.
    So, what Russia needs is a charismatic candidate that can show some real steps to make life better for everyone, can persuade far more than 50% of electorate, and is not Putin or Yedinaya Rossiya member.

  4. talks about Russia

    Russians: Well what about the terrible, puppy kicking United States?

    It's like that nearly every time, like clockwork. Oh well, at least the US is doing well economically.

  5. If Putin has war, who is it with? I think he needs the military spending to avert a collapse from all the theft.

  6. CIA is closely watching Putin and they will also did not let the chance go in the upcoming Russian elections.They will surely try to influenced the election.

  7. Umm economy is actually growing and has grown 2% last quarter and by end of next quarter 5%
    The Russian economy is developing where as NATOs economies are developed so less room to manoeuvre. Russia is debt free completely where as the NATO economies aren't by a long shot.
    Russia's economy is diversifying as to become completely independent from relying on natural resources. But u keep thinking Russia is in a state lol
    The trajectory is a positive and sustainable one and will only grow and debt free.
    There's many different sources u can look upon and it's probably worth reading both sides but Russia has no debt where USA is 20 trillion in debt. I don't care how powerful anybody thinks 'murica' is, the fact remains the trajectory of the US economy is unsustainable.

  8. Putin will make Russia a powerful country again as once it was, moron like you can not change the future of Russia like Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. He is one of the greatest of our time.

  9. Russia has economically progressed under Putin and has became a major world player diplomatic and military power, especially in the Middle East. But what will happen to the Russian Federation after Putin leaves? Will the whole thing fall apart again, like a house of cards? will the oligarchs do the bidding of the West, like it was under Yeltsin? It seems either way big events are coming there, the world is very focused on Russia right now.

  10. He's going to win and certainly Russia will become much better than you think. Waite and see Two weeks.

  11. i think you got your facts wrong, firstly the poverty in russia, in a booming economy country, you kind of just wasted 60 with fake news,

  12. Any western polititian is a clown compare to Putin. Long live dyadya Vova. Вова прав, Вова сила, Вова будет папой мира!!

  13. You know what's funny
    How he talks about Russia's military spending and Putin a wartime president
    Nonono don't look at America its perfectly fine we have no military spending at all

  14. of course a jewbag like you would be out here hating since Putin decided to support syria's assad and not bow down to the zionist israeli's.

  15. U r concerned about the 300 bi Russian allocated for military industry and u forgot about the 600 bi American set for their military!!! How professional vies !!

  16. President Putin is under threat of war thanks to the threatening attitude of the warmongering usa deep state and shadow government. They have surrounded Russia with atomic weapons in contravention of the agreement they signed when the Berlin Wall came down. They want to be the sole power in the World and will try to destroy any other country that will not submit to them. They should be tried for crimes against humanity for all the death and destruction they have unleashed in the World. So to this man I say "Sit down, and shut up!" you new world order puppet.

  17. This video has the audacity to criticise Russia for propaganda? This seems to be nothing more than a 60 second propaganda video itself. When was the last time the U.S didn't have a war time President? You could also ask the same question about the U.K Prime Minister and some of the other European leaders.

  18. 60 million++ poverty line in the US,.. 21 trillion debt.. this is just another Fucking US bullshit by the Zionist Motherfuckers of USA who owns the FED (Federal Reserve) the rest of USA citizens live and die with your credit card, can't pay sell your soul to the devil!!!US dollar crash coming soon.

  19. What most people think in the west is your still coming it with your bullshit propaganda ,Putin doesn't give a fig about the west ,as he is very well aware of the globalists stupid futile strategies ,God you only need to see the BBC news and other snooze reports ,Russian spy and daughter poisoned ,! oh dear what a bloody coincidences the is!! Putin's up for elections ,it's the west that's killing people and trying to blame the RUSKIES ,it's just RUSKY PHOBIA piss off you stinking bunch of liars ,Putin is a very peaceful person ,behave yourselves ,the masses may be a bit stupid ,but they are not so stupid so as to fall for this propaganda ,posing as being for Putin whilst feeding us more bull !

  20. Well come on this guy's country is surrounded by NATO ,UN and the military of certain countries ,you'll get ya Putin is on the defence because he cannot trust and keep being let down by the west who go back on all their agreements ,and do you know why this stupid ,tiring propaganda will never work to get the masses to turn on Putin and Russia ,it is because you globalist have now gone across that line ,whereby everything that goes wrong in the west who deliberately cause this shit is always blamed on the riskiest ,it's now gone too far ,the public have awakened and they see right through it all ,Putin doesn't want a war ,you can tell that ,so he will never bend to the globalist strategy why would he ,he's far too clever for that ,he is being very underestimated ,and all this childish shit will most certainly backfire ,showing little old ladies carrying bread ,as if the country is starving and showing groups of people rebelling ,well America has always coped with these things ,so what's the fuss ? just leave the guy alone ,heist not bothering you ? he is in his own country ,we are so fed up with this destroying the leaders of their own countries ,people who live and visit Russia tell the public that Russia is nothing like how this video is portraying Russia ,! we believe THEM as opposed to this bullshit propaganda so there's your desperate feedback that you asked for !!

  21. It all depends on Ukraine, Russia step into the carefully prepared trap with Crimea and now in clinch situation – can't legalize and can't give it away. This will last at least for 10-20 years and this means Putin will not go away until it will be solved.

  22. I don't think anything will change in Russia with this election. I think Russia has a chance to change when young Russians come to power. They have a different mentality than older Russians. I did say "chance" and not certainty however.

  23. poverty is half since Mr Putin the great came to power the Russians where starving the country broke Billions of Russian assets stolen many oligharghs run to Britain America Israel with their stolen loot when their puppet Yeltsin was the puppet president they didn't even have money to pay their military personnel, Journeyman pictures they stole from Russia between 800 Billions to 3 Trillions n you called yeltsin who send the army against his government a "democrat" its Over super powerful Russia is back

  24. Wow how can you lie like that and look in the mirror? Never mind I know you don't want to, if I looked like thatI woudln't want to either.

  25. Im glad he won. As an American i only wish we could overcome our liberal, internationalist, godless, jewish, oligarchs and have a man fight for our people the way he fights for Russia

  26. Who is the idiot presenting? Did he even do his homework?
    Talks about war when Bush killed 1.5M in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    Corruption? When a Western country president handles corruption like Putin, please let us all know. Bottom line: Western leaders are puppets and Putin is not one. In fact, Putin might go in history as one of the greatest world leader of all time, with Jefferson, Lincoln and Kennedy. Russians are blessed and made the right and obvious choice by re-electing Vladimir Putin in a LANDSLIDE. If Western leaders were just HALF as good as Putin, this planet would be a much better place for us all. Instead they are puppets in the hands of an evil cabal and you, presenter, are a sad valet of a failed-rotten-and-soon-to-be-defeated system.

  27. Neocon bullshit. the next thing you know you will be trying to convince us Assad used poison gas in Syria– oh wait a minute, youve done that too

  28. This is funny how ideas from Orwell's book 1984 get in life nowadays. In 60 seconds = a minute of hate.

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